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… in all of the busyness of this day I almost forgot!  Today is/was (31 Aug) my 20th wedding anniversary!  The prince is in football (varsity & jv – he’s only a freshman!) plus he was elected the sr patrol leader for his boy scout troop & the princess has band (she’s learning the trumpet) tues & wed w/ soccer practices just starting for her.  So between everything Hubby & I kinda forgot but…

Even though you are a bit odd I love that you love me & our kids.  Maybe more importantly, I love How you love me & the kids!

Happy 20th, Honey!  Love you much!!

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… sheets have a worn spot on them.  Actually it’s not even a spot, it’s a hole.  They’ve been worn clear through by someone’s feet.  I love these sheets though.  They are 500 thread count Egyptian sateen cotton.  We’ve had them for maybe 6 – 7 yrs now & everytime I wash them I put them straight back on the bed.  I splurged when I bought them even though they were on an especially good sale.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve wished that I had bought another pair.

Here’s the thing.  Hubby & I have been married nearly 20 yrs (Aug).    We also have “worn spots” on our marriage.  Things aren’t new & shiny anymore.  In fact in places they are worn smooth & comfy.  Sometimes we even find “holes” or places where we’ve worn “clear through” each other’s patience.  But.  And this is a big But.  We always come back to each other.  We know what we have to do to make things right (usually).  We know how to patch up  that hole as it were, & make things nice & sometimes, better than it was before.

You’re probably wondering why I’m going there.  Well, I have not just one couple of friends & not even two, but several friends who are all going through things right now in their marriages, relationships, you name it they are doing it.  For that matter, so are we.  Sometimes I get a little concerned about Hubby & I.  Then I remember that I promised him he was stuck w/ me.  Period.  I think he remembers the same thing.  So.  Here we are.

I think I’m going to go work on that sheet.  See if maybe I can’t patch that hole somehow.  It’s worth it.

… included.  The Prince had a soccer game Tues in the POURING rain.  Did I mention that it was raining BUCKETS?  I did?  Oh.  Well.  They won.  It was 2 – 0 & part of the problem was the SHEETS of rain that drenched everyone & everything.  Now I’m pretty proud of our team but seriously?  I mean I know that we’re all so INTO our sports but really?  In the CATS & DOGS that were dropping on us (I’m not even going to go into the lightening but, no thunder, that was all around us) those kids really worked for every little bit of progress down the field.

I think the refs are related to Hubby.  Hubby of the mow the weeds in the pouring rain/crashing thunder/really bright lightening fame.  Seriously.  Oh & just because I couldn’t believe it myself, here is a link to a facebook page totally devoted to playing soccer in the rain.  Click HERE.  It’s been awhile since it was updated but it still has over 31,000 followers.


totally bewildered

…my husband only like to mow weeds/grass/whatever in the pouring rain & thunder?  He started this precedent when we lived on the east coast & actually had rain to mow.  Now, we have tumbleweeds that are almost taller then me (65″ in case you wondering & no, we haven’t looked out in the back recently!) & Hubby decides that SUNDAY in the POURING rain w/ THUNDER crashing all around is the best time to do this.

WHY?  (I’m asking cause I soooo don’t get it!)

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I really, really, really miss my old blog.  The one where I was comfortable w/ where everything was @ & how it all worked.  This one?  Still not so much.  I’m trying but… sigh… This one is like the horrible neighbor child that you can’t stand to not let play w/ the other kids because you’d hate for your child to be excluded but really, you don’t want your kids to be like.  (Wow!  I think I’ve written the worst sentence ever!  lol)  I’m searching for a different blog look but I haven’t found one I like.  OH & tomorrow one of my goals is to download the pix from our trip & post some.  I think that will be cheer me up, right?

Shingles update.  Hubby is embarrassed to have me tell someone I have shingles.  Not certain why though.  You actually get shingle pretty much when you’re stressed (that’s me!  grin) but they are going away & I’m not contagious.  I also haven’t had to really use my pain meds as the pain comes & goes quickly although right now I’m not in any pain just itchy.  I want to type all of this out because I need the “written” reference.  I don’t do a journal except for this so no need to get all mushy or anything.  I do find that I have much more empathy for anyone that I hear is in pain.  That’s a pretty good thing though.  And I’m amazed when I’ve told someone I have shingles how many (as in every single person) people know someone who’s younger than me who has had shingles.  My neighbor first got them when she was 29!  Glad to have made it to the ripe old age of 42!

Well the girls left w/ their mom earlier.  I will miss them but I have rediscovered why we only had two.  I’m just not cut out to be a mom of a larger family than what I have.  Nothing wrong w/ larger or smaller; it’s just about what we can handle & need.

Some other things have happened & I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged these things.

1.  Hubby is the best!  He stayed up all night w/ the Princess who was vomiting her guts out (yeah, that’s how I felt too about the whole thought of it) & let me go to bed.  This is the second time he’s done this & wow!  If that isn’t true love I don’t know what is.

2.  The girls are sweet & polite but now they are gone.

3.  The girls have a family who love them very much but I’m really grateful that I learned to do things like look @ my kid’s papers when they bring them home from school.  It really makes a child feel so much more loved.  The adoration staring @ me out of those sweet eyes is a drug I’ll never get tired of.

4.  My kids are actually pretty good & I love them & they love Hubby & me.

5.  I have felt @ different times that I am a lame mom but turns out I’m not as lame as I thought.  Yeah, me!

6.  I have a Father in Heaven & elder Brother, Jesus Christ, who love me more than I can ever love them even though I’m trying.

7.  I’m so grateful for everyone who reads this blog & comments in a good way.  Love ya, guys!

I’m supposed to be making cookies & dinner for my neighbors tonight.  My sweet neighbor went in for a hysterectomy & came out w/ a catheter because the dr nicked her bladder.  Anyway that’s neither here nor there except that seems to be par for the course w/ the drs around here.  OH & I know I’m rambling but I thought I’d write anyway.  Just cause.

I’ve taken some midol for the cramps but man, does that stuff knock me for a loop!  It would be like being high or stoned for some of the rest of you.  Yeah, just call me a lightweight but remember that I’m allergic to narcotics & ibuprfin so this is a pretty good drug.  Wanna know the really weird thing?  It only works this way when I’m in a lot of pain w/ cramps.  So is this all in my head?

Sometimes in church I look around @ other people’s children & wonder if my children will date them & if they’ll marry one of them.  I’ve found the boy of my choice (so far) for the Princess but he’s the Prince’s age & a little old for her yet.  So far no one for the Prince.  Does this mean there is no one good enough for him?  (I promise to not be like my mil!  *shudder*)

Hubby has finally come over to my side & agrees that if we could sell our house & not loose money that we could leave here.  Victory, even if minor (he’s not looking for a job out of here), is very sweet!

When you’ve taken food to someone else do you dither about what to make?  I’m on my third recipe in my mind.  I think this is the one though.

I have always (okay, probably 95% of the time) slept w/ @ least one foot out from under the covers.  I can remember doing it as a child.

Along w/ the above, I rub my feet together when I go to bed.  I don’t do it hard or fast just a gentle rubbing of one foot on the other.  Yes, I know it’s a comfort thing.  I notice it more often when I’m stressed but Hubby says I always do it.

I wonder if either of my kids do either of the above?  Food for thought.

The Prince looks a lot like his dad but is like me in temperament usually.

My mom thinks that the Princess looks a lot like my sil & mil which would totally make me cry if I thought it was true so I totally avoid that thought!

It’s almost time for me to become a parent stand in for 2 more girls & a boy.  The girls are siblings & the boy is an exchange student from Mexico.

I love my family!

I love my nieces & nephews to pieces.  I can’t think of one who I wouldn’t do anything for.  I feel very privileged to have this be the case.

Rambled enough.  Got to pull it together (hello, Dt Coke!) so that I can pick up the kids from school soon.


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