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…I miss you.  There.  I said it.  I know that you prefer strong, killer women type but, I’m afraid that it’s over.  I’m sorry that you’re heart keeps getting ripped from your chest (well, & that you seem to be a target for every terrorist in the world) but I’m leaving.  Never mind that you left me first w/ your deal to be on the big screen.

I know I’ve mentioned this before (like in the first sentence) but, I will miss you.  I’ll miss not seeing you every January on my big/little tv.  Watching you fight your way through anything (including bombings, poisoning, bullets, fists & many things I’ve forgotten) has been the highlight of my winter.  Seeing you on the big screen for a few hours just won’t be enough although I’m sure I’ll find my way there on opening night.

Also, brace yourself.  I’ve found someone new.  Someone similar to you however, he’s not always getting so beat up.  He’s still lovable & while he’s not protecting the country anymore since he was Burned by someone who put things in his file saying that he was more like you, Jack!  But he’s not you.  He has a pretty cool car for one & while I’m not sure I could take on Fiona for him, he’s a little more stable than you.

Look, it’s me, not you.  It’s all about finding someone who can be there for me.  And you?  Well, you’re a wanted fugitive & he’s been Burned but he’s not wanted by the govt, @ least not right now.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m moving on, Jack.  I’ll miss you terribly but I know you’ll understand.  Especially since (as I’ve mentioned already) you’re leaving me first.  Not that it’s a tit for tat type of thing but…

I’ll really miss you.



ps – Darling? I’ve got some of your cases on dvd right now & I’ll see you shortly!


I planned on writing about the Princess’s new career path but then I logged into my student online account to see what my grade was for the last assignment (I’ve been carrying an “A” on the last 2 assignments) when I see that I have a “D” on the latest one.  Turns out that the instructor didn’t get two of my feedback responses.  I sent them out!  I went back & copied the area where it says they were sent & when & to whom.  I did forget to send one of them to the instructor when I sent it to my fellow student.  That should still get me a “B”.  Agh!!!!  Yes, I’m freaking out!

I did get my feedback from the online tutor (we have to submit our essays to them as well) & he didn’t find much of anything to critic.  Yahoo!  @ least something turned out well.

My 5 hour Jack Bauer buzz is slowly going away.  I really enjoyed that buzz.  Men everywhere looked ever so much better.  Don’t think I did but oh, well *shrug* can’t have everything!  *grin*


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