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Tuesday’s thoughts…

Posted on: February 23, 2010

I’m supposed to be making cookies & dinner for my neighbors tonight.  My sweet neighbor went in for a hysterectomy & came out w/ a catheter because the dr nicked her bladder.  Anyway that’s neither here nor there except that seems to be par for the course w/ the drs around here.  OH & I know I’m rambling but I thought I’d write anyway.  Just cause.

I’ve taken some midol for the cramps but man, does that stuff knock me for a loop!  It would be like being high or stoned for some of the rest of you.  Yeah, just call me a lightweight but remember that I’m allergic to narcotics & ibuprfin so this is a pretty good drug.  Wanna know the really weird thing?  It only works this way when I’m in a lot of pain w/ cramps.  So is this all in my head?

Sometimes in church I look around @ other people’s children & wonder if my children will date them & if they’ll marry one of them.  I’ve found the boy of my choice (so far) for the Princess but he’s the Prince’s age & a little old for her yet.  So far no one for the Prince.  Does this mean there is no one good enough for him?  (I promise to not be like my mil!  *shudder*)

Hubby has finally come over to my side & agrees that if we could sell our house & not loose money that we could leave here.  Victory, even if minor (he’s not looking for a job out of here), is very sweet!

When you’ve taken food to someone else do you dither about what to make?  I’m on my third recipe in my mind.  I think this is the one though.

I have always (okay, probably 95% of the time) slept w/ @ least one foot out from under the covers.  I can remember doing it as a child.

Along w/ the above, I rub my feet together when I go to bed.  I don’t do it hard or fast just a gentle rubbing of one foot on the other.  Yes, I know it’s a comfort thing.  I notice it more often when I’m stressed but Hubby says I always do it.

I wonder if either of my kids do either of the above?  Food for thought.

The Prince looks a lot like his dad but is like me in temperament usually.

My mom thinks that the Princess looks a lot like my sil & mil which would totally make me cry if I thought it was true so I totally avoid that thought!

It’s almost time for me to become a parent stand in for 2 more girls & a boy.  The girls are siblings & the boy is an exchange student from Mexico.

I love my family!

I love my nieces & nephews to pieces.  I can’t think of one who I wouldn’t do anything for.  I feel very privileged to have this be the case.

Rambled enough.  Got to pull it together (hello, Dt Coke!) so that I can pick up the kids from school soon.


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