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… long since I posted anything about the prince.

We (& I use the term loosely) were putting in drain pipes to pull the water away from the house.  The good news is that the Prince can use this as part of his home maintenance merit badge for scouts.  Sweet.

No, his “shadow” isn’t that fully developed yet.  He’d wiped his face w/ his dirty glove.  He does need to shave every 3 – 7 days although I can only get him to do it once a week.


… did it!  The princess said he told three of the girls & one of them came & told her.  After that, he really had no choice but to come over & he did.  He admitted it was him & she thanked him.  She seemed really matter of fact about it.  Actually she almost seemed disappointed.  I asked her if she was & she smiled & told me no but…

I’m pretty impressed that he did finally tell her.  It must have been very frightening!  Ya know?

In other news.  My husband & the Prince (okay, mostly Hubby) were very frustrated w/ his old scout troop so they found another one & the Prince transferred his membership over.  The first thing he said after coming in the door from his first meeting was “Mom, they actually listened to the leaders & came & took part in the meeting.  They were respectful & I had a great time!”  This was maybe 3 wks ago.  Now he’s getting ready for his first camp out only they aren’t camping.  No, instead they are driving 7 hrs to go skiing/snowboarding & earn their snow sports merit badge.  Hot diggity!  A troop that actually tries to earn badges!  They’ll be gone all Sat, Sun & come back on Mon.  How awesome is that?  Plus, we finally found a reptile merit badge counselor so he’s got that one & his old scout leader told him that he’s found all of the records (finally) & the Prince has earned his camping merit badge which is an Eagle requirement.  Yeah, he’s really cooking now.

Since the Prince is getting to go do some fun things this weekend we thought we’d take the Princess to see a movie.  Probably Gnomeo & Juliet but I’ll let you know.  I get to be gone ALL day on Sat.  Yipee!  Plus we’re going to eat out which means no cooking.  Yep, I’m going to have a great day tomorrow.  Hope you do too.

… science fair projects going into the gym.  The sense of accomplishment is satisfying.  Knowing that the prince actually got his in on time is, well, priceless.  One year, in the not too distant past, the prince decided to blow it off.  That’s okay, his teacher & I showed him!  We made him do it anyway even knowing that it was late (he turned it in on the last day – for those of you who maybe haven’t done this annoying little project w/ kids yet, ours lasts for a full week) anyway, back to the story.  So his teacher & I colluded & made him do it anyway.  The kicker was that he was told he wouldn’t get anything above half of the grade he would have earned if he’d brought it in on time.  Yeah, his teacher caved.  She gave him a C.  I think he deserved to flunk.  I’m a mean mom.

For the last 3 years though those projects have been in on time.  This years almost didn’t make it.  Last week he started to do his project (which works best to kill a grease fire – totally not an 8th grade project but his teacher this year is not the greatest) so he discovered that a) we don’t have anything to actually ensure the hotness of grease/oil  & b) he needed to start over.  This time he came up w/ which laundry detergent (tide, cheer, gain, all, 7th generation & greenworks) would work the best on ground dirt, coffee, red kool-aid & ketchup.  Surprisingly ketchup wasn’t the hardest to get out.  The dirt was.  Oh & Tide won but Gain was a close second.  None of them completely got rid of all the stains but these were the most faded.  The worst of the lost was 7th generation.  All of the stains were still highly visible.  The greenworks one wasn’t too bad.  Probably w/ some stain fighters you’d get the stains out.

It was really interesting seeing how many ingredients all of them had.  Oddly enough, the tide, cheer & gain had the exact same ingredients & yet the cheer didn’t do so well.

Well, now that I’ve explained my son’s science fair project I’m off to do laundry.  Cause I know now that my tide will kick the other product’s butt!

…kickoff to the Christmas season the kids decorated wreaths for their bedroom doors.  It was fun, simple & well, fun.  Even the Prince did it & seemed to be happy doing it.

Three guesses as to who did what.  The pink & purple door as a clue?  Well, I’ll let you think about it.

These really were sooo simple.  I bought the wreaths & doodads when they were on sale @ the not so local craft stores.  (I did have to travel about 1hr & 45min to reach these so called local stores!)  After we got the goodies home, I plugged in my old trusty glue gun, cut the doodads off the floral stems & let the kids arrange to their hearts content.  Then they carefully gave me their creations & I glued everything on.  Simple & somewhat inexpensive (everything was 40 to 50% off) & yet this is something my kids can hang up from year to year.  Plus I have enough leftovers from other projects of mine that if something falls off & gets lost we can replace it!

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah!

… regulation game.  Now we go into tournament play.  (oh & the Prince is the one in the green shirt since he’s the goalie.  His team is the gray/black team)

This game was lots of standing around for the Prince since he plays goalie & the game was more of a back & forth but not too much around the goal type of game.  It was such an exciting & vibrant game.  We lost but hey, there’s always tournament!

… the Prince’s first bb game was awesome!  He scored 4 times & assisted numerous times, especially w/ those rebounds!  Gotta love the big guys.  The final score was 35 – 27.  Go PINTOS!   & guess what we found last night when we stopped by Big 5?  Size 14 (FOURTEEN) men’s bb shoes.  They even told us that once they had a size 20 in the store & that they routinely carry larger bb shoes.  The funny thing about that is that we’ve looked for shoes there before & they told us that they didn’t carry anything larger than a 12 or 13.  Oh, well, @ least we found some bb shoes & on sale!

But that isn’t all we’ve done tonight.  The Princess had a makeup soccer game.  Usually our sidelines look like we’re all @ the beach because of the beach umbrellas.  Tonight it was all about the coats, gloves & hats!  Now guess the temp.  Would you believe it was 64 (it did get down to 62)?  I was freezing too!  Back to the game.  Her game was a tie (the other team had a really good goalie!) Right after that we left & took the Prince to a ym/yw activity.

I’m truly loving taking the kids & cheering them on in their various endeavors.  I’ve always said that I love the baby/toddler stage the best but this is awesome!  Now if I can only quit panicking about not getting uniforms washed on time!

…Columbus Day!  (or happy whatever day to whom ever discovered America)  Also, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends.

I thought I’d throw this one out again since this is what the Prince has been doing a bit of lately.  He’s much taller though & it shows when he drives.  We only let him drive around the property or drive back up from the mailbox occasionally.  He’s getting better about actually looking where he’s going (unlike last year when he’d look @ you standing in front of the vehicle while he was backing up.  Yeah, good times!) & he’s even gotten a little more confident about what he’s doing.  He recently earned his Boy Scout Automotive Maintenance merit badge & has taken over the task of changing the oil in our vehicles.  As part of the reward for doing it he gets $5 (I know, it’s not alot but hey, he’s still compensated!) & he gets to drive whichever vehicle it is out of the garage (dad or mom still put the vehicle up on the ramps!).

Here’s the deal.  The Prince has to have a B average in school in order to drive plus he must have earned his Eagle scout rank.  If he doesn’t then it’s good-bye to any hopes or dreams of driving.

And last but certainly not least, the Prince has been giving me more hugs & kisses lately.  AS a matter of fact, I was just outside & he came up behind me, put his arm around me & kissed me on the check.  Since we were outside where anyone might have seen it I’m doubly happy to have received it!

Happy Monday, y’all!


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