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My favorite …

Posted on: March 2, 2011

… sheets have a worn spot on them.  Actually it’s not even a spot, it’s a hole.  They’ve been worn clear through by someone’s feet.  I love these sheets though.  They are 500 thread count Egyptian sateen cotton.  We’ve had them for maybe 6 – 7 yrs now & everytime I wash them I put them straight back on the bed.  I splurged when I bought them even though they were on an especially good sale.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve wished that I had bought another pair.

Here’s the thing.  Hubby & I have been married nearly 20 yrs (Aug).    We also have “worn spots” on our marriage.  Things aren’t new & shiny anymore.  In fact in places they are worn smooth & comfy.  Sometimes we even find “holes” or places where we’ve worn “clear through” each other’s patience.  But.  And this is a big But.  We always come back to each other.  We know what we have to do to make things right (usually).  We know how to patch up  that hole as it were, & make things nice & sometimes, better than it was before.

You’re probably wondering why I’m going there.  Well, I have not just one couple of friends & not even two, but several friends who are all going through things right now in their marriages, relationships, you name it they are doing it.  For that matter, so are we.  Sometimes I get a little concerned about Hubby & I.  Then I remember that I promised him he was stuck w/ me.  Period.  I think he remembers the same thing.  So.  Here we are.

I think I’m going to go work on that sheet.  See if maybe I can’t patch that hole somehow.  It’s worth it.


10 Responses to "My favorite …"

I love this analogy. Hang in there!

Thanks, Kristina. We’ll be okay. It’s just one of those times where, well, things get worn & need to be mended.

Terrific analogy. I wish I could say that I attempted to mend the sheet that I ripped a LARGE hole through recently, but I’ll admit, we went to the store and bought a new set. But to be fair, we also noticed that all of our other sets of sheets ALSO had holes in them and stains, etc. We figure it might be time to let our old sheets retire peacefully. My husband won’t be getting off that easily! haha

This will be an interesting experiment. I’m actually still using the pillowcases & the top sheet. I really love this sheet set!

I love this post. Sometimes the things with the patched holes are definitely the best. You are an awesome writer Sue and a good person.


That is so kind of you.


This post is awesome. And don’t worry about that hole, keep the sheets anyway.

Always. And thanks, Annie.

Beautifully written and so, so true:)

I loved this analogy and wish I had thought about it so many years ago when we were close to 20 or so years so I could soothe my thinking. But we did survive much in part to our five darling daughters who still give me and their Dad much joy! Thank you #2.

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