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Tuesday Night

Posted on: October 28, 2009

It’s Tuesday night & I should be in bed but I’m pretty keyed up.  Today Hubby was home & we did a little bit of the outside chores that have been piling up around here.  He used our overgrown weedwacker to mow the back while I raked & then he cleaned up.  I also worked on the pool a bit & then we packed up the pool cover for the winter.  I think I’ve convinced Hubby that we should just leave the cover off & try to keep it blue during the winter.  This means vacuming once a week but hey, if it keeps the pool blue & ready for use when it warms up more then I’m all for it.

The wind is howling so fierce right now.  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be in the 80’s for part of the day.  I have mentioned that I live in So Arizona, right?  I was watching the weather forcaster the other night & he mentioned that the heat was gone now & that it was just starting to get cool.  This was after the 90F + weather had broken to the upper 80’s.  Totally cracked me up!

My kids want winter coats.  As in coats that you wear for -10F.  Another thing that cracks me up.  I mean I know that you’ve acclimated, guys but coats that are rated for -10F?  Do you know something I don’t?  *shakes head & sighs* My son will wear blue jeans, a long sleeved winter shirt & a jacket in the summer.  He’ll also try to wear shorts & a t-shirt in the winter & now they both want coats rated for -10F.  Um, guys?  Just in case you forgot we moved to Arizona.  You know.  That state where having a swimming pool isn’t just a fun thing but it can actually be almost of a necessity?  (well only if you want to spend time outdoors in Phoenix.  Honestly, that place can get so stinking hot you almost can’t breathe!)

So anyway, just feel sorry for my poor kids who wear coats, hats & gloves to school because it’s 55F.  Because gosh darn it, that it is cold!


8 Responses to "Tuesday Night"

Haha, I think I’m beginning to understand this dilemma! We’ve only been here a few weeks, so we don’t yet feel this way, but I know it’s coming.

It does get pretty funny although the sad part is that my kids are just doing what long term residents do. Wear coats in 70F weather. It is pretty funny.

Yeah, we got a ton of snow yesterday. It’s all melted today, but it’s freezing! Boo.

I get to be there soon! I can’t hardly wait for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that it will snow really hard on the day & then dry out in time for our mad dash home (all 17 hrs) on Sat. Yipee!

lmao it’s amazing how quickly we can adjust to new temperatures. 55F sounds balmy to me right about now. :OP

Yeah, isn’t it weird? I actually turned the heater on tonight cause it got down to 67. Sigh… I’ve turned into one of them!!!!

Well so what do you do about all of this? I guess you get them a coat, although they may want to go to Grandma’s house more often???? Are we a funny lot? We’re all of the same. It has been in the mid 20s at night here and I tell you my body just don’t want to adjust to anything!! The days haven’t been too warm either.

Oh well, I know you are feeling sorry for me right now?? Ha, Ha

Love ya, Hug the kids for me.

Are you ready to laugh? Our nighttime temp is supposed to be 24 – 29. Guess which end we’re at. And tomorrow & Sat night are supposed to be colder but then we climb back into the low 50’s for nighttime. Pretty funny, eh?

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