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I’m almost done w/ this term.  The class hasn’t been too bad but some of the topics have been killers.  I might bore you w/ some of the details once it’s over but not yet.  I don’t want to ruin my luck yet since I mostly have an “A”.  The one exception was my paper that was based on a topic I could “stand up” about.  Yeah, that one got rave reviews from some members of my class, the other team member totally dissed it & the teaching instructor hated it.  In fact for every single one of my papers but that one I have exactly four comments per paper.  One is in the first paragraph & always tells me how I’ve written a good topic sentence.  The next two are in the body & point out some inane sentence that he/she (not certain who it is!) liked while the last comment is in the last paragraph & always compliments me on my conclusion.  The stand up for yourself one had a total of 9 comments & all ripped apart my paper.   The funniest thing is that one of the comments is all about how we were supposed to do something silly.  My only comment was “Um, wasn’t this paper about standing up for something you believe in”?  I know we weren’t supposed to offend anyone but when you stand up for something, even if you do it in the nicest possible terms (I really worked hard to try & make my paper as innocuous as possible but this was a pretty hard topic) you will always offend someone.  It’s just in the nature of the thing.  I still regret that someone had their feelings hurt but I also have to say that I wasn’t that thrilled w/ some of my teammates topics either.  Anyway, I won’t publish that essay although I might bore you w/another one that I thought was okay but only after the class is over!  I would hate to have someone go back & check & see that it had been published online somewhere.  Yep, good ole paranoia!

The Prince loved his birthday.  Of course it didn’t hurt that a) we let him stay home from school & b) that he got a bb gun but only w/ the proviso that Dad has to be around when he’s firing it & several other safety rules (such as firing it only behind our 6ft cinder block fence when the dog & his sister aren’t back there!)

Remember these pix form my old blog?  Well the pool isn’t as bad as these but it’s not much better either.  We seem to have a clog somewhere in the pipes which isn’t allowing the water to flow into the filters like it should.  Ugh, we spent most of the day working on it & it’s still a mess.  Most of the leaves are out but I’m afraid that our big filters really need to be changed which is going to cost some serious $$$.  One of these days I’ll remember that even though the cover is blue that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pool is!


Has anybody else heard of Matt Logelin?  He’s the blogger whose wife died right after giving birth to their adorable baby girl, Madeline.  It was incredible sad & yet Matt had to go on for this beautiful little girl that he & Liz, his wife, had wanted.  After raising Maddy alone except for family, friends & bloggy land Matt has found love again.  To me this is one of the most amazingly beautiful stories.  He’s mourned Liz so hard & for so long.  All I can say is good for you, Matt!  No one should have to be alone.  I hope that Maddy, you & Brooke are very happy!!!

Then there is Patrice over @ Not a girl, not a woman who just found out that her little sister’s cancerous tumor is gone.  Anna still has to finish her chemo & radiation treatments but she’s won a major battle here.  This is a miracle for a teenager.  A girl still in high school.  Just writing this has me in tears of joy for the miracle that has been granted to this amazing young woman & her family.  If you get a chance give Patrice a high five for her sister.  I know she’d love that!

I’m wondering when you go to college online if you should actually be able to contact your instructor & get a response from him.  Seriously.  I think he has been gone for a couple of weeks because all of a sudden there was a flurry of graded material plus when I asked him a question via email I didn’t get a response.  So…. What do I do?  Oh & I did get an “A” on my first paper & I anticipate another one on this one.  The thing is that I just threw it together.  I didn’t actually sit down & outline it although I did do some research on two things for the paper.  Trust me when I say that it didn’t take long.  I think the paper took me all of 10 minutes to write & the reviews I’ve gotten so far from this online review & also my peers incline me to think it’s okay.  I should be grateful but I don’t feel like I’m learning anything in this class.  I know, quit whining.  It’s obnoxious & I should be happy that I’m getting good grades but….

It’s Sunday & I’ve turned in my latest assignment a day early.  I’m thinking this means I should really try to blog more this week & I’m going to try to hit Aloha Friday this time.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

(I’ve got to learn to proofread better!  Seriously!!)

The Princess literally bounced into the car the other day so excited about something that had happened.  I eagerly awaited her settling into her seat so that she would tell me what had her so excited.  She gets situated & then hands me a paper that she’s drawn on.  What do my wondering eyes see?  Why a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach of course!  They’d had a science class that day in the 7th grade classes & they had actually held & examined live giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches!  I seriously wanted to scream & drop the paper that she had drawn on the legs & antennae & a few other things on but no, I was a good momma & told her how amazing her sketch was.  If she wants to bring bugs in the house I am seriously drawing the line.  Absolutely NOT!

I know I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been excited about the arrangements for the Princess’s baptism (we baptize @ the age of 8), working on homework (still trying to come up w/ a compare/contrast paper although I think I’ll do it on Arizona & Maryland) & trying to find reasons why my almost teenager should be allowed out of the house ever.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am more of a baby person & that I need to do more to show my son my love for him.  Trust me when I say that Prince Valiant/Sullen is aptly named on this blog.  Having a son is so different & having a teen (he certainly knows he is even if his b-day is still a couple of months away) is well, a very interesting experience.  I think I’ve mentioned that I have 5 sisters & even though my dad was there he was certainly not a brother.  This son thing is very different.

Oh & I’ve done some work around the house.  As in changing the towel fixtures.  I want to change the bath rings (towels) in my bath to hooks but I haven’t found the right ones yet although the one I’ve put up is nice; it just needs to be bigger so that I can hang actual bath towels on it.  My next project is fixing the hole that appeared in the wall while I was trying to hammer in the little doohickeys for screws.  If I can ever download pix on my computer again I might even post it.

I have been busy & even though I’ve been mia on my blog I have tried to visit yours.  How sad is it that I didn’t even check my blog?!  I’ll try to do better just as soon as I get this next paper done.  Or @ least the rough draft done & turned in. *grin*

I planned on writing about the Princess’s new career path but then I logged into my student online account to see what my grade was for the last assignment (I’ve been carrying an “A” on the last 2 assignments) when I see that I have a “D” on the latest one.  Turns out that the instructor didn’t get two of my feedback responses.  I sent them out!  I went back & copied the area where it says they were sent & when & to whom.  I did forget to send one of them to the instructor when I sent it to my fellow student.  That should still get me a “B”.  Agh!!!!  Yes, I’m freaking out!

I did get my feedback from the online tutor (we have to submit our essays to them as well) & he didn’t find much of anything to critic.  Yahoo!  @ least something turned out well.

My 5 hour Jack Bauer buzz is slowly going away.  I really enjoyed that buzz.  Men everywhere looked ever so much better.  Don’t think I did but oh, well *shrug* can’t have everything!  *grin*


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