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Well the girls left w/ their mom earlier.  I will miss them but I have rediscovered why we only had two.  I’m just not cut out to be a mom of a larger family than what I have.  Nothing wrong w/ larger or smaller; it’s just about what we can handle & need.

Some other things have happened & I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged these things.

1.  Hubby is the best!  He stayed up all night w/ the Princess who was vomiting her guts out (yeah, that’s how I felt too about the whole thought of it) & let me go to bed.  This is the second time he’s done this & wow!  If that isn’t true love I don’t know what is.

2.  The girls are sweet & polite but now they are gone.

3.  The girls have a family who love them very much but I’m really grateful that I learned to do things like look @ my kid’s papers when they bring them home from school.  It really makes a child feel so much more loved.  The adoration staring @ me out of those sweet eyes is a drug I’ll never get tired of.

4.  My kids are actually pretty good & I love them & they love Hubby & me.

5.  I have felt @ different times that I am a lame mom but turns out I’m not as lame as I thought.  Yeah, me!

6.  I have a Father in Heaven & elder Brother, Jesus Christ, who love me more than I can ever love them even though I’m trying.

7.  I’m so grateful for everyone who reads this blog & comments in a good way.  Love ya, guys!


One of my sisters watched a show on MTV (they’ve dropped the “music television part of the logo but they should really just change to “teen drama tv”) called “16 & pregnant” about some high school girls who find out they’re pregnant.  I’ve only watched 3 episodes & 2 were from last season but those kids are nuts!  I have a feeling I was similar although I never would have spoken to my parents the way that these kids do.  Only one couple (yep, the boy stuck around) gave up the baby for adoption.  Only one.  The other two girls go out & party @ night expecting their parents to take care of the baby.  This scares me.  This could have been me.  It really could.  Except for the part where I treat my parents like crap.  I couldn’t have done that.

The teen pregnancy rate is pretty high down here especially @ one of the hs’s that my kids could go to.  Luckily we have a choice since our school district doesn’t have a hs – we’re only k – 8th grade here in our three schools.  I think what really scares me is that things I swore up & down my kids wouldn’t go through (constant runny nose, binkies past the age of 2 & other little things) my kids did.  Heck, we didn’t get rid of binks until both of my kids were over 3!  Hubby would freak out if this happened but then again I probably would too.  I hope that I would be able to talk them into giving the baby up for adoption but….

We do talk to the kids about this stuff according to their ages.  For instance the Prince hears that kissing isn’t even something he should be doing until he’s oh, 25 (I’m joking on the age thing there- I would like grandkids once they’re grown & able to support themselves & a family!) but not until then.  Yes, we joke but we’ve also told the kids that they won’t date until they’re 16 & then it will be group dates.  Yes, we know that you can get into “trouble” even in a group but hopefully they will try to stick to the values that we try to teach them.  Have I mentioned that the kids don’t watch most of prime time tv programing & that ABC Family is banned most evenings?  Yes, sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll are out there but we’re trying to teach our kids that there are some things to completely avoid, others need to be put off until they are older & ready for the responsibility (we’ve had casual conversations about how sex is a responsibility & that even one time can get you pregnant, or a girl friend!!!) while some are okay for now but that not everything is as good as it is hyped up to be.

I don’t mean to lecture but wow!  MTV is quite the education these days & not necessarily in a good way although I do think that most of the show’s moral is that it is hard to be a teen parent & raise a kid.  This latest episode was w/ Janelle & Andrew (a loser who is so messed up it isn’t even funny).  Janelle ends up dumping the boyfriend but then she just goes off the deep end into party girl central.  Even some of her friends are concerned.  Towards the end I thought she’d decided to give the baby up but she didn’t.  The really funny thing is that her mom would have totally supported her in giving the baby up; a lot of the teen’s parents didn’t want the girls to give the babies up.

Yeah, I know that this is a rambling editorial but I had to get this out.  Things that scare me can overwhelm me (I have some pretty bad panic attacks sometimes) so I have to let them go.  Here’s to me letting go & all of our children listening to us & understanding that we love them & want the best for them.  That includes them being children until they’ve had the chance to actually grow up.  That includes them becoming productive members in our society.  That includes them not doing drugs (yes, I’ve tried some but am really grateful that I am so deathly allergic to drugs – I can never become an addict as I’d die first), waiting until marriage for sex (old-fashioned but very doable) & enjoying rock ‘n roll!

Has anybody else heard of Matt Logelin?  He’s the blogger whose wife died right after giving birth to their adorable baby girl, Madeline.  It was incredible sad & yet Matt had to go on for this beautiful little girl that he & Liz, his wife, had wanted.  After raising Maddy alone except for family, friends & bloggy land Matt has found love again.  To me this is one of the most amazingly beautiful stories.  He’s mourned Liz so hard & for so long.  All I can say is good for you, Matt!  No one should have to be alone.  I hope that Maddy, you & Brooke are very happy!!!

Then there is Patrice over @ Not a girl, not a woman who just found out that her little sister’s cancerous tumor is gone.  Anna still has to finish her chemo & radiation treatments but she’s won a major battle here.  This is a miracle for a teenager.  A girl still in high school.  Just writing this has me in tears of joy for the miracle that has been granted to this amazing young woman & her family.  If you get a chance give Patrice a high five for her sister.  I know she’d love that!

I’m wondering when you go to college online if you should actually be able to contact your instructor & get a response from him.  Seriously.  I think he has been gone for a couple of weeks because all of a sudden there was a flurry of graded material plus when I asked him a question via email I didn’t get a response.  So…. What do I do?  Oh & I did get an “A” on my first paper & I anticipate another one on this one.  The thing is that I just threw it together.  I didn’t actually sit down & outline it although I did do some research on two things for the paper.  Trust me when I say that it didn’t take long.  I think the paper took me all of 10 minutes to write & the reviews I’ve gotten so far from this online review & also my peers incline me to think it’s okay.  I should be grateful but I don’t feel like I’m learning anything in this class.  I know, quit whining.  It’s obnoxious & I should be happy that I’m getting good grades but….

It’s Sunday & I’ve turned in my latest assignment a day early.  I’m thinking this means I should really try to blog more this week & I’m going to try to hit Aloha Friday this time.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

(I’ve got to learn to proofread better!  Seriously!!)

My dear Princess has written a note to Santa that I’m want to share w/ you.  I’m so grateful for my family & friends & yet this letter helped me to more fully put the Savior’s birth back into this time of year.  (I’ll leave in any errors just as she wrote it.  Oh & there are drawings but since my scanner isn’t working I can’t scan!)

Dear Santa Claus,

I’m going to give you something that’s in a bag.  I hope you like it!


The Princess Diva (not her real name & she did write her full name for Santa so that he would kn ow exactly who the present was from.  That part made me giggle)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I’ll see you in 2010!!!

I was going to make this post all about how disappointed I was w/ the Christmas dinner that my ward/congregation had done.  I would have been more than willing to help but the first I knew of the dinner was an email I received Sunday night.  I say “was” because even though the dinner was not a traditional one (pulled pork sandwhiches, southwester style baked beans, coleslaw & fritos) it was still a decent tasting dinner & I need to learn to be more humble.

The night started off w/ a program.  The primary (ages 3 – 11) got up & sang Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains.  After that a woman got up & started to read a bit about the women in Christ’s life when he was born.  The curtains on the stage opened & we got to see some women sitting in stools w/ a manger placed in front of them.  All of the women were dressed in long dresses w/ shawls covering their heads.  The were all very beautiful & it actually took me a minute to remember who each person actually was.  Anyway, the first woman got up & told us that she was Elisabeth.  She was married for so long to Zacharias & they were not blessed to have children.  She explained that after her child bearing days were over she felt so useless because she hadn’t had any children.  And then she was blessed w/ a son who was to be named John.  And that John would baptize the Lord of all.  She also spoke about her young cousin Mary, coming to visit & how the child in her womb leapt about when Mary walked into the room.

In between all of the women the young women of our ward (ages 12 – 18) sang & sometimes we, the congregation would sing w/ them.

After she sat down we heard from the mother of Joseph.  She spoke about how pleased her & her husband were in their son & in his choice of a bride.  She also spoke of the pain & anguish they all felt when Mary told Joseph that she was pregnant.  What a dark time it was for all of them but especially Joseph.  How hard it was to find the shadows of despair in their home & in Joseph’s face.  How everything changed when the messenger of the Lord came & told them who it was that Mary was carrying.  The rejoicing & gratitude that they all felt & how Joseph’s burdens were immediately lifted.

Next we heard from Mary’s mother.  About how beautiful, kind & loving her daughter was.  How thrilled they were w/ the thought of Joseph as a husband for their daughter.  How frightened they were when Mary told them what had happened & yet how over joyed they were to know that their grandson was the savior of the world.  To know that the one who was waited for & longed for was coming & was going to be just theirs for a tiny bit.

The fourth woman was an innkeeper w/ her husband in a small town called Bethlehem.  It was really quite a small town but when the decree went out for the people of David to come to Bethlehem to be counted & taxed the town grew & grew.  It was hard to walk in the streets because there were so many people.  She also spoke of seeing this young couple coming down the street.  Both of them looked so exhausted but the young woman on the donkey was in the last stages of pregnancy & looked like she was in labor.  The innkeeper knew that there were no rooms to be had & that this young couple needed privacy & warmth.  The only place that she could think of was their stable.  The hay was fresh & clean & it was warm & private.  This would be the only privacy that was around.

The fifth woman turned out to be part of a sheep herding family.  Her family all watched in amazement as the bright star in the sky grew & grew & as they heard heavenly hosts singing “Hosana” & other praises to the Lord.  She also spoke of the joy & fear of having a heavenly messenger visit them & tell them about the birth of Jesus Christ.  Then they all turned & started to follow the star because they needed to see the young babe.

Finally, a young woman started to talk.  She spoke about her little tiny baby who would save the world from death.  She spoke about the fear & awe she felt when the messenger of the Lord came to her.  She also spoke of her deep & abiding love for this tiny babe who was in her arms.  Then she sat down & started to rock her babe while she sang “Mary’s Lullaby” (this wasn’t the girl who sang but it’s the version that was sung).

The narrator came back out & read something else but to be quite honest I couldn’t quite hear her.  By this time the place was packed & a little noisy.  I was still very spiritually feed last night & came out w/ a renewed sense of what this time of year is all about for Christians.


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