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phew! This past week has been a little tiring.  I’d just about forgotten what drama was & than WHAM! there it was.  On Sat the Prince went for a long mountain bike ride w/ a friend and the friend’s dad, who is an experienced rider, but along the way he took a tumble head over heels over his bike.  According to the Prince, he tumbled a couple of times & the bike landed on him twice.  After visiting the er & his dr we’re heading up to the same ped ortho surgeon who operated on the Princess’s arm cause we’re not certain if he has a torn ac that is serious or just one that is painful.  So far he’s been on ibuprofen, ice & immobilization (sling) since Sat.  The er dr told us it was a torn ac while our new pediatrician (very sweet man in his 80’s – not kidding on the age thing) thinks it’s a minor sprain.  So, big city, here we come!

This next one is kinda painful but I just need to get it out.  I did apologize @ the time btw.  Anyway.  Hubby & I went out to lunch last week & our waitress was slower than molasses.  I think we were there for an hour and a half for simple menu options like sandwiches & scrambled eggs.  (it was a diner by the army post & usually pretty quick)  I’m eating the last say, 5 bites of toast (I had the eggs) when the waitress decides to clear the table & asks if she can take my plate.  There wasn’t anywhere else to put down my bread other than the table so I was pretty sarcastic in my answer.  I don’t remember what exactly I said but let’s just say that I wasn’t very nice.  After the words came out I apologized (but not immediately much to my chagrin) & @ this point I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t show my face there for the next year.  I’m usually not that bad but that day I was exhausted & I took it out on her.  To any waitress, past & present out there, I’m sorry for rotten customers like me.

Let’s see.  What else happened.  Oh, these are pretty good.  Twice I slammed on my breaks while doing 10 miles an  hour over the speed limit when I abruptly came upon a cop.  The first time he knew I’d been speeding since he followed me & I’m pretty sure he ran my plate.  The second was yesterday but I think he was looking the other way (literally – ha,ha) & so he didn’t pull out.  Trust me when I say that I will be watching my speedometer a little more carefully!

And this last one is a doozey.  If you’ve been paying attention to the world news you’ve seen that there is a massive drug war going on across the border in Mexico.  It’s been so bad that the exchange students from Mexico weren’t allowed to come up here as travel across the country is dangerous.  The military & govt employees here have been warned that they are not allowed to go to Mexico even though it’s only a few miles away.  (remember I live about 3 – 5 miles from the border)  I think because of this, the illegals coming across the border has dramatically increased & they are being found in huge groups of 30 – 65.  Anyhoo, when we first moved here we’d see illegals just walking down the road trying to be inconspicuous but totally failing.  Little things which I won’t post are dead clues.  Well, today 3 men were walking down our road & since we were out in the front working on culverts (ditches) they approached us & speaking Spanish, asked us for “agua” or water.  We had the Prince gave them two water bottles each while I called border patrol.  They didn’t know that I called (@ least we didn’t tell them) and so they continued on their way.  We could not have contained them either.  I feel that it was only humane to give them something to drink although this can be dangerous because we could be prosecuted for helping illegals.  The thing is if we didn’t give them water (which we didn’t the only other time we’ve been approached by illegals because he scared the beejeebees out of me late one night) I would feel bad for not helping my fellow man when it was something so simple as water.  The really stressful thing about the whole scene was that a rancher an hour east of us was murdered while helping an illegal.  Thank heavens for Rex though since they were pretty hesitant around him & he was barking his head off!

So I’m tired.  It’s been a rough couple of days.  I think I’ll go cut up the ham (finally cooked my Easter ham since we had dinner w/ some other people – prime rib!) & get the beans soaking & go. to. bed…  goodnight……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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