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… did it!  The princess said he told three of the girls & one of them came & told her.  After that, he really had no choice but to come over & he did.  He admitted it was him & she thanked him.  She seemed really matter of fact about it.  Actually she almost seemed disappointed.  I asked her if she was & she smiled & told me no but…

I’m pretty impressed that he did finally tell her.  It must have been very frightening!  Ya know?

In other news.  My husband & the Prince (okay, mostly Hubby) were very frustrated w/ his old scout troop so they found another one & the Prince transferred his membership over.  The first thing he said after coming in the door from his first meeting was “Mom, they actually listened to the leaders & came & took part in the meeting.  They were respectful & I had a great time!”  This was maybe 3 wks ago.  Now he’s getting ready for his first camp out only they aren’t camping.  No, instead they are driving 7 hrs to go skiing/snowboarding & earn their snow sports merit badge.  Hot diggity!  A troop that actually tries to earn badges!  They’ll be gone all Sat, Sun & come back on Mon.  How awesome is that?  Plus, we finally found a reptile merit badge counselor so he’s got that one & his old scout leader told him that he’s found all of the records (finally) & the Prince has earned his camping merit badge which is an Eagle requirement.  Yeah, he’s really cooking now.

Since the Prince is getting to go do some fun things this weekend we thought we’d take the Princess to see a movie.  Probably Gnomeo & Juliet but I’ll let you know.  I get to be gone ALL day on Sat.  Yipee!  Plus we’re going to eat out which means no cooking.  Yep, I’m going to have a great day tomorrow.  Hope you do too.


…I’m through!  Everything is bought except for things I might see & think that we really need so I’m probably going to avoid going anywhere for a while.

All of the packages are mailed out as of yesterday & the cards finished going out today.  Well, all except the ones to my mil & bils.  Does it count that I’m not counting them?  My thought is if Hubby can’t even be bothered to find out his own family’s addresses why should I be worried?  Yeah, I know, not very Christlike & especially @ this time of year.  Maybe I should rethink my “yippee & yahoo”?  Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.

I’ve been making cookies & I’ve found my very favorite one.  It’s a shortbread pecan cookie & it just melts on my tongue.  Too bad I’ll never make it again.  Sigh… it’s soooo good!

My kids are out of school as of Friday for the holidays.  We’ve already got some plans least of which include going to the desert museum & also assembling another ginger bread house.  Can’t stand the things but my kids & I are having a blast putting them together.  Of course it cracks me up that both of them can’t wait until Christmas to eat them!

On another note, I go up to see the hand surgeon on Tues.  I’m really hoping that there’s something he can do.  I am getting pretty good @ lefthanded mousing & one handed typing.  That’s a plus, right?

So back to my initial post.  Are you all ready for Santa to come down the chimney or in our case, in the back door?

… friends, family & lurkers.  In the interest of keeping it really real I just want to show you my turkey.  In nearly 20 yrs of cooking these bad boys I’ve only twice had them do this.

So, can you tell that ole Tom here split in half while I was taking him out of the tray?  Cracked me up.  And yes, he is naked (skinless) since I don’t like the skin & I cut him up for the freezer.

Back to Thanksgiving.  I’m so very thankful for my Husband

especially when he’s being a nut!

My son

who ended up having his Thanksgiving scout trip canceled & now gets to be w/ us all weekend.

My daughter

who was a beautiful Indian Princess w/ orange & black socks & slippers.

Our fun pets



And finally, Cricket, the bearded dragon

whom I truly DID NOT want but who has slowly been winning me over.

Also, I’m thankful for my parents, siblings & their spouses, 5 nieces, 6 nephews, my grandma, aunts, uncles & cousins, our friends & neighbors & of course, all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

…(Hubby & I) went to a funeral for a dear friend’s step dad.  We didn’t really know him but felt the need to support our friends.  The service was okay (both of us felt that the decedent should have actually been mentioned more in the service but hey, wasn’t our funeral) but that’s not actually what touched me so much.  After the service we went to the cemetery for the graveside services.

Let me cut in here to explain that this particular gentleman was 86 yrs old & was apparently very much loved by those who knew him well.  (always a plus in my book!)  Because he was 86 he’d served in the military.  As a matter of fact he served @ the end of World War II (yeah, he was one of those kids who joined up by lying about their age) which meant that he was awarded a military burial.

While Hubby was in the AF one of the highlights for me was going to the dining outs/ins, balls etc.  Cause believe me when I tell you that the military is nothing if not fancy & into ceremony.  It is amazing to be @ some of the ceremonies the military holds.  Hubby & I were once invited to a Chief’s dinning in (I think that’s what it was).  Talk  about being amazed about the reverence for our flag & our country.  Truly it’s not something I can explain except that when you see things in the movies about military protocol?  Trust me that it’s so much more than you can imagine.  The feelings in the room are strong & pure.  It’s … Wow!

Okay, so back to the graveside service.  Sitting there while the young men went through their ceremony for taking the flag off the casket & then holding it up so that all could see while Taps was played.  Then watching as they folded the flag.  The precision & honor afforded to some scraps of material that had been sewn together to form this beautiful flag.  The honor that they then showed to the widow as they presented the flag to her. So very moving & beautiful.  And yes, I did cry.

File:Flag of the United States.svg

(flag photo courtesy of wikipedia)

I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America & I thank all of the vets (especially Hubby & my friend’s dad) & others who have served our country honorably & lovingly.

…Columbus Day!  (or happy whatever day to whom ever discovered America)  Also, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends.

I thought I’d throw this one out again since this is what the Prince has been doing a bit of lately.  He’s much taller though & it shows when he drives.  We only let him drive around the property or drive back up from the mailbox occasionally.  He’s getting better about actually looking where he’s going (unlike last year when he’d look @ you standing in front of the vehicle while he was backing up.  Yeah, good times!) & he’s even gotten a little more confident about what he’s doing.  He recently earned his Boy Scout Automotive Maintenance merit badge & has taken over the task of changing the oil in our vehicles.  As part of the reward for doing it he gets $5 (I know, it’s not alot but hey, he’s still compensated!) & he gets to drive whichever vehicle it is out of the garage (dad or mom still put the vehicle up on the ramps!).

Here’s the deal.  The Prince has to have a B average in school in order to drive plus he must have earned his Eagle scout rank.  If he doesn’t then it’s good-bye to any hopes or dreams of driving.

And last but certainly not least, the Prince has been giving me more hugs & kisses lately.  AS a matter of fact, I was just outside & he came up behind me, put his arm around me & kissed me on the check.  Since we were outside where anyone might have seen it I’m doubly happy to have received it!

Happy Monday, y’all!

… the one who almost died after giving birth a little over a week ago?  Well I’m driving up as soon as I kick the inlaws out!  I’m so excited (& scared!) to drive up but what can I say?  I can’t take it anymore.  Funny thing.  Two years ago this past April I made a mad dash up because the same sister’s son was being born (via a teenage girl who gave him up for adoption) so I guess it makes sense that I’d run up to see this little one too.

Anyway, I’m not certain if I remember my passwords so I probably will be gone for a bit more.  I’m not even for sure how long I’ll be gone!  But!  Love to all & have a wonderful week!

… & Happy Belated Canada Day!  I know that both are a bit late but, I’ve been working like a dervish to make the bbq/pool party @ my house go off on time, w/o a hitch.   Guess what?  It did!  We ate, we swam & then we had the BEST. DESERT. EVER.  (click here to find the recipe)

(those little brown slug looking things not withstanding, this is an absolutely awesome desert!)

Hoping you all had/have a wonderful day celebrating the respective births of our countries!


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