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…Columbus Day!  (or happy whatever day to whom ever discovered America)  Also, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends.

I thought I’d throw this one out again since this is what the Prince has been doing a bit of lately.  He’s much taller though & it shows when he drives.  We only let him drive around the property or drive back up from the mailbox occasionally.  He’s getting better about actually looking where he’s going (unlike last year when he’d look @ you standing in front of the vehicle while he was backing up.  Yeah, good times!) & he’s even gotten a little more confident about what he’s doing.  He recently earned his Boy Scout Automotive Maintenance merit badge & has taken over the task of changing the oil in our vehicles.  As part of the reward for doing it he gets $5 (I know, it’s not alot but hey, he’s still compensated!) & he gets to drive whichever vehicle it is out of the garage (dad or mom still put the vehicle up on the ramps!).

Here’s the deal.  The Prince has to have a B average in school in order to drive plus he must have earned his Eagle scout rank.  If he doesn’t then it’s good-bye to any hopes or dreams of driving.

And last but certainly not least, the Prince has been giving me more hugs & kisses lately.  AS a matter of fact, I was just outside & he came up behind me, put his arm around me & kissed me on the check.  Since we were outside where anyone might have seen it I’m doubly happy to have received it!

Happy Monday, y’all!


… suffering for your sport!  The Prince was playing tag football @ school & fell in the grass.  Now I use the term “grass” quite loosely here as we really don’t have grass unless you (or someone before you) has spent quite a bit of money, time, effort & well, determination into having what most people would term grass.  I could go on like this for quite a while but they say that a picture is worth a thousand dollars so… here’s what our “grass” did to the Prince.

These were actually kinda deep too.  I had to reopen the wounds to get the dirt out since the school nurse wasn’t there that day & the Prince (of course) didn’t go wash them out himself.

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…Would you believe that the Prince now wears a size men’s 14 (FOURTEEN) shoe.  Do you have any idea how hard that is to find?  I thought 13’s were rough but man!  14’s?!  We’re talking a whole nother realm here.  Luckily the kid @ Sports Authority who helped us laughed & told us that’s the boat he’s in.  He wears a 14 & every once in a while his store carries them but so, apparently, does the Nike store.

We headed up to the mall to find this Nike store but didn’t.  Instead we tried Foot Locker & they had 3 (three) pair of 14’s but also a few (same amount!) of 15’s.  Even better?  The ones the Prince truly loved were on sale for $50!  YES, victory is mine!

Oh & of course these stores are not down by me but rather they are up in the big city.  Meaning I really have to order his shoes online now or make the trek to the big city more frequently.

@#*$ Crap!  He needs new church shoes too!!!!! (good thing I love the big bugger!)

…I am a missin’ this here critter.  Don’t know why this time is so much worse from other times he’s been gone but it is.

His big, tough guy ways can be so annoyin but today?  Today I’m missing my young man.

Those two have always had the most special bond until recently.  In fact, from the time she could speak until about two years ago, she always wanted to marry him.

He’s always loved his little cousins too.  In fact, he’s been fascinated by them.

Seeing him do things like this reminds me how little time I have left w/ him living in my home.

Sigh... I miss him…

(he’s @ boy scout camp & will be back saturday)

Dear Prince,

Today you turn 13 & boy, has it been a momentous time getting you to this age.

You are fun, stubborn, smart, contentious, loving, ornery, much loved, horrible, friendly, kind, mad, helpful, adult-like/child-like, irreplaceable, a joy, a torment but most of all, you are my son.  You frustrate me half the time these days w/ your questioning of rules & dislike of doing homework.  You are such a teen in most ways that people talk about & yet you still are a child.  I love you more than you can possibly understand right now but hopefully you’ll have children of your own (when you are much, much, much, much! older) & then you’ll know.  I miss my sweet boy but love the glimpses of the person you are growing into.

My beloved son.  You are loved & cherished & I sincerely hope that you will always know this.

Happy Birthday, Prince.

love, mom

ps – ignore the two year old photo.  Couldn’t find my camera plus the Prince is a little camera shy these days.


Posted on: April 20, 2010

The Prince & I were walking into Target earlier when he utters a breathy “wo”.  I look over across the parking lot & see a very pretty blond girl.  I think to myself that he’s just too young!  Next thing out of his lips is “That’s a new Challenger!”  Sure enough.  There was a shiny, bright red Challenger.  lol, guess he’s not quite a teenager (or maybe that really is a sign that he is a teen!) after all.

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It’s Monday so I think I’d better hurry & update while I get the chance.  Between school, my family & the storms that rolled through Arizona last week I’ve been really off my game.  Let’s start w/ school.  I barely made it getting my essay turned in & I think it’s kinda crap but hey, it is a rough draft & that’s what draft is for.  To iron out all the bad.  I realized too, after reading everyone else’s that I’d made a crucial mistake in forgetting to double space everything.  That kinda bites but this is a draft & I just have to keep remembering that.  Anyway what will be will be & I will improve.  Maybe my writing here will get better too.   That would probably be a good thing.  hee,hee

Family.  Well, let’s just put that one into the storm category.  The storms that rolled into Arizona from California really did a number on us.  Thank heavens we weren’t in some of the really bad areas but where we are got hit bad enough.  I’m down in the extreme south & somewhat protected by mountains although the mountains didn’t exactly help Flagstaff!  They got hit by feet of snow not just inches & lots of roofs on buildings are now leaking including (of course) several that collapsed.  Plus there was loss of life north of us.  The one that really gets to me is a young native American family who were trying to take their 6 yr old son to the er.  They got stuck in the water & were washed out of the truck.  The little boy’s body was found the next day.

So.  Our damage includes a collapsed section of one of our cinder block fences, a leaky roof & my sanity.  The winds on Thursday night were so stinkin strong!  I couldn’t sleep in part because I was worried by the fact that we didn’t have heat due to a leaky furnace exhaust pipe & that my husband & son were traveling to Phoenix/Scottsdale the next day to go look @ some cars @ the Barrett-Jackson auction.  We were supposed to get even more rain plus snow on Friday & I was very afraid for them to go!  Plus we had no heat.  Well, they ended up leaving around 4:30am for the 3 1/2 hr drive.  (they made it safe & sound there & back but I was not very happy!)  Anyway, the bigger storms didn’t materialize until late in the evening & then our mt protected us.  So I shouldn’t have been so freaked but that was also the day that my essay was due.  OH & we lost power.  It was NOT fun.  I did keep my dd home from school & we went into town & picked up a space heater.  Plus on the way back from the car show/auction (no, they didn’t go to buy just look) Hubby stopped @ Costco & purchased a couple of heaters.  AND, big dramatic announcement, when they got back, hubby was able to get the furnace going.  So.  We did survive & I haven’t even told the half of it but I did tell the big things.

Turns out too, that we can leave the dog in the house alone for a little while.  He collected his toys & “guarded” them from the wind while in the house but that’s it.  He’s not a mischievous or destructive dog, thank heavens!  Just chicken.

That’s whats been going on & I’ll try to get back sooner this time.  I know this blog is turning into blah!  but life keeps happening.  Funny how that works out.


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