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… and other greetings!  I hope that everyone survived & even thrived this past holiday season.  My family had a great time although I got a stupid (I know, it’s a bad word but, it does apply!) head cold.  The most exciting thing happened though right before Christmas.

I WON!  I WON, I WON, I WON! And what, you might ask, did I win?  Well, I won this wonderful prize package from Series & TV which is a blog about tv shows!  Check out my loot… it came in a really cool draw string bag & included…

… this Finley, Chuck Finley t-shirt & burn notice baseball cap (although not my darling daughter!)…

… the burn notice season 3 dvd plus a burn notice book titled, The Giveaway.

Pretty darn cool, eh?  I was so excited!  I love burn notice & the blog, Series & TV.  Thanks, Guillermo, over @ Series & TV (& USA network for making this package available to series & tv for awarding!) for the prize.  I am truly in heaven!


… the one who almost died after giving birth a little over a week ago?  Well I’m driving up as soon as I kick the inlaws out!  I’m so excited (& scared!) to drive up but what can I say?  I can’t take it anymore.  Funny thing.  Two years ago this past April I made a mad dash up because the same sister’s son was being born (via a teenage girl who gave him up for adoption) so I guess it makes sense that I’d run up to see this little one too.

Anyway, I’m not certain if I remember my passwords so I probably will be gone for a bit more.  I’m not even for sure how long I’ll be gone!  But!  Love to all & have a wonderful week!

I was going through my email & came across this spiritual thought from one of my church leaders.  This totally fits the situation & my reaction to it so I thought I’d share it.

“If you feel you have been wronged—by anyone . . . or by anything—deal with the matter directly and with all the strength you have. . . . And, without delay, turn to the Lord. Exercise all of the faith you have in Him. Let Him share your burden.”

Donald L. Hallstrom, “Turn to the Lord,” Ensign, May 2010, 80

and now back to the post.  I’m off to take his advice!

…still kinda upset.  Last week while my friends were here, I invited my neighbor’s daughter & her friend to come swimming w/ us.  My neighbor vouched that her daughter’s friend could “swim really well under water”.  For some reason I felt concerned about this friend of a friend & kept asking my neighbor about the girl.  My neighbor finally told me to give her some kind of test if I was so worried (she actually put it like that).

I didn’t think any more about it since I was getting into the pool for a few minutes (it’s been 100F or close to lately).  I was just getting back out of the pool when the two girls arrived.  I sat on the deck w/ my friend (visitor from back east) & visited while watching the kids.  I needed to go get dinner started & since my friend was sitting there & I had the reassurance that every one could swim I started in the house.  All of a sudden, an overwhelming desire to ensure that this young girl could swim came over me.  I turned to the girl, who was about mid point along the wall @ the narrowest point but in the deep water (pool depth @ deepest is 9 feet) & told the girl to swim across.  She looked up @ me & gave me a look that I couldn’t decipher, took a deep breath & went under.  I assumed that she was pushing off under the water but no, she was drowning.  I dropped my towel, kicked off my flip flops & went in.  (All seriousness aside, it was a text book life guard entry.  My old instructors would have been so proud!)  I swam over to her & then down.  I pushed her up & then towed her to the side where my friend waited to help.  There is a big ledge on both sides of my pool @ this point & we had her sitting there before she even realized that she was okay.  And she was okay.  She hadn’t swallowed any water & while she was scared she wasn’t too upset.

Let’s step back for a moment & let me tell you how freaking mad I was.  Both of these girls knew the one girl couldn’t swim but they had wanted to get into my pool so badly that they lied.  I scolded the one girl but wish I’d scolded my neighbor’s daughter as well.  I ended up letting the girls stay however I wouldn’t let them out of the shallow end & when my neighbor came over I told her what had happened.  She too, turned & scolded the girl.  Lately though, all I can think of is that my neighbor’s daughter knew her friend couldn’t swim (she was totally unconcerned about her friend when this happened & yes, I understand that as a 10 yr old child her brain is irresponsible & immature but it still really upsets me) & that her mom hasn’t said anything to her about it.  (I feel this way because of things that have happened when we’ve been together.)  This is the same neighbor w/ the wild child dog, who has since been fixed & is no longer as wild (the dog), & she always seems to have the attitude of “oh, well”.  sigh… I’m working through my anger.

Okay, the moral of the story is, never turn your back on anyone in your pool & don’t let unknown friends swim.  And maybe even known friends.  I haven’t finished deciding yet although I’m sure I’ll invite my neighbors back just no friend of friends!

Yep, had a skunk in my backyard this am.  Still not certain how he got there but he not only nailed the house, he nailed the dog & the gate.  The smell is so thick you can pretty much taste it.  (I’m sitting here feeling more & more nauseous by the moment!)

You would’ve been laughing your head off to see me in my nightie running for the gate & swinging it open, then running for the house!  Apparently the little critter took off after for me a minute & I really started running (not a pretty site! lol).  That didn’t completely work so Hubby & the Prince resorted to a bb gun*.  That of course made him spray some more but he eventually left.

It’s 6:30 am darn it & I want to go back to bed but my HOUSE REEKS!  UGH!!!!!!

* no skunks were harmed during the making of this blog although I’d like to hurt it now that my house & dog stink so bad!

My parents arrived last week.  They got here a day early & surprised us.  I don’t mean to be MIA but I’m enjoying my parents & well, I’ll probably be missing a little bit longer.

I’ve finished my eng 101 class & looks like I did get an “A”.  Panicked for a minute cause there was a computer glitch that made 7, then 5 & finally 4 of my grades revert to an “F”.  Freaked me out but my instructor corrected it & was pretty nice telling me that he had enjoyed having me in his class.  I wondered about that one since we really didn’t have much interaction but okay.  Just glad that I got my grades straightened out!  lol

Anyway I just thought I’d post something so that well, no one completely gives up on me!  Happy Monday!!!

Finally got insurance to authorize (& people think that a national health care system is going to be so great – I live it since Hubby’s military, well, retired & sometimes it’s not so fun although the premiums are low so I guess I shouldn’t complain but oh, well) the Prince to see a peds ortho dude.  This is after having been on the phone w/ them 3 (three) times today & two of those calls were over 45 min.  The last one wasn’t too bad, it was just a supervisor calling me back to see who I’d gotten the appt w/.  We weren’t able to go w/ Dr Piedrahita cause he didn’t have any openings until Mon.  So we went w/ the other peds dude but he had a cancellation & we can see him tomorrow.  Yippeee!!

Anyway, I’m whining but I have run down to the school @ least twice every day for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I really like the staff but I’m getting a bit tired of all this & so are they!  All I want to do is go back to bed & throw the covers over my head.  Can I do this?  Is it allowed?  I’m even considering letting bad dog lady pick up the kids because I am so stinking tired!!!  And on that whine I need to go take the prince his ibuprofen.   Joy……

Well, my computer was highjacked for about a week.  It was awful.  I could go to certain sites but not all & I could comment on some sites but not all.  I also couldn’t even do anything on my own site except visit it.  Couldn’t post & couldn’t even see some of the comments.  Hubby’s still not certain what happened but he reloaded it & now I can type again.  I never knew freedom could be so sweet!

I learned something yesterday.  One of the kids that is coming to stay w/ us was diagnosed w/ ADD.  Said child is not on meds but rather is drinking a cup of coffee every morning.   Since coffee is a stimulant it helps & is apparently just enough to get the child through the day.  I don’t drink coffee & Hubby only drinks decaf so I’ll be stocking up on coke or pepsi.  Bet the pharmacist who originally came up w/ the formula had no idea that his stuff would be used in such a healthy way!

The kids are coming!  The kids are coming!  I’m more than a little worried right now.  I know we’ll survive but there really is a reason why we only have two.  We can do it!  We can do it!

Two of the kids are siblings & apparently they get up @ 6am.  In my book you only get up as early as you have to.  In other words we get up around 6:45 – 7am.  NOT sooner.  Wonder if I can give the child an alarm clock & have them get up on their own?  I know, bad idea.

I have a draft due on Friday on causes & effects.  I’m seriously considering writing one on growing up to be a teenager & what it’s like living w/ one.  I’ll only do it if I can make it somewhat funny.  I’m percolating ideas on this so I’ll have to see.

Sometimes I think I would do better tweeting than writing a blog.  Oh & since my Spanish is limited to “Hola” & “si” & “hasto de Cristo, Amen”, please cross your fingers that this Mexican exchange student speaks @ least a smidgen of English!  Wait!  I can also say “no comprende Espanol; comprende English”?  I can say something along those lines in about 5 languages (it helped us get through Europe when we lived in Germany) but oddly enough I don’t think those phrases will be of too much help this time.  Oh, man, I wish I’d taken Spanish in school!

It’s official.  Hubby starts his second masters (again) in a couple of weeks.  I start my second class next week too.  Now we’re all in school.  The kids are absolutely loving this especially the Prince.  He thinks it’s hysterical.  And on that note – Guten Nacht.


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