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… doing something right.  Both of my kids have told me that they don’t like me as much as dad or that they hate me.  It all started when I was having a bit of a Sunday snooze on my bed.  The princess came in & wanted to put “make up” (a compact that has been completely cleaned out, an old lash/eyebrow brush & an old eye shadow compact, again, completely cleaned out) on me.  I said okay since it didn’t require me to open my eyes.  We were talking & all of a sudden completely out of the blue she tells me that she likes daddy more than me cause, well, ya know she is much more of a daddy’s girl than a mommy’s girl.  Umm, okay?  What do I say to that?  I’m the one who got up w/ you in the middle of the night?  I’m the one who changed the majority of your diapers?  I’m the one who let you nurse until you were 15 1/2 months old?  I’m the one who cleans the house, does your laundry, fixes your hair (actually she’s started to do that herself), plays games w/ you, watches Barbie movies w/ you & does crafts w/ you but you are a daddy’s girl?  What’s up w/ that???

So the next day is Monday & predictably the bus is late which means that it is doubled up.  Because it is a doubled up bus the bus has to stop @ the other school just down the road before it makes it’s final stop @ my kid’s school.  This also means very little to no before school interaction for the prince & his peeps.  Wait, do kids even say peeps?  Because I’m still a little sick I refuse to take them to school.  So what do I hear as the door slams so hard I think the pictures are going to fall off the wall?  I hate you, mom!

Fast forward to this morning when I hear those lovely words again.  I hate you, mom!  Really, I think I must be doing something right, yes?  Sigh...& I actually fight hubby to stay home for this.


…is something I always forget about.  Not as in I never remember to do it but rather I forget some of the nuances about laundry following scout camp.

This year I had the Prince just unload his things straight into the washer (“but, mom, I didn’t even wear most of this stuff”  Me – “why is there only two pair of dirty underwear?”  I know, futile thought.  There were also only two dirty shirts, two dirty pair of socks & one pair of dirty pants & this was after a 5 1/2 day scout camp).  So, anywho, I’m pulling the lint vent thingy out to clean & stuff is flying everywhere.  By stuff, I’m referring to the little stones, twigs, candy wrappers, etc that is intermingled w/ the lint.  Oh, right.  I was supposed to have him shake out all of his clothing first.

The other thing of note is the extra clothing articles.  Um, who’s size 7 socks are these?  Don’t tell me you wore them since you wear a size 13.  And who’s t-shirt is this?  Since you wear a size medium men’s whose size 16 boys is this?

Was I supposed to bleach this stuff?!  The really interesting part is that I’ve taken these things to church (our scout troop is affiliated w/ our ward/congregation although any boy is welcome!) & no one will claim the darn stuff!  I’ve often wondered if it’s my laundry abilities.  Was that item not as clean as you remembered it or is it just that you can’t remember ever wearing that item?

Scouts… they really are an interesting breed.

Dear Prince,

Today you turn 13 & boy, has it been a momentous time getting you to this age.

You are fun, stubborn, smart, contentious, loving, ornery, much loved, horrible, friendly, kind, mad, helpful, adult-like/child-like, irreplaceable, a joy, a torment but most of all, you are my son.  You frustrate me half the time these days w/ your questioning of rules & dislike of doing homework.  You are such a teen in most ways that people talk about & yet you still are a child.  I love you more than you can possibly understand right now but hopefully you’ll have children of your own (when you are much, much, much, much! older) & then you’ll know.  I miss my sweet boy but love the glimpses of the person you are growing into.

My beloved son.  You are loved & cherished & I sincerely hope that you will always know this.

Happy Birthday, Prince.

love, mom

ps – ignore the two year old photo.  Couldn’t find my camera plus the Prince is a little camera shy these days.

The Princess has had her nose a little bit out of joint lately because my focus hasn’t been as much on her.  With the Prince hurt I’ll admit that I’ve been a little more preoccupied w/ him.  Today I sent the Princess to her room because she was throwing a little mini tantrum.  You know the kind.  Where the child just kinda huffs & puffs & stomps away.  Well, since Sunday I’ve  been over that behaviour.  I’d been trying to help her get over this by making her realize that what she was doing wasn’t cutting it & I finally had to step up the stakes for her a bit.  So, she’s been sent to her room twice now.  After her 7 min are up we talk about what she can do when she finds herself getting angry.  (nope, that part hasn’t changed yet!  Someday….)  This time when I walked in and finally convinced her to roll over & talk w/ me (she was sobbing like her life was over) the first thing she says is “the Prince always gets two straws!”

I have to mention that I love it when my kids do this.  Start talking about a completely different subject.  Once, when the Prince was maybe 4, it was his bedtime but he was exhausted & crying.  We (Hubby, the Prince & I) were outside of the Prince’s door & he was sobbing up a storm only we didn’t know why other than that he was tired.  Finally he tells us that he doesn’t like the letters M, N, O & P plus he doesn’t like the number 5.  Hubby & I had the hardest time not laughing.  This was just so off the wall.

Anyway this was what the Princess was doing.  Talking about something so off the wall.  I actually had to think back to when the last time the Prince even used a straw!  I think it was a smoothie he made about a week ago but a) the Princess was @ school & b) he only used one straw.  I did finally get her to see that she’s not the only one in our family & sometimes it’s not all about her.  We talked some more & then she came out & actually used the things we’d spoken about!  The Prince was playing his usual games (literally & figuratively!! lol) & the Princess spoke calmly & told the Prince that he wasn’t being fair.  In the end, I sent the Prince to HIS room because he ended up throwing a teen tantrum!

*disclaimer – My kids really are nice & most of the time, pretty good but occasionally they are, well, brats!  They come by it honestly.  Ask my mom!  hee,hee

The Princess literally bounced into the car the other day so excited about something that had happened.  I eagerly awaited her settling into her seat so that she would tell me what had her so excited.  She gets situated & then hands me a paper that she’s drawn on.  What do my wondering eyes see?  Why a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach of course!  They’d had a science class that day in the 7th grade classes & they had actually held & examined live giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches!  I seriously wanted to scream & drop the paper that she had drawn on the legs & antennae & a few other things on but no, I was a good momma & told her how amazing her sketch was.  If she wants to bring bugs in the house I am seriously drawing the line.  Absolutely NOT!

I know I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been excited about the arrangements for the Princess’s baptism (we baptize @ the age of 8), working on homework (still trying to come up w/ a compare/contrast paper although I think I’ll do it on Arizona & Maryland) & trying to find reasons why my almost teenager should be allowed out of the house ever.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am more of a baby person & that I need to do more to show my son my love for him.  Trust me when I say that Prince Valiant/Sullen is aptly named on this blog.  Having a son is so different & having a teen (he certainly knows he is even if his b-day is still a couple of months away) is well, a very interesting experience.  I think I’ve mentioned that I have 5 sisters & even though my dad was there he was certainly not a brother.  This son thing is very different.

Oh & I’ve done some work around the house.  As in changing the towel fixtures.  I want to change the bath rings (towels) in my bath to hooks but I haven’t found the right ones yet although the one I’ve put up is nice; it just needs to be bigger so that I can hang actual bath towels on it.  My next project is fixing the hole that appeared in the wall while I was trying to hammer in the little doohickeys for screws.  If I can ever download pix on my computer again I might even post it.

I have been busy & even though I’ve been mia on my blog I have tried to visit yours.  How sad is it that I didn’t even check my blog?!  I’ll try to do better just as soon as I get this next paper done.  Or @ least the rough draft done & turned in. *grin*

I wanted to do Aloha Friday.  I really did.  I love going to everyone’s site & reading & answering their questions.  Some are funny, some are serious & even occasionally some are well, maybe a little bit odd.  (did I really just write that?!)  AND Kailani has just had her baby!  How awesome is that?  I really missed doing Aloha Friday when I was taking my blogging break too.  But.  And this is big.  Princess Diva is sick.  And I think Hubby is too.  If you think that parenting a princess diva is hard wait until you add a sick hubby into the mix.  My life will never be the same again.

See it’s like this.  Hubby is great.  He wants to just be sick on his own & stay on the computer or watch movies.  However he also wants to have no attention.  As in let me complain & tell you how sick I am but don’t even think of trying to so much as offer me a tylenol.  I know this doesn’t sound bad but trust me when I say that it is.  It gets really annoying.  At least Princess Diva is a pretty good patient.  All she wants to do is watch tv, put together the occasional puzzle w/ me or even play a game.  Sometimes we can even paint little ceramic things together.  But amazingly she’s not whinny when she’s sick.  That actually is something she does both before & after an illness.  I hear things like “why does this happen to me?”  “Prince Valiant/Sullen never gets sick”  (He does but his thing is usually pretty bad headaches).

Yep, I’m whineing.  I know it’s bad but I really hate it when Hubby gets sick.  I just don’t get the time to do things like Aloha Friday or even vacuum.  (darn about the vacuum thing.  really)  Hey, wait.  Maybe there IS something good about Hubby being sick.

Oh & no.  I still don’t have this thing called my blog worked out but I’ll hang in there.  It has to work out somehow, right?

My kids.  I have two of the best kids ever!  Anyone who was @ my old blog knows them by certain names but over here we’re going w/ new names.  And they are… drumroll…

Prince Valiant/Sullen & Princess Diva!  Hubby will still be Hubby & I’ll still be Sues2u2 or Susan.  Or even Sues.  Either way it’s good to have a name.


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