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On this day when we celebrate our love according to the world I thought I would tell you some of the things I love about you.  These are big & small & in no particular order.

1.  You always remember to put the toilet seat down.

2.  You buy me chocolate & feminine products when I ask.

3.  You also buy me dt Coke whenever I really, really need it.

4.  You love our children & think that the sun rises & sets w/ them.

5.  You take the time to do sports or play games w/ our children.

6.  You look damn good in a tiara, earrings, ring & necklace.

7.  You look just as good covered in motor oil from working on cars.

8.  You replaced my rotors & brakes.

9.  You have learned to let me sleep in in the morning.

10.  If I’m in the mood for pizza you are too.

11.  You try to honor & respect our parents no matter how hard it might be (thinking of his mom right now on the hard part)

12.  You love your siblings & even though you don’t know mine very well, you do your best to show them love as well (we’ve never lived close to any of my family)

13.  You build sheds & decks & other things even though you don’t know how to.

14.  Last but certainly not least, You LOVE me!  (& I of course, love YOU!


So I know that the Vampire Diaries & Eastwick (loved the movie w/ Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon & Michelle Pfifeifer btw!) are more than a bit campy but I love them.  They can be super romantic as in romance novels type & well, campy but still, I love em.  Gonna be sad to say goodbye to Eastwick.  Well, that & Trauma.  That one I like better than Mercy but I’ll live w/ Mercy.  Man!  Why do the networks keep canceling everything?  I haven’t even mentioned my other & most favorite one.  The Dollhouse. I won’t even get started on how stupid the CW is to let this on go.  I’m hoping that the SciFi network will pick it up but not holding my breath too hard if you know what I mean.

That’s my rant & love for right now.  I’m getting caught up on the things I missed while the kids were out.  (we don’t let our children watch most of network tv.  we just want to protect them for a bit longer although the Prince is starting to watch NCIS.  That one doesn’t deal w/ a lot of sex.  I love that!)  Of course if you haven’t heard of Leverage you need to catch that one.  It’s great although I really miss the Sophie Devereaux character.  Gina Bellman plays Sophie & she was missing for part of the season to have a baby, I think.  It’s just a fun show along the lines of the Oceans movies.  Fun, flirty & fast paced.  I love how the characters intermingle.  They just have a great time together & sometimes the hidden things you learn about the characters are the most fun.

Two more shows that I’m so excited about them returning are Castle & Chuck.  I read somewhere that the actress who plays the main character, Rick Castle’s daughter, Alexis (Molly Quinn), that when she auditioned w/ Nathan Fillion (Castle) she immediately wanted the job because he made the interview so much fun.  And the show is a blast.  If you haven’t watched how wonderfully the characters interplay you really need too.

And Chuck.  Chuck was due to be cancelled but has been given another shot.  Oh, heavens, people.  WATCH this show!  It is seriously funny &, well, fun.  I love all of the unrequited love that is so cute I don’t mind my 12 yr old watching.  And the action is great.  The main character is flawed & so is everyone around him.  Makes this show wonderful.  So watch it!  I’m really tired of some of my favorites being cancelled!  AS in SERIOUSLY getting ANNOYED!

Can you tell that I’m excited for my tivo to actually have new stuff to record?  I’m getting tired of nothing new being on my play list!  I NEED my TIVO to be FULL!!

That is all.  Thank you for your time & patience.  You will be returned to your regular blogging now.

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I’m starting the New Year off right.  Today I had my first mammogram.  Not as bad as I’d thought actually.  I won’t have the results back for another week but, hey, @ least I’ve done something right for my health to start the new year.

So.  If you’ve of the appropriate age or if you have family members who’ve had cancer (especially breast) have you had a mammogram yet?

Happy New Year one & all!

I’ll do the “woot” first since well, this is my blog!  Last night I realized that we didn’t have any water.  Okay, it was after 2am but still.  I told Hubby & we tried to think what was wrong since we have a 1400 gal holding tank.  It dawned on both of us that we hadn’t heard the well in a few days (the pump is very noisy).  So we tried to sleep thinking it was something best dealt w/ during the day but of course @ 3:43 I was still awake worrying.  So I got up & went & checked.  Turns out the screw had come off the cover & that let the top slip off during our big wind storm last week.  This means that the connections couldn’t meet.  I put the cover back & on voila!  The pump turned on!  Can I hear a woot, woot?

In “oh, NO” news.  The neighbor girl & Princess Diva were swinging on our two rope swings when the ng’s pants became entwined w/ the rope.  This happened once before & @ the time I was a little concerned that I might have to cut her out of her pants since it was so tightly wound up.  This time it wasn’t as bad but guess who was out there in a nightdress trying to unhook the little girl when the bus came?  No guesses?  All right, it was me.  I kept my butt to the bus & didn’t look up as I ran for my house.  Talk about being embarrassed.  I figured I’d post it here since I’ve done the same to my kids, right?  And I’ve totally banned the neighbor girl from the swing in the am!!

So.  Think my kids will be scarred for life since their friends had to see mom in her nightie?  @ least all of the important bits were covered even if I was letting it all hang out.  @ least we don’t have neighbors who are up & about @ that time of the day!


I mentioned on my old blog the problems that I’ve been having w/ menopause.  It truly is a frustrating thing for me.  One of the things that my dr did initially was run all kinds of blood tests to see how my body was functioning.  I found out things that really surprised me including the fact that my calcium was low & that I needed to incorporate more vitamin D into my life.  Now I go out into the sun for a little bit each day plus I’ve upped our dairy intake drastically to include milk @ every meal & some other type of dairy a couple of times a day.  One of the things that I was kinda interested in was if I had a thyroid problem.

Oh the thyroid.  Did you know that the range for a thyroid that is not functioning correctly is really wide & that drs are finding that even if your thyroid level is within the bounds of “normal” you can still have a problem?  Yeah, me neither.  Except I’m loosing my hair.  That is a really big thing.  It’s also a common symptom in thyroidism as are panic attacks, severe menstrual changes, skin problems, irritability, depression & many other things.  The really frightening thing is that in reading the list I have many of the symptoms & yet my dr dismissed them.  Hello?  My thyroid level puts me into hyperthyroidism & yet I have more symptoms of a sluggish thyroid.  As a matter of fact I have almost all of the symptoms.  Plus?  My mom & one of my sibs also have thyroid problems not to mention the fact that my daughter has a better than 80% chance that she will develop hyperthyroidism @ some point in her life.  I’ll go into those reasons another time.

Now, knowing that I’m not a dr or involved in the medical community anymore (haven’t been an emt for almost 20 yrs now) I do realize that there can be too much info online.  I know that I can look up other diseases & find that I’m similarly @ risk.  But ya know what?  It really pisses me off that my dr just totally dismissed my concerns!  Um, I realize that there were other things going on @ the time but really?  It can in large part be explained by thyroid problems.  It would really explain a lot.  Such as why anti depressants don’t work on me, well other than the fact that I have a weird body that has a reaction to every narcotic to the point where drs just don’t even want to bother going that route.  (surgery is more than a little bit tricky for me) I’m also allergic, as in severe rash & itching from the moment it touches my lips, to ibuprophine.

I’m going back into my dr to talk to her about this but I’m also in the process of making an appointment w/ an endocrinologist to have someone trained in this part of the body’s function, to actually evaluate me.  I think it’s a good thing that I’m not able to see my dr for a week as I’m still really upset.  It will be interesting to see what the endocrinologist says though.  I hope that I can get in soon & honestly?  I’m really hoping that my thyroid is part of my problem.  It would really make me feel better to have an actual diagnosis that is treatable.


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