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Posted on: May 25, 2010

Dear local new meterologist,

I’m about ready to be done w/ you.  You promised that the wind would stop blowing on Sunday & now you’re telling me that it’s gonna start up again tomorrow.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…IT NEVER STOPPED!  (sorry for yelling like that – I tend to get a bit testy when I can’t sleep cause the wind is blowing so hard I’m concerned somethings going to come through the window)

Maybe we could try a little bit of actually looking @ my area before making your predictions?  Whadda ya think?   Hmmm?  Maybe just a little bit?


windy from the mountains

Okay, so now that I’ve got that out there I’ll update my shingles report.  I’m getting better!  Gotta love modern medicine.  & yes, I’m very grateful for those who’ve gone through this & helped to create the drugs that are helping me now.

Schools almost out!  We’re so excited to be free from having a wake up time that the kids & I are almost missing the bus every day.  Of course I fully expect this to change once school is officially out & the kids realize that getting up before mom means (they think – Ha!  I’ve got things planned for them & they don’t even know it!) they can watch a bit more boob tube.  I do need to find a 7th – 8th grade workbook for the Prince because he really was more focused when he started school last fall.  The Princess did so good going back to school that they tested her to see if she was gifted (we think so but alas, not as the school thinks).

I really am hoping that this summer will be awesome & fantastic & that nobody will want to scream & pull out the few remaining hairs on my head.  Having kids home all day in the summer is stressful & anyone out there who doesn’t think that, well, more power to ya.  My goal for this summer is to not be praying for school to start after a month.  We’ll see.

This is a pretty lame post but I’m really itchy & I need to get more done on my next homework assignment.  Yes, I’ve followed through & started eng 102 on Monday.  The teacher seems much more informed & actually seems to want to teach this class unlike the last one so I’m excited.  There’s even two recent hs grads & one girl who is going into her senior year next year as her class president.  So far after our intros, this class seems to be more on top of things than the last.  I’m going to really have to put on my thinking cap so that I don’t fall behind!

Anyway – ciao for now as I’ve got homework & motivation for my kids to attend to.  sigh…


Okay, so apparently in So Arizona poison ivy/oak or sumac are not a concern as they don’t grow here which means that I don’t have a rash caused by them.  So *drumroll* I actually have shingles!  Yep, I’m pretty surprised too.  It certainly explains why I’m in so much pain though & not as much itching as I would have thought if the rash had been caused by the other stuff.  I’ll survive but man, was I shocked.

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Well this is one experience I would/could do w/o.  Turns out I ran into some poison ivy/oak or sumac.  I must have had it on my hand & then my shorts got droopy, I pulled them up & voila!  Rash & blisters!  Yep, this is one experience I could totally have lived w/o having.  I’m still not certain where I got it from but after I showed it to my neighbor she explained what I had.  All I can say is thank heavens for experienced neighbors!  So… anybody got a fast acting remedy?

And thanks Kristina P, Gramee, & Jen.  I’m mighty proud of that “A” too!  And Linda?  I’m betting your grandkids are pretty glad that you live closer too.  My kid would so be all over that.

It’s a torn ac!  But it’s also quite possibly a torn cc as well!  What this means is that for the next 6 – 8 weeks there will be absolutely NO sports to include mt biking.  In fact, the only things he can do are soaking in the pool (not quite blue or warm enough) & walking.  That’s it on the exercise front since we don’t have a gym membership.  The other things are that he still needs to be in his sling, take Aleve twice a day (take less pills than ibuprofen), still use the ice as needed & that last one is that he should sleep in the recliner if it feels better.

And that is what we learned after driving up to the big city & meeting Dr Nielson @ the Tucson Ortho Institute.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love that place?  Not here?  Well, I do.  After the other peds ortho dude saved reset the Princess’s arm we will always go up there for our bone needs.  It’s a trust thing.

Well, I’m off to start researching my last paper for this class.  Hopefully I get a couple of week break before my next online classes start.  I still have to go in & register because they won’t let me do it online (register) until I’ve taken 12 credits online.  Oh, well.  Gotta go get that Aleve!

Finally got insurance to authorize (& people think that a national health care system is going to be so great – I live it since Hubby’s military, well, retired & sometimes it’s not so fun although the premiums are low so I guess I shouldn’t complain but oh, well) the Prince to see a peds ortho dude.  This is after having been on the phone w/ them 3 (three) times today & two of those calls were over 45 min.  The last one wasn’t too bad, it was just a supervisor calling me back to see who I’d gotten the appt w/.  We weren’t able to go w/ Dr Piedrahita cause he didn’t have any openings until Mon.  So we went w/ the other peds dude but he had a cancellation & we can see him tomorrow.  Yippeee!!

Anyway, I’m whining but I have run down to the school @ least twice every day for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I really like the staff but I’m getting a bit tired of all this & so are they!  All I want to do is go back to bed & throw the covers over my head.  Can I do this?  Is it allowed?  I’m even considering letting bad dog lady pick up the kids because I am so stinking tired!!!  And on that whine I need to go take the prince his ibuprofen.   Joy……

Update:  Turns out the princess only drank a few sips of water yesterday @ school.  That was her phrasing & not mine, btw.  I explained to her that when you are on Miralax, you have to drink LOTS of water.  She said “oh”.  This morning before she got on the bus I reiterated the whole drink @ least one full water bottle today (half day).  Betcha her tummy doesn’t ache today!

Good news on the dairy free front.  The princess loves her veggie cheese & says that it tastes “really good”.  Is it awful of me if I can’t force myself to try her cheese?  It just looks so nasty & processed.

On the really not so great front, her tummy hurt her twice today @ school & once tonight.  I’m sure it’s not the stuff I’m thinking but all I can think of are really bad things like irritable bowel syndrome or something worse.  Of course the sad thing is that it could just be stress.  I try to not yell @ my kids, but sometimes I do yell.  Is that what’s wrong?  See, now I’m going nuts.  Of course I found an old piece from CNN that was ever so helpful.  It’s from 1999! Anyway, the article describes RAP which basically means undiagnosed belly pain.  Says that lots of kids have it.  Great.  One more thing to worry about.

First of all.  I really like my neighbors & since there’s only three (we live in the boondocks & most people live out here so that they don’t have to see the neighbors – I only wish we’d known that before we moved here!) that I actually speak to on any kind of a regular basis it kinda behooves me to make the effort to get along w/ them.  That said I really, really, really dislike my one neighbor’s attitude towards her dogs.  Any time we (hubby, kids or I ) go over we get jumped on by one of her dogs.  I understand that he’s a young dog (under 2) but he’s also a big dog @ 98 lbs.  My whole thing w/ this is for her not to laugh & tell me what a young dog he is.  This dog has knocked over the princess & almost knocked over the rest of us.  Believe me when I say that we have severely cut down on visiting them but I pick up her daughter from school sometimes.  I really think this is the neighbor’s fault for just laughing over it even when I’ve explained that I don’t like this & that the princess was more than a little upset over being knocked over.  All of you dog lovers out there – HELP!  To me some of this is definitely the owner’s fault for not teaching the dog manners.  Am I wrong here?  What kills me is that she gets after the dog if he knocks over her little boy.  Do the rest of us not matter?  Ugh!  I need advice, people!!!  (please….)


ready for a change!

i have a big dog too.  he’s 88 lbs & is a really big baby.  he’s all over anybody who comes over (ie, likes to follow them around or bark @ anyone new) however we put him up in either the house or the back (we have a dog run but don’t use it that often because we feel that Rex needs the room to roam) so it’s not like we just don’t like dogs!

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