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… come clean.  This poor kid had so much pressure on him that he caved.  Can’t say as I blame him since he’s only 9.  He did get the Princess a heart shaped box of chocolates.  He came up to me during the confusion of the kids passing out their goodies & whispered that I should thank him for getting the Princess the chocolates.  I laughed & laughed although not anywhere that he could hear or see me of course.  It really was pretty funny.  He was so nervous!

He said he’s going to try tomorrow.  Poor kid.  Everybody think kind thoughts for him, ‘kay?


… is all about the Princess.  Or more to the point – her secret admirer.  This boy is showing some serious skills.  He’s managed to put 2 – 3 notes a day on her desk Wed through Fri of last week.  Little notes that say “Will you be my Valentine?” or “I thought you were cute the moment I saw you” (okay, that one made me a little concerned since they are only in the 3rd grade but then I found out that his mom had helped him write it & she didn’t quite know what to put so she came up w/ that gem – phew!).

Here’s the deal though.  No one has seen this boy putting the notes on her desk.  I suspect that the teachers (one teach + one aid) have seen but they’re going along w/ it too.  This is major drama for the 3rd grade.  We have two 3rd grade classes & I guess they’re all caught up in it.  Heck, the 8th graders know about it!  (Bet some of them are wishing they’d been smart enough to come up w/ this.)

So the good thing about all of this is that the boy she “likes” (remember this is 3rd grade so this means you chase each other & basically just run around) is the one who’s doing it.  This kid is going to make one serious poker player though.  He keeps telling her that it’s got to be this other boy cause of the hand writing (he’s disguised his) & she totally believes him!

He’s going to tell her on Monday (writing this around 10:30pm Sunday night) so I can hardly wait to hear about her reaction.  I’m sincerely hoping that he’ll wait until the Valentine party so that I can be there too.  Update tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Per Kailani @ her blog, An Island Life“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.”

So all you have to do is answer my question, head on over to Kailani’s & answer her question plus link up your own question that you’ve put on your blog.  Then head out to visit everybody else & enjoy the fun!

It’s been more than a little while so I’ll start out nice & easy.  My sister & I were talking recently about things (creepy crawly critters) that freak us out.  I’ve never been very fond of spiders & bugs but since we moved to Arizona I’ve found tons of new reasons to wonder why God created bugs.  I understand that some of them are beautiful & helpful or just plain fun but why things like scorpions, centipedes, sun spiders, wolf spiders, black widows & the list goes on.

baby scorpion I killed on the floor of my garage nearly 2 yrs ago

baby snake we though was a rattler but turned out not to be although we’d already killed it when we found out it wasn’t

What creepy crawly critters freak you out or don’t those kinds of things bug you?

Okay, deep breathes…in, out, in, out… the bugs really aren’t that bad.

… doing something right.  Both of my kids have told me that they don’t like me as much as dad or that they hate me.  It all started when I was having a bit of a Sunday snooze on my bed.  The princess came in & wanted to put “make up” (a compact that has been completely cleaned out, an old lash/eyebrow brush & an old eye shadow compact, again, completely cleaned out) on me.  I said okay since it didn’t require me to open my eyes.  We were talking & all of a sudden completely out of the blue she tells me that she likes daddy more than me cause, well, ya know she is much more of a daddy’s girl than a mommy’s girl.  Umm, okay?  What do I say to that?  I’m the one who got up w/ you in the middle of the night?  I’m the one who changed the majority of your diapers?  I’m the one who let you nurse until you were 15 1/2 months old?  I’m the one who cleans the house, does your laundry, fixes your hair (actually she’s started to do that herself), plays games w/ you, watches Barbie movies w/ you & does crafts w/ you but you are a daddy’s girl?  What’s up w/ that???

So the next day is Monday & predictably the bus is late which means that it is doubled up.  Because it is a doubled up bus the bus has to stop @ the other school just down the road before it makes it’s final stop @ my kid’s school.  This also means very little to no before school interaction for the prince & his peeps.  Wait, do kids even say peeps?  Because I’m still a little sick I refuse to take them to school.  So what do I hear as the door slams so hard I think the pictures are going to fall off the wall?  I hate you, mom!

Fast forward to this morning when I hear those lovely words again.  I hate you, mom!  Really, I think I must be doing something right, yes?  Sigh...& I actually fight hubby to stay home for this.

this over @ My Real Life Was Backordered, she is a wonderfully humorous author btw, & I decided that she’s right.  But this year my kids had absolutely no complaints about our Christmas cards (which they signed cause my hand was out of commission & I’m still getting phone calls about the ones the Princess signed since she drew pictures in several plus she underlined the important words in the pithy little saying in the card.  Words like Love, Jesus Christ, Christmas, Family & so on & so on.)  Truly, if you were one of the fortunate ones to receive one of her works of art you’d know what I mean.  And the Prince’s weren’t too shabby either.  No cool artwork but he signed all of our names & wished every one a Happy Holiday season.  Oh & the Princess signed hers love, the Princess, Mommy, Daddy & the Prince.  But if you’ll bear w/ me here I’ll eventually get into why I’m rambling on like this.

Before Christmas & before I’d written my Christmas letter, I read Annie’s post about the five things you should consider before you send your Christmas card. It truly inspired me.  Unfortunately not in quite the way I was envisioning but still, beggars can’t be choosers, eh?  See I was going for the whole humerus aspect here but what I got instead kinda fell flat.  Aww, you’ll see.

Note.  Names have been changed to protect the maybe innocent.  Also, Hubby helped & I blame him for it not sounding funny.  Seriously.  I asked for help & well, lets just leave it @ that!

Dear Loved Ones,

Twas the night before Christmas & all through the house, every creature was stirring yes, even the bugs.

The stockings weren’t hung by the chimney with care for you see there’s no fireplace when it’s 73F!

The children aren’t nestled all snug in their beds but rather they’re outside playing soccer instead.

I’m not in my kerchief & Hubby’s not in his cap but, give us a minute we’re trying to nap.

Out in the yard there arose such a clatter; I sprang from my computer chair to see what was the matter.

When what to my wondering eyes (& nose) should appear?  But a stinky, black & white skunk just munching his lunch.   Immediately I gagged & called out to the dog, “Get out of there quick before you get skunked!”

That skunk was amazing with his black & white tail; he twitched & he shimmied as he danced round & round.  With a wave & a flutter he sprayed all around; including the dog, door, pool & dog (to say nothing of the foolish boys – a close call they did have).

In the end it didn’t matter as all was soon over (well, except for the lingering smell) & the skunk he did leave us to sort over the matter.  But as he did leave us I heard him grunt out, Merry Christmas to all & to all some good smells!

Barring our skunk incidence we’re all doing fine.  The kids are growing like weeds & seem to be having fun.  Hubby & I are doing pretty good too.  We miss you all & wish we could see you soon (extra hands for the skunk cleaning party!).


Hubby, Susan, the Prince & the Princess

My sister just called & let me know that my comments were off.  It was annoying but, success was finally achieved!  Not something fun to work on when you have a bad (trust me, I’m dying here) head cold.

… off the blogging wagon.  As in I haven’t been doing any lately.  But you try making cupcakes for the whole 8th grade (all 66 of them), one 3rd grade class plus the staff @ your kids k-8th grade school  & see how much time you have.  I actually called in reinforcements today just so that I could finish making the spider cupcakes today & not sometime tomorrow.  Luckily my wonderful friends came & pitched in (two are grandmas & one has the four-legged type of children so it’s not like they were doing Halloween anyway.  Remember, I live in the boondocks so no trick or treating out here).

I decided to not do the kitty litterbox cake for the Prince’s class this year although apparently several of the boys (it would be the boys wouldn’t it?!) have already requested one.  Instead I (yep, can’t even blame it on the kids) decided that I would make (sooo not the hard part) & decorate 250 cupcakes as spiders.  Have I ever mentioned before that I have wonderful ideas just not the right temperament to always implement my wonderfully, awesome ideas?  Yeah, just not me.  Although the Princess did mention just as we were starting the 200th cupcake that she loved last year’s Halloween class treat a lot.  Now you tell me?  Small washed apples plus sections of fruit roll ups that were cut into eyes & mouths appropriate to decorate apples as pumpkins & you tell me now that you liked that a lot?!  Sheesh, I could’a gotten away easy (& somewhat healthy) but, no, you let dear old mom slave away like a machine!

Sigh. See what I mean?  Yeah, I really need to work out the small details first.


exhausted but victorious cupcake decorator

… and that means only three more days until my darling children are back in school!  Can you see my feet doing the little happy dance?  I love my children & the week (yep, the WHOLE week) has gone by pretty fast but now we’re @ the point where our plans for the day fell through & now all I’m hearing is “are we going to town yet?” & “can we eat lunch w/ dad?” & “but I don’t want to do that”!  Yeah & it’s only 9:27am.  Good times.

I shouldn’t complain though.  We’ve had fun.  The Prince spent the day & night w/ several of his buddies, worked on parts of a few merit badges & finished the project that is due Monday.

The Princess has spent a few days w/ different friends including going w/ me & a friend up to the apple orchards (where the apples we wanted weren’t quite ready for picking) & running through a corn maze.  We also picked up pumpkins & she had a different friend spend the night.

Let’s see what else.  Oh, yeah.  Soccer.  I’ve loved both kids being in soccer (we still have another month plus the Prince will have one more month for a tournament) except for dinners.  On Tues & Thurs we don’t get home until 7:30-8pm so dinner is sandwiches which while it’s easier on the whole cleanup aspect isn’t as satisfying over & over.

And this weekend.  Hmmm, Hubby informed me last night that he has to work for 5 or 6 hrs on Sunday.  I love how none of them are willing to give up their Sat but Sunday?  In an instant!  And he’s going to DC soon.  As in leaving me alone w/ the kids soon.  Actually upon further reflection the only thing different about him being gone is that I’ll be taking the Prince to Scouts.  That’s it.  Guess it won’t be too bad after all!


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