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…but time sure flies when you’re having fun! We’ve been smack dab in the middle of our first football season & having a blast with it! The hs my son attends does not have soccer so he opted to try football & wow! I’m so glad though that we waited to let him play until he was older & bigger. He’s almost 6’1 & weighs 180lb. He’s able to handle the hits (of course he plays on the line!) then he would have as a younger player. Plus I’m not as terrified for him as I would have been.

We’ve also been smack dab in the middle of soccer, band (trumpet) & horseback riding w/ my daughter. She’s not as much into sports but we’ve found a new horseback riding school & we’re all much happier w/ them than the last one. Another plus is that she’s able to do this w/ two of her friends which makes it ever so much more fun. And she’s taken up the trumpet (which she hates when it comes time to practice even though she only practices for 7 min 5 x a week!) since mom told her she needed to take band for 2 yrs.

Take that & the fact that I’m trying to build up a 1 yr food supply by couponing (got the deodorant for the 4 of us for the next year taken care of!) as well as by canning (it is fun!) & well, we’ve been busy.

Let’s see. What else. Hmmm, for Halloween I’m making a couple of kitty litter box cakes (find recipe here – http://musingsinfood.blogspot.com/2008/10/kitty-litter-box-cake.html) for school & hubby’s work as well as one for a Halloween party. We’re also doing a version of these Halloween cupcakes I found @ a Taste of Home – http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Tombstone-Cupcakes?cpi=1&sort= We did switch it up by using a different cookie (the milanos were very big & hard to get into the cupcake w/o making them fall apart) & changed the icing color to a darker green. We also bought some bone shaped candies from Tar-jhay & used those instead of the pumpkins. They turned out so cute that we’re making them for my son’s seminary class as well as my daughter’s school class! I’ll post photos when I re-make them.

So? What have You been up to?


… our Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Treats for the Princess’s class.  It was two apple slices, two green grapes & two cheese hearts.

Fruit & nut cups decorated for party in the Princess’s class.  (we did them together)

The Princess decorating the cake we made for daddy & the Prince.

The cake says “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  I seriously considered turning it in to Cake Wrecks.    It was very delicious though.

… off the blogging wagon.  As in I haven’t been doing any lately.  But you try making cupcakes for the whole 8th grade (all 66 of them), one 3rd grade class plus the staff @ your kids k-8th grade school  & see how much time you have.  I actually called in reinforcements today just so that I could finish making the spider cupcakes today & not sometime tomorrow.  Luckily my wonderful friends came & pitched in (two are grandmas & one has the four-legged type of children so it’s not like they were doing Halloween anyway.  Remember, I live in the boondocks so no trick or treating out here).

I decided to not do the kitty litterbox cake for the Prince’s class this year although apparently several of the boys (it would be the boys wouldn’t it?!) have already requested one.  Instead I (yep, can’t even blame it on the kids) decided that I would make (sooo not the hard part) & decorate 250 cupcakes as spiders.  Have I ever mentioned before that I have wonderful ideas just not the right temperament to always implement my wonderfully, awesome ideas?  Yeah, just not me.  Although the Princess did mention just as we were starting the 200th cupcake that she loved last year’s Halloween class treat a lot.  Now you tell me?  Small washed apples plus sections of fruit roll ups that were cut into eyes & mouths appropriate to decorate apples as pumpkins & you tell me now that you liked that a lot?!  Sheesh, I could’a gotten away easy (& somewhat healthy) but, no, you let dear old mom slave away like a machine!

Sigh. See what I mean?  Yeah, I really need to work out the small details first.


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