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Monument Fire

Posted on: June 17, 2011

Dear friends,
It’s been a long time & for that I apologize. Busy w/ life, liberty & the pursuit thereof, dontcha know! But that’s not why I’m finally back. If anyone does still check this from time to time I hope you’ll see this.

I live down in Arizona where the Monument Fire is burning. Currently we have been evacuated from our home. In fact we were amongst the first grp to be evacuated. We have since learned that our home is standing & from the outside appears completely intact. Most of our neighbors either have damage or are burned out. As in it’s all gone. It’s horrible & frightening but the danger isn’t over. Right now the home we have been staying @ is now under pre-evac orders.

Since Sunday this fire has burned over 18,500 acres & is growing by the minute. The gov of Az declared a state of emergency today for Cochise County which is where I live due to the numerous fires burning here.

Friends this fire is heading towards the town of Sierra Vista. Over 3700 people have already been evacuated w/ hundreds more ready to go. Please help us w/ prayer or warm thoughts if you would. We are in a severe drought w/ no rain in sight.

I thank all of you for your kindness & compassion. As far as I know all of my neighbors across the street from me are completely burned out. Please remember them too.

Thanks, Susan


10 Responses to "Monument Fire"

Wow, I hadn’t heard there was a big fire down there. How freaking scary! Sending good thoughts your way; and rain! We’ve been through a nasty drought here, too. A lot of fires, but luckily nothing this bad. I’m crossing my fingers your house will survive in the end.

Thank you so much, Ana. Yeah, we’re the #1 fire in the US right now. Sad to be #1 over something like this. The fort caught fire twice yesterday & we were mandatory evac again. I’ve never lived through anything @ all like this & boy, is is nerve wracking!

You guys stay safe there too. Wanna hear something funny though? My pool is apparently still there w/ the water in it. Too funny, eh?

We’re still praying for you! The kids are desperate to send our rain your way 🙂

Thanks, sis. We do appreciate it. Being up here in Tucson certainly helps! love to you all!!!!

That is just awful! So glad to know that you are safe and your house has survived so far! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts!

Hope all is well. Check in when you can.

thinking of you.. hope all is well.

Thanks, LInda. Just couldn’t get in for some odd reason but we’re all good!

I MISSSSSSSSS You. Hope things are getting better

Thank you, Lissa! Missed you too!!!

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