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A different version of the Bucket List.  My Aunt sent this one in an email & well, it was something to put on my blog!  Sorry the print is so small but that’s one of those things I haven’t figured out on word press.

Shot a gun:   Yes

Gone on a blind date:  Yes
Skipped school:  Yes, and even w/ my parent’s permission once!
Been to Canada:  No
Been to Alaska:  No
Been to Cuba:  No
Been to Europe:  Yep, lived in England & Germany & visited some of the surrounding countries
Been to Las Vegas:  Yes, I have to drive through there every time I go to my parent’s.
Been to Mexico:  Yes, my parents took us.
Been to Florida:  Yes
Been on a plane:  How do you think I got to Europe & back?
Been on a Cruise Ship:  Hubby & I took the kiddos on a Disney Cruise w/ my parents a few years ago.  Wonderful!
Served on a Jury:  Almost.  They selected the jury before they reached my last name.
Been lost:  More than once!
Been on the opposite side of the country:  From Ut, lived in Maryland for 9 yrs, NY for 1 yr & I now live in Az
Gone to Washington , DC:  Used to live 11 miles from the White House!
Swam in the Ocean:  Both the Atlantic & the Pacific
Cried yourself to sleep:  Yes
Played Cops and Robbers:  Yes
Played Cowboys and Indians:  Yes, I was always the Indian Princess
Recently colored with crayons:  As a matter of fact I have my own 64 ct Crayons!
Sang Karaoke:  Yes, but only once & never again!
Paid for a meal with coins only:  What else do you do in college?
Made prank phone calls:  Yes, but I bet it’s hard to do these days
Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose:  Unfortunately
Caught a snowflake on your tongue:  Yes
Danced in the rain:  Yes, I had a very wonderful childhood!
Written a letter to Santa Claus:  Of course!
Been kissed under the mistletoe:  Yes
Watched the sunrise with someone:  Yes, on my first date w/ my husband
Blown bubbles:  Um, I’m a mom.  Of course I have!
Gone ice skating:  Yes
Gone skiing:  Yes.  In fact on winter half days @ my hs we used to have ski days & get half price lift tickets
Camped out under the stars:  Yep, & on a beach no less
Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away:  My Husband & my children
Are or have been married:  Better be!
Have children:  Yep
Have a pet:  Dog & Cat
Been skinny dipping outdoors:  Um, former lifeguard – YES
Been fishing:  Nope
Been boating:  See the next one
Been water skiing:  Yep
Been hiking:  Yes
Been camping in a trailer/RV:  Yes, thanks Mom & Dad
Flown in a small 4-seater airplane:  No, but I have in a 8 passenger jet
Flown in a glider:  No
Been flying in a helicopter:  No
Been flying in a hot air balloon:  No
Been BUNGEE-jumping:  Not just NO but HELL NO!
Gone to a drive-in movie:  Yes
Done something that could have killed you:  Yes
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life:  Yes
Been to Africa:  No
Ever ride an elephant:  No, but my son rode one @ a little family circus in Va
Ever eaten just cookies for dinner:  Yes, & they were chocolate chip
Ever been on T.V.:  Yes, on the news
Ever steal any traffic signs:  Yes
Ever been in a car accident:  Yes (no snickering mom!)
Have a nickname:  Yes, but I’m not sharing!
Favorite drink:  Water
Body piercing:  Just my ears
Tattoos:  Nope, not into the pain
Did you ever drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle:  Yes

Driven a manual shift car:  That’s what I learned on
Favorite number:  12
Favorite movie:  The Lake House but it changes all the time
Favorite holiday:  none
Favorite dessert:  Anything w/ chocolate!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years:  Still stuck in the boondocks of Arizona!


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