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… our Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Treats for the Princess’s class.  It was two apple slices, two green grapes & two cheese hearts.

Fruit & nut cups decorated for party in the Princess’s class.  (we did them together)

The Princess decorating the cake we made for daddy & the Prince.

The cake says “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  I seriously considered turning it in to Cake Wrecks.    It was very delicious though.


… did it!  The princess said he told three of the girls & one of them came & told her.  After that, he really had no choice but to come over & he did.  He admitted it was him & she thanked him.  She seemed really matter of fact about it.  Actually she almost seemed disappointed.  I asked her if she was & she smiled & told me no but…

I’m pretty impressed that he did finally tell her.  It must have been very frightening!  Ya know?

In other news.  My husband & the Prince (okay, mostly Hubby) were very frustrated w/ his old scout troop so they found another one & the Prince transferred his membership over.  The first thing he said after coming in the door from his first meeting was “Mom, they actually listened to the leaders & came & took part in the meeting.  They were respectful & I had a great time!”  This was maybe 3 wks ago.  Now he’s getting ready for his first camp out only they aren’t camping.  No, instead they are driving 7 hrs to go skiing/snowboarding & earn their snow sports merit badge.  Hot diggity!  A troop that actually tries to earn badges!  They’ll be gone all Sat, Sun & come back on Mon.  How awesome is that?  Plus, we finally found a reptile merit badge counselor so he’s got that one & his old scout leader told him that he’s found all of the records (finally) & the Prince has earned his camping merit badge which is an Eagle requirement.  Yeah, he’s really cooking now.

Since the Prince is getting to go do some fun things this weekend we thought we’d take the Princess to see a movie.  Probably Gnomeo & Juliet but I’ll let you know.  I get to be gone ALL day on Sat.  Yipee!  Plus we’re going to eat out which means no cooking.  Yep, I’m going to have a great day tomorrow.  Hope you do too.

… come clean.  This poor kid had so much pressure on him that he caved.  Can’t say as I blame him since he’s only 9.  He did get the Princess a heart shaped box of chocolates.  He came up to me during the confusion of the kids passing out their goodies & whispered that I should thank him for getting the Princess the chocolates.  I laughed & laughed although not anywhere that he could hear or see me of course.  It really was pretty funny.  He was so nervous!

He said he’s going to try tomorrow.  Poor kid.  Everybody think kind thoughts for him, ‘kay?

… is all about the Princess.  Or more to the point – her secret admirer.  This boy is showing some serious skills.  He’s managed to put 2 – 3 notes a day on her desk Wed through Fri of last week.  Little notes that say “Will you be my Valentine?” or “I thought you were cute the moment I saw you” (okay, that one made me a little concerned since they are only in the 3rd grade but then I found out that his mom had helped him write it & she didn’t quite know what to put so she came up w/ that gem – phew!).

Here’s the deal though.  No one has seen this boy putting the notes on her desk.  I suspect that the teachers (one teach + one aid) have seen but they’re going along w/ it too.  This is major drama for the 3rd grade.  We have two 3rd grade classes & I guess they’re all caught up in it.  Heck, the 8th graders know about it!  (Bet some of them are wishing they’d been smart enough to come up w/ this.)

So the good thing about all of this is that the boy she “likes” (remember this is 3rd grade so this means you chase each other & basically just run around) is the one who’s doing it.  This kid is going to make one serious poker player though.  He keeps telling her that it’s got to be this other boy cause of the hand writing (he’s disguised his) & she totally believes him!

He’s going to tell her on Monday (writing this around 10:30pm Sunday night) so I can hardly wait to hear about her reaction.  I’m sincerely hoping that he’ll wait until the Valentine party so that I can be there too.  Update tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

… but my daughter has decided to become a teenager.  (Oh, okay.  You can laugh)  Yeah, she’s 8 going on 15.  The really sad part about all of this is that sometimes she’s worse than her 13 yr old brother.  Today I had to get after her to clean her room.  Then she comes to me & tells me she’s bored.  Did you clean your room, I ask?  The puzzled look of dawning horror crosses so quickly I wished I’d had the video camera out.  You mean you really wanted me to do that, she hesitantly asks?  Yep.  Go. Do. It. Now.  I tell her.  As the look of terror fades & the sarcasm (I told you she was acting like a teen) starts to pour out I remind her that her room is messier than the prince’s.  That stopped her although only long enough to run & check that yes, mom is right.

What happened to my sweet little girl?

The one who loved ballet & tap w/ her bff (in Md.  She’s now differentiating between the Md one, the school one & the former school one.  It’s all very confusing).  Now I get the little PRINCESS who knows more about life than I do.  Trust me, she’ll even tell you so.

( in the pix below the princess is celebrating her 3rd birthday but she was done.  She wanted everyone to go home & she wasn’t afraid of using a little bit of drama to let everyone know she wasn’t happy.  She laid down on the steps & refused to come down.  Her friends would come up & ask her to come play but nope.  Nothing doing.  In fact @ one point she had 4 of them laying down on the steps too!  I have the photographic proof.  Hmmm, maybe it’s time to start using these little goodies on her.  This bears thinking about.)

I should have seen this coming.  This is the same girl who kicked the baby doll out of her bed, climbed in it herself & then grabbed the dolly & the baby bottle & proceeded to let me know that yes, she was the baby.  The fact that she never would take a bottle didn’t seem to faze her one bit.

Or what about here where she proudly demonstrates that she is a “painted” lady?

This cute little charmer totally disarmed me w/ her big grin & silly ways.

Yes, I know.  I should have seen it coming when I snapped this pix.  Sassy pink, feathered boa & all.

Guess she is a brat teenager -in-training (sometimes) but she’s my brat teenager-in-training & I’ll love her forever.

… doing something right.  Both of my kids have told me that they don’t like me as much as dad or that they hate me.  It all started when I was having a bit of a Sunday snooze on my bed.  The princess came in & wanted to put “make up” (a compact that has been completely cleaned out, an old lash/eyebrow brush & an old eye shadow compact, again, completely cleaned out) on me.  I said okay since it didn’t require me to open my eyes.  We were talking & all of a sudden completely out of the blue she tells me that she likes daddy more than me cause, well, ya know she is much more of a daddy’s girl than a mommy’s girl.  Umm, okay?  What do I say to that?  I’m the one who got up w/ you in the middle of the night?  I’m the one who changed the majority of your diapers?  I’m the one who let you nurse until you were 15 1/2 months old?  I’m the one who cleans the house, does your laundry, fixes your hair (actually she’s started to do that herself), plays games w/ you, watches Barbie movies w/ you & does crafts w/ you but you are a daddy’s girl?  What’s up w/ that???

So the next day is Monday & predictably the bus is late which means that it is doubled up.  Because it is a doubled up bus the bus has to stop @ the other school just down the road before it makes it’s final stop @ my kid’s school.  This also means very little to no before school interaction for the prince & his peeps.  Wait, do kids even say peeps?  Because I’m still a little sick I refuse to take them to school.  So what do I hear as the door slams so hard I think the pictures are going to fall off the wall?  I hate you, mom!

Fast forward to this morning when I hear those lovely words again.  I hate you, mom!  Really, I think I must be doing something right, yes?  Sigh...& I actually fight hubby to stay home for this.

…kickoff to the Christmas season the kids decorated wreaths for their bedroom doors.  It was fun, simple & well, fun.  Even the Prince did it & seemed to be happy doing it.

Three guesses as to who did what.  The pink & purple door as a clue?  Well, I’ll let you think about it.

These really were sooo simple.  I bought the wreaths & doodads when they were on sale @ the not so local craft stores.  (I did have to travel about 1hr & 45min to reach these so called local stores!)  After we got the goodies home, I plugged in my old trusty glue gun, cut the doodads off the floral stems & let the kids arrange to their hearts content.  Then they carefully gave me their creations & I glued everything on.  Simple & somewhat inexpensive (everything was 40 to 50% off) & yet this is something my kids can hang up from year to year.  Plus I have enough leftovers from other projects of mine that if something falls off & gets lost we can replace it!

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah!


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