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Hard to believe but I’ve made it through to another Friday!  Even have my homework turned in early.  So, it’s been awhile but Aloha Friday is all about taking it easy.  I really, really, really need easy.  Between both of my kid’s birthdays in one week, an essay due, my parent’s coming to visit, a celebration for the 100th anniversary of my kid’s school, the first birthday party we’ve hosted in a few years plus a Barbie cake similar to this one –

Only decorated in fondant which is a totally different type of frosting/icing.

So, I’ve been busy.  But that’s actually besides the point.  My question, since I’m in the midst of birthday central here, is what is your favorite present from your childhood?

Was it a hoola hoop?

How about a firetruck?

Did you get to go see your favorite rock star/band for your birthday?

For me, my favorite present changes yearly depending upon what I can remember!  lol, but I do know that I loved all of my birthdays especially the ones after I became a mom.

So?  What was it?  Can’t wait to come & visit y’all!  Aloha!!!


I’m almost done w/ this term.  The class hasn’t been too bad but some of the topics have been killers.  I might bore you w/ some of the details once it’s over but not yet.  I don’t want to ruin my luck yet since I mostly have an “A”.  The one exception was my paper that was based on a topic I could “stand up” about.  Yeah, that one got rave reviews from some members of my class, the other team member totally dissed it & the teaching instructor hated it.  In fact for every single one of my papers but that one I have exactly four comments per paper.  One is in the first paragraph & always tells me how I’ve written a good topic sentence.  The next two are in the body & point out some inane sentence that he/she (not certain who it is!) liked while the last comment is in the last paragraph & always compliments me on my conclusion.  The stand up for yourself one had a total of 9 comments & all ripped apart my paper.   The funniest thing is that one of the comments is all about how we were supposed to do something silly.  My only comment was “Um, wasn’t this paper about standing up for something you believe in”?  I know we weren’t supposed to offend anyone but when you stand up for something, even if you do it in the nicest possible terms (I really worked hard to try & make my paper as innocuous as possible but this was a pretty hard topic) you will always offend someone.  It’s just in the nature of the thing.  I still regret that someone had their feelings hurt but I also have to say that I wasn’t that thrilled w/ some of my teammates topics either.  Anyway, I won’t publish that essay although I might bore you w/another one that I thought was okay but only after the class is over!  I would hate to have someone go back & check & see that it had been published online somewhere.  Yep, good ole paranoia!

The Prince loved his birthday.  Of course it didn’t hurt that a) we let him stay home from school & b) that he got a bb gun but only w/ the proviso that Dad has to be around when he’s firing it & several other safety rules (such as firing it only behind our 6ft cinder block fence when the dog & his sister aren’t back there!)

Remember these pix form my old blog?  Well the pool isn’t as bad as these but it’s not much better either.  We seem to have a clog somewhere in the pipes which isn’t allowing the water to flow into the filters like it should.  Ugh, we spent most of the day working on it & it’s still a mess.  Most of the leaves are out but I’m afraid that our big filters really need to be changed which is going to cost some serious $$$.  One of these days I’ll remember that even though the cover is blue that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pool is!

Dear Prince,

Today you turn 13 & boy, has it been a momentous time getting you to this age.

You are fun, stubborn, smart, contentious, loving, ornery, much loved, horrible, friendly, kind, mad, helpful, adult-like/child-like, irreplaceable, a joy, a torment but most of all, you are my son.  You frustrate me half the time these days w/ your questioning of rules & dislike of doing homework.  You are such a teen in most ways that people talk about & yet you still are a child.  I love you more than you can possibly understand right now but hopefully you’ll have children of your own (when you are much, much, much, much! older) & then you’ll know.  I miss my sweet boy but love the glimpses of the person you are growing into.

My beloved son.  You are loved & cherished & I sincerely hope that you will always know this.

Happy Birthday, Prince.

love, mom

ps – ignore the two year old photo.  Couldn’t find my camera plus the Prince is a little camera shy these days.

gasp, cough, choke, aaaachhhooooooo!!!! Well, I’ll update on the part front & then I need to get back to laundry, carpet cleaning & this little thing called my final essay.

The Prince is great w/ what we’re doing for his b-day.  Well, except we’re adding in an ice cream cake & I guess buying the Princess some more Soy ice cream.  She says she’s okay w/ that but I might let her have a minuscule sliver of the ice cream cake.  We’ll have to see.  Oh & I have to head down to the feed store today or tomorrow so that I can get a couple of bails of hay for a shooting range/post.  Did I mention that the Prince is getting a bb gun?  Yep, he is.  After a couple of years of air soft guns plus taking & passing a gun safety class & getting his boy scout gun merit badge, I guess he’s ready.

Guess what?   The Princess doesn’t want a Barbie cake!  Instead she suggested this cake which I made before I knew how to do anything.  I thought “okay, I can run w/ this & make it tons better!”  Only she got me & decided that she wants a Minnie Mouse cake!  (I actually have an old minnie mouse character cake pan)  I really hate this idea don’t want to do this.  I hate doing the star tip for that long.  It will take all day since it’s been so long but what do I do?  I think I’m still going to work on her to let me do an updated better version of the cake above.  Sure would save me lots of pain time!

I’ve left this till pretty late but my kid’s b-days are in the next two weeks.  My son’s will be pretty laid back since it just involves getting his military dependent id card, going out to lunch & maybe a movie plus taking the day off from school.  Not too much but enough that he is happy.  My daughter on the other hand is going to have a party.  The first real party that she’s had in almost 4 yrs.

A party for 8 eight yr old girls.  I’ve decided that we’re doing it outside & that we’re also doing it @ the school.  There’s a fence around most of the property & this enables us to keep them more secure plus you have to park outside of the fence so chances are pretty slim that we won’t see anyone else there.  My dilemma involves me deciding to make her another Barbie cake.  This time I want to cover the cake in fondant as it would be a ton easier!So, my question is do I go ahead & order the fondant (I like to use Satin Ice which tastes like vanilla tootsie rolls & is very easy to use) or do I just make her a sheet cake?  The thing is that I have to order it today in order to get it & have the cake ready on Thursday for Saturday’s party.  Decisions, decisions.  Oh & we’re going to do a scavenger hunt which is another reason to have the party @ the school.


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