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…I didn’t even think about my son’s cleats being a size 13.  Today he showed me his foot & his big toes are bruising because his shoes are so small.  Also one of his toes was digging into the other toe & he had dried blood under his very short toe nail as well as dried streams running down his leg.  I can’t believe it got that bad.  I definitely win the mother failure award.  Causing my child to bleed & feel terrible pain?  Yep, mother failure award here I come.

This week the kids are doing a soccer camp & both of them are absolutely loving it.  Except for the whole shoes being too small for the foot thing.  I really didn’t think about it.  I feel terrible but I’m sure he feels worse.  We’ve joked & kidded about how tall he’s getting but I never thought about how hard it is to find certain things.  The only good part is that shorts won’t be too short for a long time (i’m sincerely hoping!) & I can find tall men’s shirts @ Sears.

Oh & I promptly got online (& then called) Zappos to find soccer cleats.  Luckily they did have them & the really nice customer service rep I spoke w/ helped me order plus he made me a vip member (this includes free overnight shipping – YES!) & hopefully we’ll get the new cleats tomorrow afternoon although I’m not holding my breath.  (I really do live in the boondocks)


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