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Once again it’s time for my update.  Cue local authorities; missing blogger has been found!  Just kidding.  Had a lot going on the past couple of weeks.

I start school on Monday.  Me & my jammies that is.  Yep, I made the big leap & signed up for online education.  Me, my dt coke, water bottle, jammies & computer.  Talk about a long commute.  Why from my bedroom to the computer is one dinning area, kitchen & great room.  Think I’ll get stuck in traffic?  Of course I’ll have to make sure that the dog is outside so that there will be no jams anywhere.  ha,ha

The Prince actually brought home a report card w/ a D+, a C, 5 B’s & an A.  Talk about wow!  Only one D!!!!  Of course the fact that he has mostly B’s would suggest that he can definitely do the work.  I am really NOT enjoying the teen years & we haven’t even entered them yet.  At least his science fair project is done & just needs to be put on the presentation boards.  Yeah!  He still has two whole weeks before it needs to be turned in.  I’m so excited.

The Princess has her usual O+’s.  Her teacher keeps apologizing for the S’s but since they were a group deal everyone has to have the same grade.  Cracks me up!

And speaking of the Princess.  In our faith we baptize children @ the age of eight.  It’s a big deal & while it’s a few months away I’ve looking for dresses to fit the occasion.  This would be something that she can wear every week too.  The big problem is that her skin can be so sensitive to fabrics.  They have to be super soft or she gets all itchy & has welts.  So… I found this dress that I loved, my mom loved & one of my sisters thought was darling too.  Click here to see it.  They have a copyright on their photos so I can’t show it but I love this dress.  It looks so age appropriate (no veil or crown though) & just adorable.  Yep.  The Diva did NOT like it.  I mean she wasn’t going to get it as I don’t see the sense of paying that much money for a little girl’s dress but still.  My sister called it though.  She wondered if the Diva would love it as much as I did just because I loved it so much.  We did end up getting a dress from this site but the Diva choose an entirely different type of dress.  I like it but I was a little surprised by it.  Guess I shouldn’t have been.  Click here. It is purple (the pink was sold out in her size) & it does have some bling to it!  Girl’s gotta have her bling.

So now we come to the TMI portion of this blog.  It really is tmi & it deals w/ that dreadful Auntie Flo coming to visit.  So no hard feelings if you don’t read this next part.  I just had to get it out there cause I was pretty upset by the whole thing.  I’m not willing to let the dr I was seeing for 7 months do my hysterectomy for a few reasons one of which might or might not be because she tested me for std’s when she did my pap w/o telling me.  I’ve never had a dr not ask me if I wanted that done.  She’s done a few other things that made me feel a little violated so… Not going to her anymore.  Anyway, here’s the tmi part.

No hysterectomy yet.  Went to a new dr last week & she said no.  You’re too fat & because you’ve had c-sections I (her) would have to do an open surgery.  What if you died on the table?  I would feel awful & not be able to work. She really did say that.  She was talking really fast so I didn’t get to say WHAT???!!!  Or ask her what about me?  Doesn’t using 2 18 count boxes of super plus tampons in 24 hrs mean that something is wrong?  Oh & she wanted me to get a iud but I’ve had one before & wasn’t very happy w/ it cause I started to flow harder, longer & had bad cramps.  Yes, I guess it’s the er for d & cs for me.  Of course I have started to work out w/ my wii fit but still.  Guess she’s the one who counts in this situation.  (yes, I’m looking for a new ob/gyn.)  And, yes there was a little bit more to this conversation but not much.  It was bad all the way around.

So.  That’s that.  I hope that you’ll forgive me for being a little bit mia as I struggle to readjust to the rigors of college life.  With my one class.  At least until March when my psych class starts.  Yeah, english & psych!  Go … say, what is my new college’s mascot?  Guess I have a little more studying to do.


I mentioned on my old blog the problems that I’ve been having w/ menopause.  It truly is a frustrating thing for me.  One of the things that my dr did initially was run all kinds of blood tests to see how my body was functioning.  I found out things that really surprised me including the fact that my calcium was low & that I needed to incorporate more vitamin D into my life.  Now I go out into the sun for a little bit each day plus I’ve upped our dairy intake drastically to include milk @ every meal & some other type of dairy a couple of times a day.  One of the things that I was kinda interested in was if I had a thyroid problem.

Oh the thyroid.  Did you know that the range for a thyroid that is not functioning correctly is really wide & that drs are finding that even if your thyroid level is within the bounds of “normal” you can still have a problem?  Yeah, me neither.  Except I’m loosing my hair.  That is a really big thing.  It’s also a common symptom in thyroidism as are panic attacks, severe menstrual changes, skin problems, irritability, depression & many other things.  The really frightening thing is that in reading the list I have many of the symptoms & yet my dr dismissed them.  Hello?  My thyroid level puts me into hyperthyroidism & yet I have more symptoms of a sluggish thyroid.  As a matter of fact I have almost all of the symptoms.  Plus?  My mom & one of my sibs also have thyroid problems not to mention the fact that my daughter has a better than 80% chance that she will develop hyperthyroidism @ some point in her life.  I’ll go into those reasons another time.

Now, knowing that I’m not a dr or involved in the medical community anymore (haven’t been an emt for almost 20 yrs now) I do realize that there can be too much info online.  I know that I can look up other diseases & find that I’m similarly @ risk.  But ya know what?  It really pisses me off that my dr just totally dismissed my concerns!  Um, I realize that there were other things going on @ the time but really?  It can in large part be explained by thyroid problems.  It would really explain a lot.  Such as why anti depressants don’t work on me, well other than the fact that I have a weird body that has a reaction to every narcotic to the point where drs just don’t even want to bother going that route.  (surgery is more than a little bit tricky for me) I’m also allergic, as in severe rash & itching from the moment it touches my lips, to ibuprophine.

I’m going back into my dr to talk to her about this but I’m also in the process of making an appointment w/ an endocrinologist to have someone trained in this part of the body’s function, to actually evaluate me.  I think it’s a good thing that I’m not able to see my dr for a week as I’m still really upset.  It will be interesting to see what the endocrinologist says though.  I hope that I can get in soon & honestly?  I’m really hoping that my thyroid is part of my problem.  It would really make me feel better to have an actual diagnosis that is treatable.


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