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Phew!  I’m back.  Well, kinda.  We’re leaving the day school gets out to go up to I-dee-ho to visit Hubby’s family & get a bunch of crap things that Hubby’s mom insists we have.  Not certain why since the woman hasn’t even lived there for 3 years but we have to go pick it up & keep it @ our house.  Joy…

In other news, my parent’s left on Monday w/ their rolling house & we miss them terrible.  The Princess loved to go “visit” after school @ their house.  She’d come into the house, drop her stuff, get a snack & head straight on out to the trailer.  There she’d visit w/ them for a bit & then come back in to do whatever.  But those few minutes that she was there she was totally loving.  See she was the center of attention & Grandma & Grandpa listened & exclaimed (obviously I never do!) over her day.  It’s different coming from G & G than from mom I know.

I did get my “A”.  I’m so very happy.  Now I just wait until Sunday & then I start my next class.  Joy!  We bought a laptop cause Hubby & I are both in school & we’ll need to do homework on the road.  Did I mention how happy I am about this fact?

I’m sorry but I’m so tired.  I was bit by something on my back several times & now I’m tired all the time.  I need to go see the dr but for now I think I’ll go take a nap…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….


Update:  Turns out the princess only drank a few sips of water yesterday @ school.  That was her phrasing & not mine, btw.  I explained to her that when you are on Miralax, you have to drink LOTS of water.  She said “oh”.  This morning before she got on the bus I reiterated the whole drink @ least one full water bottle today (half day).  Betcha her tummy doesn’t ache today!

Good news on the dairy free front.  The princess loves her veggie cheese & says that it tastes “really good”.  Is it awful of me if I can’t force myself to try her cheese?  It just looks so nasty & processed.

On the really not so great front, her tummy hurt her twice today @ school & once tonight.  I’m sure it’s not the stuff I’m thinking but all I can think of are really bad things like irritable bowel syndrome or something worse.  Of course the sad thing is that it could just be stress.  I try to not yell @ my kids, but sometimes I do yell.  Is that what’s wrong?  See, now I’m going nuts.  Of course I found an old piece from CNN that was ever so helpful.  It’s from 1999! Anyway, the article describes RAP which basically means undiagnosed belly pain.  Says that lots of kids have it.  Great.  One more thing to worry about.

Well, the Princess might have a dairy allergy.  When she was born I had to go off all dairy products because her little tummy couldn’t handle it in my breast milk.  For 6 months that meant I drank soy w/ my cereal.  Well, 7 1/2 years later she has to go off dairy again.  I use dairy in almost everything.  I use cheese or milk in most recipes & we drink milk w/ every meal.  Hm….

I feel bad for my darling.  String cheese & yogurt are prime snacks @ my house probably once a day.  We’re doing this though because she’s been having “tummy troubles” to put it mildly.  @ least once a week but usually 4 or more times, she will complain of a tummy ache.  Miralax has become our friend & indeed the Princess now gets to take daily doses of the stuff.  The sad thing is that we have oatmeal for breakfast almost every day & that she eats apples of some sort (doesn’t unsweetened applesauce count?) daily as well.

Guess I’d better go put up the bag of twisted cheetos.  Oh & the milk chocolate.  Those are off the table for a bit too… (we do get to add dairy back gradually in a couple of weeks to see if that was the problem.  Wish us luck!)


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