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Yep, had a skunk in my backyard this am.  Still not certain how he got there but he not only nailed the house, he nailed the dog & the gate.  The smell is so thick you can pretty much taste it.  (I’m sitting here feeling more & more nauseous by the moment!)

You would’ve been laughing your head off to see me in my nightie running for the gate & swinging it open, then running for the house!  Apparently the little critter took off after for me a minute & I really started running (not a pretty site! lol).  That didn’t completely work so Hubby & the Prince resorted to a bb gun*.  That of course made him spray some more but he eventually left.

It’s 6:30 am darn it & I want to go back to bed but my HOUSE REEKS!  UGH!!!!!!

* no skunks were harmed during the making of this blog although I’d like to hurt it now that my house & dog stink so bad!


I was just sitting watching Kate + 8 when the Princess just came out & walked around the kitchen island.  I asked her what was wrong & she said “I don’t know”.  I followed her back to her room & told her to go to the bathroom.  She just laid down & closed her eyes.  Pretty sure she wasn’t awake.  About 10 min later she does it again only this time I cornered her & took her to the bathroom.  Yep, my daughter still can’t make it through the night!  Poor kid.  She couldn’t ever make it as a baby & I’m pretty sure that she’ll never make it all night as an adult.  Yeah, never thought I’d write about my kids bathroom habits but there you go.

Guess I should wait until I’m a little more coherent before I post anything, eh?

Dinner was a success for my neighbor & her family.  They are just such lovely people.  I might go on about living in the back of beyond but @ least the people who are around are just wonderful.  Gotta love that.

My parents found mold in their basement last week.  It really frightens me because my mom has asthma, my dad has had pneumonia, my little nephew is constantly sick & my sister is pregnant.  My bil is @ work quite a bit & he hasn’t really been affected by this but my sweet little nephew & my mom have been sick pretty much all winter & I wonder if the mold has anything to do w/ it.  For my nephew I would say yes since the mold was found in his room; everybody else?  I just don’t know.

A friend of mine from back east is talking about coming to visit for 5 days in the summer.  I’m so excited!  They used to live behind us but their house was on it’s side in relation to our house.  I’ve really missed her & am thrilled that they might be coming out.  Now I just have to get the pool in shape & keep it there.  Of course I need to get it blue again before my parents come down in May since they haven’t been swimming in our pool yet either!

My house is so quiet right now.  I love this time when everyone is asleep & I know where they are.  Even the dog is asleep.  Had to let him in as it is supposed to be about 27F tonight.  A little too cold even if the dog has a chow coat.  I don’t know why but I absolutely love this photo of him & use it quite a bit.  I’m not much of a dog person but how can you not think this photo is adorable?  To me this is a perfect shot of Rex since he’s still so much like a little kid; right in your face!

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Now usually that is said or mentioned in song but today I’m singing it from the top of my lungs!  HALLELUJAH!  Now, it’s not because I don’t love my children.  I actually love them very much.  Hard not to when you’ve worked every day of their lives to help them in some way.  They are my joy & delight.  They are also my life’s torment.  If you don’t have kids try to think back to your childhood w/ your siblings (if no siblings I do feel sorry for you – siblings are great for deflecting any kind of trouble headed your way – just ask my sibs!) & if you do have kids but they’re not @ this delightful stage yet, well, don’t worry.  You’ll be there sooner than you think!

So back to my Hallelujah!  It’s Monday.  It’s the first Monday of school in the new year.  Nuff said.

It’s Tuesday night & I should be in bed but I’m pretty keyed up.  Today Hubby was home & we did a little bit of the outside chores that have been piling up around here.  He used our overgrown weedwacker to mow the back while I raked & then he cleaned up.  I also worked on the pool a bit & then we packed up the pool cover for the winter.  I think I’ve convinced Hubby that we should just leave the cover off & try to keep it blue during the winter.  This means vacuming once a week but hey, if it keeps the pool blue & ready for use when it warms up more then I’m all for it.

The wind is howling so fierce right now.  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be in the 80’s for part of the day.  I have mentioned that I live in So Arizona, right?  I was watching the weather forcaster the other night & he mentioned that the heat was gone now & that it was just starting to get cool.  This was after the 90F + weather had broken to the upper 80’s.  Totally cracked me up!

My kids want winter coats.  As in coats that you wear for -10F.  Another thing that cracks me up.  I mean I know that you’ve acclimated, guys but coats that are rated for -10F?  Do you know something I don’t?  *shakes head & sighs* My son will wear blue jeans, a long sleeved winter shirt & a jacket in the summer.  He’ll also try to wear shorts & a t-shirt in the winter & now they both want coats rated for -10F.  Um, guys?  Just in case you forgot we moved to Arizona.  You know.  That state where having a swimming pool isn’t just a fun thing but it can actually be almost of a necessity?  (well only if you want to spend time outdoors in Phoenix.  Honestly, that place can get so stinking hot you almost can’t breathe!)

So anyway, just feel sorry for my poor kids who wear coats, hats & gloves to school because it’s 55F.  Because gosh darn it, that it is cold!

That lovely child who cuddled w/ me for a few hours last night?  She wasn’t so lovely @ 5:47 this morning when she decided that she’d slept enough!  And as if that wasn’t bad enough she had to get ME involved.  Hello?  Up w/ you for 2 1/2 stinkin hours last night! Seriously??!!!  5:47am??!!!

Now I remember one of the reasons why we stopped @ 2.  Thanks for the reminder, my nocturnal daughter.


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