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Wonderful!  We went to the Grand Canyon on a train, Twin Falls, Idaho for my mil’s stupid rocks, Utah for my daughter’s baptism (& my nephew’s too!), the Petrified Forest, an extremely scary & yet amazingly beautiful mountain drive & finally home.  Think that sounds like a lot?  It was & yet there’s so much more too.  I couldn’t remember my password & so nothing got updated but, we survived.  We had tons of problems for a bit & then after a very heartfelt prayer, peace.

I have to mention this & then it’s off to bed.  We were driving north from Flagstaff, Arizona, on Memorial Day.  Hubby was driving & had to pass one of those monster, big, Oldmobiles.  The kind that older people drive (if you’re young & have one, well, um, sorry?)  Anyway, as we’re getting ready to pass I notice that the driver must be pretty old because I can’t really see him/her through the back window.  As we drive up I notice something hanging in the rear/side window behind the driver.  It was a military (probably Army but possibly Marine) uniform.  There were several medals & ribbons on it & everything including the buttons was polished to a very high sheen.  As we continued past the car I could see that yes, the man was quite old, as was his wife, but he was proudly wearing a baseball cap that proclaimed what unit he’d been in.  As sudden, & highly unexpected, tears welled up in my eyes all I could think of was the pain & joy that couple had lived through.  How many of his friends/family members died in the war he’d served in?  Was he injured?  Was he married or did he have a girlfriend @ the time?  Was it the woman w/ him?  And what about the woman?  How many of her friends/family members had died for us?  What had she been doing during the war he’d served in.  Had she been part of the Red Cross?  They looked old enough to have lived through World War II.

I will never know if they did but either way this couple had surely lived through things that I never have.  I’ve mentioned before that Hubby is retired AF & all I could think of after we’d left this couple behind us is how grateful I was for both of their (she served too even if it was from the home front, trust me on this one!) service & for the loved ones who won’t ever come back from various wars & what nots (I can’t think of the political term right now) all over the world.  When we lived in Md, we took the opportunity & went to Arlington National Cemetery.  There is an almost sacred feeling there as you look @ the many lives that have been laid down while fighting for our country.

To those who’ve come before me, those serving now & those who will serve in the future.  Thank you for your many sacrifices.  To the families who’ve lost loved ones.  I can never thank you enough for the sacrifices you’ve endured, but please know that I’m proud to be an American & I Thank you w/ all of my heart for your selfless devotion to family, friends & country.

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Hmmm, you know that the day isn’t going well when your car has been bumped by another vehicle, an old woman calls you a bad name & the first thing you do upon arriving home isn’t to kiss your family hello but rather to run to the Ladies room (I won’t expound upon that last bit.  I’m pretty sure it’s self explanatory! grin)

I love people who are older than me by a number of years.  Yep, that means Senior Citizens and not just because I hope to be one some day.  Nope, I happen to find the vast majority of them mighty interesting people.  My grandfather remembered the first automobile in his hometown.  As a matter of fact his dad (okay, my great-grandfather) bought it & it was used!  Or how about the fact that when he first laid eyes upon my grandmother he told his brother that he could marry a girl like that?  True stories both of them.  Oh & what about the fact that my grandmother cut choir class & one of her friend’s marked her present on the roll anyway?  Stories like those are just so fun to me.  It’s great to learn about others pasts & some of the wonderful things they’ve seen & done in their lifetimes.

All of that aside?  Don’t go to Costco in the Big City on a Monday.  Apparently there was a memo that went out saying it was Senior only day & that if you went you were taking your life into your own hands!  Why, you ask?  Well, I had no sooner parked & was getting the sun shade in the front window (a must when you are in a city w/ tons of sun!) than an older gentleman (let’s just call him Buffalo Bill because of his big & fancy pick-em-up truck) pulls into the parking slot in front of me & proceeds to “bump” my bumper!  Startled me half to death!  I got my things & went & looked but luckily there was no damage because Buffalo Bill was @ the back of his truck unloading a wheel chair for his passenger!  When I mentioned to him that he startled me half to death he just chuckled & told me that can happen!

So I decide to cut my losses & head on in.  I had to dodge several little old ladies out for their Sunday constitutionals (yeah, I don’t think they realized that they were late) & I swear (not really, I’m really working on not doing that!) one of them aimed for me & followed me to the door!  Ahem. Where was I?  Oh, yes.  I went inside & almost had to fight an old man for a flat bed cart.  I’m not certain why he wanted it because when I saw him later in the store all he had was socks but whatever.  I get inside & it’s packed.  I mean it was almost wall to wall carts in places.  It’s usually not that bad before Christmas!  (Maybe the snowbirds don’t have Costco where they’re from?  Just a thought)  It was pretty exciting though because I was playing bumper cars w/ the carts & once I got the water loaded on mine maneuvering got really tricky.  As I was getting my water though I realized that everyone had gray hair.  Well, except for the 3 other younger women who were there.  They all had looks of desperation on them that I’m not sure was attributable to the babies/toddlers that were w/ them.  I wondered on the drive home if maybe they were all there only for the diapers & then decided to heck w/ it & did more shopping.  That might explain the sheer terror on one woman’s face as she was trying to save her toddler from the cart welding maniac who sure looked to be aiming for the little tyke.

So I dodged carts but don’t even get me started about the mobs who were strategically located around all of the food demos.  I think if I had actually tried to get a sample I would’ve been tarred &  feathered.  I actually heard grumbling when one old man reached in for a drink!  I felt like yelling that there was a whole try full.  Did they really need more than one? Although really, it looked like an old coffee shop where everyone just sits around & gossips while they drink their joe.

When I made it to the front it looked like a new Wal-Mart opening.  I had to dive back into the candy aisles (that was so stinking hard!  Have you ever had their macadamia caramel chocolates? YUMMMMMM I did successfully make it past them btw) in order to get into one of the check out lanes.  I wasn’t paying attention for five seconds & almost lost my place in line.  As a matter of fact, I looked up & got back into position just as a Senior couple tried to cut in front of me.  If there hadn’t been about four couples behind me I think I would’ve found myself very hurt.  She sure glared enough & then the woman actually called me a bad name as they walked off!

But enough of all that.  There was one positive aspect to the whole day, well besides the fact that I got what I needed & made it out of there alive.  As I left the store I headed for the aisle that I thought I had parked in but I was actually one aisle too far to the left.  I turned around & headed back to the proper aisle & heard a couple laughing.  The woman jokingly told me that she did that all the time.  Then they walked by the muffins that had fallen off my cart & headed inside.  Phew…@ least they didn’t run them over!

The moral to this story is, if you get inside a store & all you see are gray hairs/heads, turn around & RUN the other way!  lol

The Princess has had her nose a little bit out of joint lately because my focus hasn’t been as much on her.  With the Prince hurt I’ll admit that I’ve been a little more preoccupied w/ him.  Today I sent the Princess to her room because she was throwing a little mini tantrum.  You know the kind.  Where the child just kinda huffs & puffs & stomps away.  Well, since Sunday I’ve  been over that behaviour.  I’d been trying to help her get over this by making her realize that what she was doing wasn’t cutting it & I finally had to step up the stakes for her a bit.  So, she’s been sent to her room twice now.  After her 7 min are up we talk about what she can do when she finds herself getting angry.  (nope, that part hasn’t changed yet!  Someday….)  This time when I walked in and finally convinced her to roll over & talk w/ me (she was sobbing like her life was over) the first thing she says is “the Prince always gets two straws!”

I have to mention that I love it when my kids do this.  Start talking about a completely different subject.  Once, when the Prince was maybe 4, it was his bedtime but he was exhausted & crying.  We (Hubby, the Prince & I) were outside of the Prince’s door & he was sobbing up a storm only we didn’t know why other than that he was tired.  Finally he tells us that he doesn’t like the letters M, N, O & P plus he doesn’t like the number 5.  Hubby & I had the hardest time not laughing.  This was just so off the wall.

Anyway this was what the Princess was doing.  Talking about something so off the wall.  I actually had to think back to when the last time the Prince even used a straw!  I think it was a smoothie he made about a week ago but a) the Princess was @ school & b) he only used one straw.  I did finally get her to see that she’s not the only one in our family & sometimes it’s not all about her.  We talked some more & then she came out & actually used the things we’d spoken about!  The Prince was playing his usual games (literally & figuratively!! lol) & the Princess spoke calmly & told the Prince that he wasn’t being fair.  In the end, I sent the Prince to HIS room because he ended up throwing a teen tantrum!

*disclaimer – My kids really are nice & most of the time, pretty good but occasionally they are, well, brats!  They come by it honestly.  Ask my mom!  hee,hee

Last night the Prince had boy scouts and luckily for me, Hubby takes him.  To me, this is free time w/ the Princess.  It’s our time to sit back, play a game, make a craft or watch a movie.  After all of our activities lately & the fact that the new Disney Princess movie plus Barbie’s new adventure made it onto dvd, we sat back & chilled while w watched the movies.

Oddly enough, the Princess liked the Barbie movie better although I think it’s due in part to her age & in part due to the scary nature of the voodoo scene in Disney’s the Princess and the Frog.  I loved the Princess movie better although I thought the voodoo scene where the prince & his man servant change places was a little frightening too.  This movies has been too long in coming & but I hope that Disney won’t take as long to work up a story for a Hispanic princess.  Enough said.

Oh, the Princess & I did have one misunderstanding during another scene in the swamp.  There are these shadow voodoo creatures who are after the main characters (is it bad to admit that I cried when Ray died?  He was a darling little bug!) & the Princess kept telling me that there could actually be creatures like that.  I do believe in ghosts but not in the typical Ghost Hunters thing.  Anyway, being the wise mom, I kept telling the Princess that this was just a cartoon (she actually was surprised when I told her.  Guess @ the ripe old age of almost 8, reality is sometimes blurry still) & she kept insisting that she was right as well.  So I stopped the movie & actually listened.  What she was trying to tell me was that people can wear masks & be ugly & frightening like the shadow people.  My daughter humbled me last night w/ her insight into human nature.  You know what?  She’s right.  You see, she wasn’t talking about a costume mask but rather the mask of civility & friendliness that we wear.  (Sometimes I can be ugly like that when I yell or get frustrated by the things.)  I can’t explain how serious she was about it not being a costume mask.  She was the one who made the distinction, not me.  It kind of amazed me that in one breath she could go from child to adult, but isn’t that always the way kids grow?


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