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…but time sure flies when you’re having fun! We’ve been smack dab in the middle of our first football season & having a blast with it! The hs my son attends does not have soccer so he opted to try football & wow! I’m so glad though that we waited to let him play until he was older & bigger. He’s almost 6’1 & weighs 180lb. He’s able to handle the hits (of course he plays on the line!) then he would have as a younger player. Plus I’m not as terrified for him as I would have been.

We’ve also been smack dab in the middle of soccer, band (trumpet) & horseback riding w/ my daughter. She’s not as much into sports but we’ve found a new horseback riding school & we’re all much happier w/ them than the last one. Another plus is that she’s able to do this w/ two of her friends which makes it ever so much more fun. And she’s taken up the trumpet (which she hates when it comes time to practice even though she only practices for 7 min 5 x a week!) since mom told her she needed to take band for 2 yrs.

Take that & the fact that I’m trying to build up a 1 yr food supply by couponing (got the deodorant for the 4 of us for the next year taken care of!) as well as by canning (it is fun!) & well, we’ve been busy.

Let’s see. What else. Hmmm, for Halloween I’m making a couple of kitty litter box cakes (find recipe here – http://musingsinfood.blogspot.com/2008/10/kitty-litter-box-cake.html) for school & hubby’s work as well as one for a Halloween party. We’re also doing a version of these Halloween cupcakes I found @ a Taste of Home – http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Tombstone-Cupcakes?cpi=1&sort= We did switch it up by using a different cookie (the milanos were very big & hard to get into the cupcake w/o making them fall apart) & changed the icing color to a darker green. We also bought some bone shaped candies from Tar-jhay & used those instead of the pumpkins. They turned out so cute that we’re making them for my son’s seminary class as well as my daughter’s school class! I’ll post photos when I re-make them.

So? What have You been up to?


… science fair projects going into the gym.  The sense of accomplishment is satisfying.  Knowing that the prince actually got his in on time is, well, priceless.  One year, in the not too distant past, the prince decided to blow it off.  That’s okay, his teacher & I showed him!  We made him do it anyway even knowing that it was late (he turned it in on the last day – for those of you who maybe haven’t done this annoying little project w/ kids yet, ours lasts for a full week) anyway, back to the story.  So his teacher & I colluded & made him do it anyway.  The kicker was that he was told he wouldn’t get anything above half of the grade he would have earned if he’d brought it in on time.  Yeah, his teacher caved.  She gave him a C.  I think he deserved to flunk.  I’m a mean mom.

For the last 3 years though those projects have been in on time.  This years almost didn’t make it.  Last week he started to do his project (which works best to kill a grease fire – totally not an 8th grade project but his teacher this year is not the greatest) so he discovered that a) we don’t have anything to actually ensure the hotness of grease/oil  & b) he needed to start over.  This time he came up w/ which laundry detergent (tide, cheer, gain, all, 7th generation & greenworks) would work the best on ground dirt, coffee, red kool-aid & ketchup.  Surprisingly ketchup wasn’t the hardest to get out.  The dirt was.  Oh & Tide won but Gain was a close second.  None of them completely got rid of all the stains but these were the most faded.  The worst of the lost was 7th generation.  All of the stains were still highly visible.  The greenworks one wasn’t too bad.  Probably w/ some stain fighters you’d get the stains out.

It was really interesting seeing how many ingredients all of them had.  Oddly enough, the tide, cheer & gain had the exact same ingredients & yet the cheer didn’t do so well.

Well, now that I’ve explained my son’s science fair project I’m off to do laundry.  Cause I know now that my tide will kick the other product’s butt!

… off the blogging wagon.  As in I haven’t been doing any lately.  But you try making cupcakes for the whole 8th grade (all 66 of them), one 3rd grade class plus the staff @ your kids k-8th grade school  & see how much time you have.  I actually called in reinforcements today just so that I could finish making the spider cupcakes today & not sometime tomorrow.  Luckily my wonderful friends came & pitched in (two are grandmas & one has the four-legged type of children so it’s not like they were doing Halloween anyway.  Remember, I live in the boondocks so no trick or treating out here).

I decided to not do the kitty litterbox cake for the Prince’s class this year although apparently several of the boys (it would be the boys wouldn’t it?!) have already requested one.  Instead I (yep, can’t even blame it on the kids) decided that I would make (sooo not the hard part) & decorate 250 cupcakes as spiders.  Have I ever mentioned before that I have wonderful ideas just not the right temperament to always implement my wonderfully, awesome ideas?  Yeah, just not me.  Although the Princess did mention just as we were starting the 200th cupcake that she loved last year’s Halloween class treat a lot.  Now you tell me?  Small washed apples plus sections of fruit roll ups that were cut into eyes & mouths appropriate to decorate apples as pumpkins & you tell me now that you liked that a lot?!  Sheesh, I could’a gotten away easy (& somewhat healthy) but, no, you let dear old mom slave away like a machine!

Sigh. See what I mean?  Yeah, I really need to work out the small details first.


exhausted but victorious cupcake decorator

… and that means only three more days until my darling children are back in school!  Can you see my feet doing the little happy dance?  I love my children & the week (yep, the WHOLE week) has gone by pretty fast but now we’re @ the point where our plans for the day fell through & now all I’m hearing is “are we going to town yet?” & “can we eat lunch w/ dad?” & “but I don’t want to do that”!  Yeah & it’s only 9:27am.  Good times.

I shouldn’t complain though.  We’ve had fun.  The Prince spent the day & night w/ several of his buddies, worked on parts of a few merit badges & finished the project that is due Monday.

The Princess has spent a few days w/ different friends including going w/ me & a friend up to the apple orchards (where the apples we wanted weren’t quite ready for picking) & running through a corn maze.  We also picked up pumpkins & she had a different friend spend the night.

Let’s see what else.  Oh, yeah.  Soccer.  I’ve loved both kids being in soccer (we still have another month plus the Prince will have one more month for a tournament) except for dinners.  On Tues & Thurs we don’t get home until 7:30-8pm so dinner is sandwiches which while it’s easier on the whole cleanup aspect isn’t as satisfying over & over.

And this weekend.  Hmmm, Hubby informed me last night that he has to work for 5 or 6 hrs on Sunday.  I love how none of them are willing to give up their Sat but Sunday?  In an instant!  And he’s going to DC soon.  As in leaving me alone w/ the kids soon.  Actually upon further reflection the only thing different about him being gone is that I’ll be taking the Prince to Scouts.  That’s it.  Guess it won’t be too bad after all!

… suffering for your sport!  The Prince was playing tag football @ school & fell in the grass.  Now I use the term “grass” quite loosely here as we really don’t have grass unless you (or someone before you) has spent quite a bit of money, time, effort & well, determination into having what most people would term grass.  I could go on like this for quite a while but they say that a picture is worth a thousand dollars so… here’s what our “grass” did to the Prince.

These were actually kinda deep too.  I had to reopen the wounds to get the dirt out since the school nurse wasn’t there that day & the Prince (of course) didn’t go wash them out himself.

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My parents arrived last week.  They got here a day early & surprised us.  I don’t mean to be MIA but I’m enjoying my parents & well, I’ll probably be missing a little bit longer.

I’ve finished my eng 101 class & looks like I did get an “A”.  Panicked for a minute cause there was a computer glitch that made 7, then 5 & finally 4 of my grades revert to an “F”.  Freaked me out but my instructor corrected it & was pretty nice telling me that he had enjoyed having me in his class.  I wondered about that one since we really didn’t have much interaction but okay.  Just glad that I got my grades straightened out!  lol

Anyway I just thought I’d post something so that well, no one completely gives up on me!  Happy Monday!!!

Wahoo!  It’s spring break time which means sleeping in late, kids visiting friends, playing outside…. Wait.  That’s just my fantasy of spring break.  sigh… Oh, well.  I brought the reality of it on myself.  What is the reality, Susan?  Well, I saw an add in the local gossip sheet paper that was for a spring break (1 week) horse riding camp.  The only bad thing is that it starts @ 8 in the morning.  Meaning the kids & I still have to get up @ the same time as if they were going to school.  I knew it was too good to be true.  Actually the kids are having a blast (they started on Monday & go through Friday) other than the Princess getting cramps from gripping her horse so tight.

Today, since I was watching the neighbor’s daughter who is also in the camp, I thought a little swimming expidition to the local watering hole pool would be in order.  Guess what?  The Princess was so tired that we had to leave early (we got there @ 2pm & left a little after 5pm) & when we got home she fell asleep on my bed waiting for me to get the shower hot.  Mission accomplished in that I have successfully worn my daughter out!  On the upside, her legs weren’t bothering her when she woke up @ 7:30pm.  Of course her little nap meant that she stayed up until 10pm but hey, what’s a little sleep for a kid, eh?

We really had a fun time though.  The Prince brought one of his friends so that he had somebody to pal around w/ & since I was watching the neighbor girl, the Princess had someone too.  Oh & have you ever noticed that people’s attitudes (mine) can be so vastly different in the water?  While we were swimming we kept running into (literally!) this big, kinda frightening looking dude.  He almost had a menacing look about him if you know what I mean. And further more if I met him in a dark alley I would be more than a little bit afraid.  That’s what he looked like.  But know what?  He was the nicest man.  He was laughing & having fun w/ his kids.  We’d bump into him & he’d just laugh & apologize to us!  Dude had some pretty serious tats that looked like things you see in prison movies.  The old saying about not judging a book by it’s cover kept popping into my mind.

Towards the end of our visit some girls came in & man, were they checking out my son!  I kept wanting to go over & tell them that he was only 12.  Yeah, yeah, I know he turns 13 next month but this mama was having some serious mama bear issues!  I’ve already told Hubby that when it’s actually time for the kids to seriously date (late 20’s will work – *grin*) that he might want to remind me that I do want grandkids someday, but not until then.


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