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… friends, family & lurkers.  In the interest of keeping it really real I just want to show you my turkey.  In nearly 20 yrs of cooking these bad boys I’ve only twice had them do this.

So, can you tell that ole Tom here split in half while I was taking him out of the tray?  Cracked me up.  And yes, he is naked (skinless) since I don’t like the skin & I cut him up for the freezer.

Back to Thanksgiving.  I’m so very thankful for my Husband

especially when he’s being a nut!

My son

who ended up having his Thanksgiving scout trip canceled & now gets to be w/ us all weekend.

My daughter

who was a beautiful Indian Princess w/ orange & black socks & slippers.

Our fun pets



And finally, Cricket, the bearded dragon

whom I truly DID NOT want but who has slowly been winning me over.

Also, I’m thankful for my parents, siblings & their spouses, 5 nieces, 6 nephews, my grandma, aunts, uncles & cousins, our friends & neighbors & of course, all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Well, I’ve had a few phone calls & a few comments on here about where am I.  Here?  I’ve been busy, busy, busy trying to get things done before the kids are out for Christmas break @ the end of the this week.  I’m still trying to get my Christmas cards out that I planned on having done by Thanksgiving.  Next year I’ll have them done early.  For sure!

We did survive Thanksgiving but @ the time it felt like just barely.  See, Hubby took the kids & went up to Idaho to visit some of his family while I stayed to help get Thanksgiving ready plus run some errands that I desperately felt needed to be done.  Well, that night that they left Hubby & the Prince both started to vomit but they totally downplayed the whole thing.  They made it sound like they’d just eaten something that disagreed w/ them.  Me, being the awesome super intuitive mom that I am, let them get away w/ it & just cautioned them to drink more water & eat healthier foods.  You know.  Like oatmeal.  Yeah, guess it settled like a rock in the pits of their tummies.

Anyhoo, they came back to my parent’s (did I mention before we left that my parent’s super wonderful neighbors let us stay in the basement of their home while they were down here in Az?  I think I did but back to the story) & on the Wed before Thanksgiving my daughter started throwing up.  This was my first clue that all was not well.  I need to add here that this stuff was nasty.  Very violent & just plain bad.  I know you don’t need the graphics but let’s just say that both ends of the body were involved.  shudder, ugh! So the Princess finally starts to feel better on Thanksgiving but still isn’t eating anything (man, was I feeling guilty for having the Prince & Hubby eat oatmeal!) but we’re trying to keep her away from everyone.  Doesn’t work.  One of the nephews starts feeling bad & ends up throwing up but he only did a couple of times & didn’t get the diarrhea.  Thank heavens.

I, of course, didn’t get anything until early in the am on the morning of the day we were supposed to leave & then I not only got the stomach crap but I also caught the cold another nephew had AND my auntie flo decided that she needed to come back around even though she’d left the day before.  (just thought I’d throw that in for any possible sympathy.  It really was THAT bad)  This of course, delayed our trip for another day which left the Hubby out of sorts.  Yeah, it was such a lovely trip.  On the plus side though I did get 3 huge (deli size) bricks of extra mild cheddar from Gosselins as well as some Taffy Town Taffy (not quite the experience I’d hoped for).  Oh & I got to see New Moon w/ my youngest sister.  Let’s not get into New Moon although I will say that I much preferred this director’s vision of the movie vs the previous director.  That is all.

BUT!  I did get to visit w/ my family including my sweet 92 yr old Grandma (@ least for a min.  I avoided her a bit so that we wouldn’t give her the creepy cruds) & my parents, sisters, bil’s & nieces & nephews except one niece who is now old enough to have a job & couldn’t get off for the holiday.  We even had a “new family member” in the form of someone from my bil’s work place who came over.  That was one of my favorite things about the holiday’s when Hubby was still in the military.  We would invite single airmen/women over to spend the day w/ us.

I have so much more rambling to cover but for right now I’ve got to go.  The laundry waits for no woman!  I will admit though that I’m almost done w/ Christmas shopping & I’m thrilled!

I’m slightly overwhelmingly frazzles today.  We live in less than 24 hrs for our vacation (we have someone who is house sitting so the dog & cat & house will be fine) & I’m doing most of it.  Hubby does NOT do this sort of stuff.  We’re not visiting his family so….

I still have to finish the laundry, vacuum, mop, dust, pack & clean the van.  All of this in almost 16 hrs.  Oh & I need to sleep sometime in there.  I’ve got the jalapeno poppers made (see recipe here) & I’ve found the cookbooks, photos & cards I need to take.  I also found a box full of old snow clothing that we won’t need but since some if it is 4 yrs old I’m taking it w/ us so that I can get rid of the things we won’t ever need again.  Does anyone need a size 4T pink snow suit?  Or the gloves to match?  Things like that are what I need to get rid of.   Oh & we also need to pack the van & clean it first.  Yeah, just a little bit left to do.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be thinking of y’all & wishing y’all a wonderful, peace filled Thanksgiving full of loving family/friends & good food.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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