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…but time sure flies when you’re having fun! We’ve been smack dab in the middle of our first football season & having a blast with it! The hs my son attends does not have soccer so he opted to try football & wow! I’m so glad though that we waited to let him play until he was older & bigger. He’s almost 6’1 & weighs 180lb. He’s able to handle the hits (of course he plays on the line!) then he would have as a younger player. Plus I’m not as terrified for him as I would have been.

We’ve also been smack dab in the middle of soccer, band (trumpet) & horseback riding w/ my daughter. She’s not as much into sports but we’ve found a new horseback riding school & we’re all much happier w/ them than the last one. Another plus is that she’s able to do this w/ two of her friends which makes it ever so much more fun. And she’s taken up the trumpet (which she hates when it comes time to practice even though she only practices for 7 min 5 x a week!) since mom told her she needed to take band for 2 yrs.

Take that & the fact that I’m trying to build up a 1 yr food supply by couponing (got the deodorant for the 4 of us for the next year taken care of!) as well as by canning (it is fun!) & well, we’ve been busy.

Let’s see. What else. Hmmm, for Halloween I’m making a couple of kitty litter box cakes (find recipe here – http://musingsinfood.blogspot.com/2008/10/kitty-litter-box-cake.html) for school & hubby’s work as well as one for a Halloween party. We’re also doing a version of these Halloween cupcakes I found @ a Taste of Home – http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Tombstone-Cupcakes?cpi=1&sort= We did switch it up by using a different cookie (the milanos were very big & hard to get into the cupcake w/o making them fall apart) & changed the icing color to a darker green. We also bought some bone shaped candies from Tar-jhay & used those instead of the pumpkins. They turned out so cute that we’re making them for my son’s seminary class as well as my daughter’s school class! I’ll post photos when I re-make them.

So? What have You been up to?


… off the blogging wagon.  As in I haven’t been doing any lately.  But you try making cupcakes for the whole 8th grade (all 66 of them), one 3rd grade class plus the staff @ your kids k-8th grade school  & see how much time you have.  I actually called in reinforcements today just so that I could finish making the spider cupcakes today & not sometime tomorrow.  Luckily my wonderful friends came & pitched in (two are grandmas & one has the four-legged type of children so it’s not like they were doing Halloween anyway.  Remember, I live in the boondocks so no trick or treating out here).

I decided to not do the kitty litterbox cake for the Prince’s class this year although apparently several of the boys (it would be the boys wouldn’t it?!) have already requested one.  Instead I (yep, can’t even blame it on the kids) decided that I would make (sooo not the hard part) & decorate 250 cupcakes as spiders.  Have I ever mentioned before that I have wonderful ideas just not the right temperament to always implement my wonderfully, awesome ideas?  Yeah, just not me.  Although the Princess did mention just as we were starting the 200th cupcake that she loved last year’s Halloween class treat a lot.  Now you tell me?  Small washed apples plus sections of fruit roll ups that were cut into eyes & mouths appropriate to decorate apples as pumpkins & you tell me now that you liked that a lot?!  Sheesh, I could’a gotten away easy (& somewhat healthy) but, no, you let dear old mom slave away like a machine!

Sigh. See what I mean?  Yeah, I really need to work out the small details first.


exhausted but victorious cupcake decorator

…Would you believe that the Prince now wears a size men’s 14 (FOURTEEN) shoe.  Do you have any idea how hard that is to find?  I thought 13’s were rough but man!  14’s?!  We’re talking a whole nother realm here.  Luckily the kid @ Sports Authority who helped us laughed & told us that’s the boat he’s in.  He wears a 14 & every once in a while his store carries them but so, apparently, does the Nike store.

We headed up to the mall to find this Nike store but didn’t.  Instead we tried Foot Locker & they had 3 (three) pair of 14’s but also a few (same amount!) of 15’s.  Even better?  The ones the Prince truly loved were on sale for $50!  YES, victory is mine!

Oh & of course these stores are not down by me but rather they are up in the big city.  Meaning I really have to order his shoes online now or make the trek to the big city more frequently.

@#*$ Crap!  He needs new church shoes too!!!!! (good thing I love the big bugger!)

only because I’ve been telling my family & friends (who I actually know irl) about my new driveway.  We went away & there it was!  Ta-da!! Not really, but it sure sounds awesome, eh?  Just wish I’d thought to take before pix.

If I mention that the culvert @ the front of the drive was three (3) inches higher would that help?  How about if I tell you that I’ve now had 4 people tell me that they had wondered if they should park out on the street instead of coming into my driveway because they were afraid that their vehicles wouldn’t clear the bump?  That gives quite the visual image doesn’t it?

Okay, I’ll quit.  So w/o further adieu… Or in other words…Really, I’ll stop!

So, we really aren’t a redneck house even if this picture totally looks like it!  Plus, look @ the truck.  It doesn’t look like the leaning tower of Pisa anymore!!! *wink*

Bonus!  When the contractor brought in all of the dirt he loaded it onto this front part of the yard.  As he was scrapping it off, he actually cleared this section & & made it much more smooth & level.  Mom?  Dad?  You can bring your trailer down & not be on such an incline anymore.  Plus our weather is a trifle warmer than yours.  Just a little helpful hint!

And this?  This is the piece de resistance.  This is actually going to be GREEN!  We’re either planting grass seed, sod or fake grass (kinda my personal choice).  I will have GREEN to look @ & enjoy & love.  But not until after next month when we have built back up our cash reserves.  Vacations & this driveway re-do are expensive!

ps – the pix are totally distorted because I wanted to show how beautiful my driveway is now.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging…

I really, really, really miss my old blog.  The one where I was comfortable w/ where everything was @ & how it all worked.  This one?  Still not so much.  I’m trying but… sigh… This one is like the horrible neighbor child that you can’t stand to not let play w/ the other kids because you’d hate for your child to be excluded but really, you don’t want your kids to be like.  (Wow!  I think I’ve written the worst sentence ever!  lol)  I’m searching for a different blog look but I haven’t found one I like.  OH & tomorrow one of my goals is to download the pix from our trip & post some.  I think that will be cheer me up, right?

Shingles update.  Hubby is embarrassed to have me tell someone I have shingles.  Not certain why though.  You actually get shingle pretty much when you’re stressed (that’s me!  grin) but they are going away & I’m not contagious.  I also haven’t had to really use my pain meds as the pain comes & goes quickly although right now I’m not in any pain just itchy.  I want to type all of this out because I need the “written” reference.  I don’t do a journal except for this so no need to get all mushy or anything.  I do find that I have much more empathy for anyone that I hear is in pain.  That’s a pretty good thing though.  And I’m amazed when I’ve told someone I have shingles how many (as in every single person) people know someone who’s younger than me who has had shingles.  My neighbor first got them when she was 29!  Glad to have made it to the ripe old age of 42!

Posted on: May 25, 2010

Dear local new meterologist,

I’m about ready to be done w/ you.  You promised that the wind would stop blowing on Sunday & now you’re telling me that it’s gonna start up again tomorrow.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…IT NEVER STOPPED!  (sorry for yelling like that – I tend to get a bit testy when I can’t sleep cause the wind is blowing so hard I’m concerned somethings going to come through the window)

Maybe we could try a little bit of actually looking @ my area before making your predictions?  Whadda ya think?   Hmmm?  Maybe just a little bit?


windy from the mountains

Okay, so now that I’ve got that out there I’ll update my shingles report.  I’m getting better!  Gotta love modern medicine.  & yes, I’m very grateful for those who’ve gone through this & helped to create the drugs that are helping me now.

Schools almost out!  We’re so excited to be free from having a wake up time that the kids & I are almost missing the bus every day.  Of course I fully expect this to change once school is officially out & the kids realize that getting up before mom means (they think – Ha!  I’ve got things planned for them & they don’t even know it!) they can watch a bit more boob tube.  I do need to find a 7th – 8th grade workbook for the Prince because he really was more focused when he started school last fall.  The Princess did so good going back to school that they tested her to see if she was gifted (we think so but alas, not as the school thinks).

I really am hoping that this summer will be awesome & fantastic & that nobody will want to scream & pull out the few remaining hairs on my head.  Having kids home all day in the summer is stressful & anyone out there who doesn’t think that, well, more power to ya.  My goal for this summer is to not be praying for school to start after a month.  We’ll see.

This is a pretty lame post but I’m really itchy & I need to get more done on my next homework assignment.  Yes, I’ve followed through & started eng 102 on Monday.  The teacher seems much more informed & actually seems to want to teach this class unlike the last one so I’m excited.  There’s even two recent hs grads & one girl who is going into her senior year next year as her class president.  So far after our intros, this class seems to be more on top of things than the last.  I’m going to really have to put on my thinking cap so that I don’t fall behind!

Anyway – ciao for now as I’ve got homework & motivation for my kids to attend to.  sigh…

My parents arrived last week.  They got here a day early & surprised us.  I don’t mean to be MIA but I’m enjoying my parents & well, I’ll probably be missing a little bit longer.

I’ve finished my eng 101 class & looks like I did get an “A”.  Panicked for a minute cause there was a computer glitch that made 7, then 5 & finally 4 of my grades revert to an “F”.  Freaked me out but my instructor corrected it & was pretty nice telling me that he had enjoyed having me in his class.  I wondered about that one since we really didn’t have much interaction but okay.  Just glad that I got my grades straightened out!  lol

Anyway I just thought I’d post something so that well, no one completely gives up on me!  Happy Monday!!!


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