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…is something I always forget about.  Not as in I never remember to do it but rather I forget some of the nuances about laundry following scout camp.

This year I had the Prince just unload his things straight into the washer (“but, mom, I didn’t even wear most of this stuff”  Me – “why is there only two pair of dirty underwear?”  I know, futile thought.  There were also only two dirty shirts, two dirty pair of socks & one pair of dirty pants & this was after a 5 1/2 day scout camp).  So, anywho, I’m pulling the lint vent thingy out to clean & stuff is flying everywhere.  By stuff, I’m referring to the little stones, twigs, candy wrappers, etc that is intermingled w/ the lint.  Oh, right.  I was supposed to have him shake out all of his clothing first.

The other thing of note is the extra clothing articles.  Um, who’s size 7 socks are these?  Don’t tell me you wore them since you wear a size 13.  And who’s t-shirt is this?  Since you wear a size medium men’s whose size 16 boys is this?

Was I supposed to bleach this stuff?!  The really interesting part is that I’ve taken these things to church (our scout troop is affiliated w/ our ward/congregation although any boy is welcome!) & no one will claim the darn stuff!  I’ve often wondered if it’s my laundry abilities.  Was that item not as clean as you remembered it or is it just that you can’t remember ever wearing that item?

Scouts… they really are an interesting breed.



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