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… and other greetings!  I hope that everyone survived & even thrived this past holiday season.  My family had a great time although I got a stupid (I know, it’s a bad word but, it does apply!) head cold.  The most exciting thing happened though right before Christmas.

I WON!  I WON, I WON, I WON! And what, you might ask, did I win?  Well, I won this wonderful prize package from Series & TV which is a blog about tv shows!  Check out my loot… it came in a really cool draw string bag & included…

… this Finley, Chuck Finley t-shirt & burn notice baseball cap (although not my darling daughter!)…

… the burn notice season 3 dvd plus a burn notice book titled, The Giveaway.

Pretty darn cool, eh?  I was so excited!  I love burn notice & the blog, Series & TV.  Thanks, Guillermo, over @ Series & TV (& USA network for making this package available to series & tv for awarding!) for the prize.  I am truly in heaven!


… tapped out.  I have tons of ideas but then when I get near the computer or pen/paper the ideas completely dry up.  I’m still half in lust (yes, mom, I know that’s not a very nice thing to say but…) w/ Jeffrey Donovan

Still of Jeffrey Donovan in Burn  Notice

(photo from imbd web site)

from Burn Notice & yes, I still follow the show & him on twitter (which still makes me laugh that I do that!)  My family teases me pretty horribly @ times (especially Hubby) but since it’s all in good fun who cares, eh?

Not sure about this new tv season.  Tried to watch the pilot for Lone Star & wasn’t terribly surprised to hear that it was canceled after 2 episodes.  I am loving the new Hawaii 5-o.  Love, love, love it!  Also liking Nikita although I find myself making comparisons to the the Canadian version that was on about 10 yrs ago.  Things I like better than & now.  That kind of thing.  OH & Blue Bloods.  C’mon, it has TOM SELLECK

Still of Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods

(photo from the imbd web site)

in it!  Who doesn’t love Tom & his mustache?  I mean Magnum PI

"Magnum PI" Larry  Manetti,Tom Selleck

(photo from the imbd web site)

is back!  Not really but still, I really would love this show just because.

Well, guess I did find something to write about.  Coming soon though.  What Arizona “grass” does to your skin!

…I miss you.  There.  I said it.  I know that you prefer strong, killer women type but, I’m afraid that it’s over.  I’m sorry that you’re heart keeps getting ripped from your chest (well, & that you seem to be a target for every terrorist in the world) but I’m leaving.  Never mind that you left me first w/ your deal to be on the big screen.

I know I’ve mentioned this before (like in the first sentence) but, I will miss you.  I’ll miss not seeing you every January on my big/little tv.  Watching you fight your way through anything (including bombings, poisoning, bullets, fists & many things I’ve forgotten) has been the highlight of my winter.  Seeing you on the big screen for a few hours just won’t be enough although I’m sure I’ll find my way there on opening night.

Also, brace yourself.  I’ve found someone new.  Someone similar to you however, he’s not always getting so beat up.  He’s still lovable & while he’s not protecting the country anymore since he was Burned by someone who put things in his file saying that he was more like you, Jack!  But he’s not you.  He has a pretty cool car for one & while I’m not sure I could take on Fiona for him, he’s a little more stable than you.

Look, it’s me, not you.  It’s all about finding someone who can be there for me.  And you?  Well, you’re a wanted fugitive & he’s been Burned but he’s not wanted by the govt, @ least not right now.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m moving on, Jack.  I’ll miss you terribly but I know you’ll understand.  Especially since (as I’ve mentioned already) you’re leaving me first.  Not that it’s a tit for tat type of thing but…

I’ll really miss you.



ps – Darling? I’ve got some of your cases on dvd right now & I’ll see you shortly!

After watching that one episode of 16 & pregnant I find that I’m hooked.  I’ve tivo’d the show & even gone online to watch episodes from season 1.  I still hope that more teen moms will opt for adoption though.  How can I not when a 15 yr old gave her baby to my sis & bil?  How can I not hope that other couples can become parents when all other hopes are exhausted?  How can I not want these teens, who in some cases, remind me of me @ that age & also remind me that I have a near teenager who looks so much older than he is?  How can I not be frightened for him & these children who are raising children?

I’m sure that it comes across that I don’t admire teen moms for the hardships & joys of raising their babies but I do admire them.  They have pretty much given up the fun that comes from being a teen.  Yes, they still get a break every now & then but so do I.  Also I don’t know what I would have done if this happened to me.  I like to think I could have given a baby up for adoption but @ the same time I have two children.  Which one of them would I have given to someone else to raise?  So I can’t judge someone for doing what in their heart they felt was best.  (yeah, I know it doesn’t seem that way from paragraph #1 but it’s true)

I could never abort a baby but that doesn’t mean that I could condemn someone who did.  Not my place.  And that’s all I’m saying about that topic!

To anyone reading this – this is how I feel & might not reflect how you feel.  I love to have other viewpoints so long as you realize that I’m not writing to anger or hurt anyone else.  I do approve some of the comments on my sight if you are new but that’s only because  I’m not into the hate!



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