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I miss…

Posted on: June 10, 2010

I really, really, really miss my old blog.  The one where I was comfortable w/ where everything was @ & how it all worked.  This one?  Still not so much.  I’m trying but… sigh… This one is like the horrible neighbor child that you can’t stand to not let play w/ the other kids because you’d hate for your child to be excluded but really, you don’t want your kids to be like.  (Wow!  I think I’ve written the worst sentence ever!  lol)  I’m searching for a different blog look but I haven’t found one I like.  OH & tomorrow one of my goals is to download the pix from our trip & post some.  I think that will be cheer me up, right?

Shingles update.  Hubby is embarrassed to have me tell someone I have shingles.  Not certain why though.  You actually get shingle pretty much when you’re stressed (that’s me!  grin) but they are going away & I’m not contagious.  I also haven’t had to really use my pain meds as the pain comes & goes quickly although right now I’m not in any pain just itchy.  I want to type all of this out because I need the “written” reference.  I don’t do a journal except for this so no need to get all mushy or anything.  I do find that I have much more empathy for anyone that I hear is in pain.  That’s a pretty good thing though.  And I’m amazed when I’ve told someone I have shingles how many (as in every single person) people know someone who’s younger than me who has had shingles.  My neighbor first got them when she was 29!  Glad to have made it to the ripe old age of 42!


10 Responses to "I miss…"

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t liking WordPress so much – I personally prefer it over blogger infinitely, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

I just took the opportunity to read your last three posts. I love hearing about what’s happening. I being able to look in on all of you and be sure you are doing well. We so enjoyed having you here and being there. It seems like a dream. It all went so fast. We love you!

Yep, I know. I’m not switching back. The reasons for the change are still there but…I’m just not that computer literate. Sad. Maybe if I take a computer class I’ll learn more & will quit whining about the whole thing!

Ok, so my first comment was for Jen (see? Not even getting the commenting thing right! lol

It was waaaayyyy too short. I felt like we just got there & had to leave. Stupid rocks. Who needs rocks? Really, I mean can’t you just go outside & pick them up off the ground? Shoot even in big cities you can do that, right? Oh, well. At least my driveway looks amazing!

I’ve talked to several people who switched over to WordPress from Blogger, and they said it took them about a year to really like it.

My dad had shingles once. Boo.

It’s been close to a year & yep, still kinds wishing I could go back. There are cool features, don’t get me wrong but blogger is just easy. Ya know?

I’m hoping this will be my one & only time! & I agree, boooooo!!!!

I still am getting used to blogger, so I can’t imagine switching. Unless I had a personal assistant..lol Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Isn’t it weird what are hubbies are uncomfortable with? Wearing a t-shirt that should have been shredded years ago is okay to wear in public. Yet heaven forbid we talk about something like shingles. lol Big hugs, have a great weekend:)

What an awesome idea! Maybe I can hire one of my kids to be my personal assistant. I’m pretty sure that they know the computer better than I do, lol!

Oh, man, do I ever hear you on the hubby front. My husband came home from Korea (early 90’s) in bell bottom jeans. I nearly died @ the airport!

And thanks ever so much for the hugs. You always “say” the best things!!!

my stomach hurts just thinking about shingles..i don’t know why.
weird i know. because the pain dose not even come close..lol
my sister and grandma have had them..

It’s a really odd pain to say the least. It feels like lightening (not that I’ve ever experienced lightening but my imagination says it feels that way soo…) dancing across the nerve endings. It’s painful but very livable! I think you have a few years but asap get that shingles shot. It’s supposed to help in preventing shingles! (you have to be 60 though)

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