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My weekend & other fun things

Posted on: January 25, 2010

It’s Monday so I think I’d better hurry & update while I get the chance.  Between school, my family & the storms that rolled through Arizona last week I’ve been really off my game.  Let’s start w/ school.  I barely made it getting my essay turned in & I think it’s kinda crap but hey, it is a rough draft & that’s what draft is for.  To iron out all the bad.  I realized too, after reading everyone else’s that I’d made a crucial mistake in forgetting to double space everything.  That kinda bites but this is a draft & I just have to keep remembering that.  Anyway what will be will be & I will improve.  Maybe my writing here will get better too.   That would probably be a good thing.  hee,hee

Family.  Well, let’s just put that one into the storm category.  The storms that rolled into Arizona from California really did a number on us.  Thank heavens we weren’t in some of the really bad areas but where we are got hit bad enough.  I’m down in the extreme south & somewhat protected by mountains although the mountains didn’t exactly help Flagstaff!  They got hit by feet of snow not just inches & lots of roofs on buildings are now leaking including (of course) several that collapsed.  Plus there was loss of life north of us.  The one that really gets to me is a young native American family who were trying to take their 6 yr old son to the er.  They got stuck in the water & were washed out of the truck.  The little boy’s body was found the next day.

So.  Our damage includes a collapsed section of one of our cinder block fences, a leaky roof & my sanity.  The winds on Thursday night were so stinkin strong!  I couldn’t sleep in part because I was worried by the fact that we didn’t have heat due to a leaky furnace exhaust pipe & that my husband & son were traveling to Phoenix/Scottsdale the next day to go look @ some cars @ the Barrett-Jackson auction.  We were supposed to get even more rain plus snow on Friday & I was very afraid for them to go!  Plus we had no heat.  Well, they ended up leaving around 4:30am for the 3 1/2 hr drive.  (they made it safe & sound there & back but I was not very happy!)  Anyway, the bigger storms didn’t materialize until late in the evening & then our mt protected us.  So I shouldn’t have been so freaked but that was also the day that my essay was due.  OH & we lost power.  It was NOT fun.  I did keep my dd home from school & we went into town & picked up a space heater.  Plus on the way back from the car show/auction (no, they didn’t go to buy just look) Hubby stopped @ Costco & purchased a couple of heaters.  AND, big dramatic announcement, when they got back, hubby was able to get the furnace going.  So.  We did survive & I haven’t even told the half of it but I did tell the big things.

Turns out too, that we can leave the dog in the house alone for a little while.  He collected his toys & “guarded” them from the wind while in the house but that’s it.  He’s not a mischievous or destructive dog, thank heavens!  Just chicken.

That’s whats been going on & I’ll try to get back sooner this time.  I know this blog is turning into blah!  but life keeps happening.  Funny how that works out.


10 Responses to "My weekend & other fun things"

I’ve just been happy that we’ve been getting very little snow!

lol, I can understand that one having grown up just north of where you are!

I am so glad the storm didn’t get you!
we got tons of rain..
bu I loved it!… never been in something like that before.

Hope school goes a little better for you!!

You guys got more rain but we did get 4 – 5 inches overnight on Thurs. My pool needed to be topped up & when all was said & done it was level w/ the cement for a little bit until the flow thingy could catch up & bring it to a more manageable level. phew! Try writing all of that again!

You need to go to the east coast during one of their rain storms. We used to love sitting out under the covered patio & watch the thunder. Usually the rain would come down so hard that you could barely see the house across from us in the dark. It was amazing!

I’m glad to hear you are all safe – how sad about what happened to that poor family! 😦

Yeah, I know. It broke my heart. Haiti is killing me right now w/ the thought of all those people who are missing family members.

I heard about all of this on the news..you poor thing.

Not the type of thing we associate w/ us down here but hey, Mother Nature was having a temper tantrum I guess.

I am so grateful all turned out o.k. even though you had a nasty few hours of it. Not fun, remember the snow with you and I out in our jammies pushing snow down the side yard to keep it from coming into the basement? Just laugh it makes things so much better.

Love you,

Yes, I do remember that! We’ve had some fun times in our jammies, haven’t we? I think the best was when the neighbor was drunk & trying to break into his house. Good times…. (lol!)

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