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… regulation game.  Now we go into tournament play.  (oh & the Prince is the one in the green shirt since he’s the goalie.  His team is the gray/black team)

This game was lots of standing around for the Prince since he plays goalie & the game was more of a back & forth but not too much around the goal type of game.  It was such an exciting & vibrant game.  We lost but hey, there’s always tournament!


…back, but I did want to show some pix of what we’ve been up to the past few weeks.  These are all @ the Princess’s last regular soccer game.  Now we just have to get through tournament.

And that is what I’ve been doing while I’ve been loafing around!  So, what are you up to these days?

… included.  The Prince had a soccer game Tues in the POURING rain.  Did I mention that it was raining BUCKETS?  I did?  Oh.  Well.  They won.  It was 2 – 0 & part of the problem was the SHEETS of rain that drenched everyone & everything.  Now I’m pretty proud of our team but seriously?  I mean I know that we’re all so INTO our sports but really?  In the CATS & DOGS that were dropping on us (I’m not even going to go into the lightening but, no thunder, that was all around us) those kids really worked for every little bit of progress down the field.

I think the refs are related to Hubby.  Hubby of the mow the weeds in the pouring rain/crashing thunder/really bright lightening fame.  Seriously.  Oh & just because I couldn’t believe it myself, here is a link to a facebook page totally devoted to playing soccer in the rain.  Click HERE.  It’s been awhile since it was updated but it still has over 31,000 followers.


totally bewildered


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