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My computer is better!

Posted on: March 2, 2010

Well, my computer was highjacked for about a week.  It was awful.  I could go to certain sites but not all & I could comment on some sites but not all.  I also couldn’t even do anything on my own site except visit it.  Couldn’t post & couldn’t even see some of the comments.  Hubby’s still not certain what happened but he reloaded it & now I can type again.  I never knew freedom could be so sweet!

I learned something yesterday.  One of the kids that is coming to stay w/ us was diagnosed w/ ADD.  Said child is not on meds but rather is drinking a cup of coffee every morning.   Since coffee is a stimulant it helps & is apparently just enough to get the child through the day.  I don’t drink coffee & Hubby only drinks decaf so I’ll be stocking up on coke or pepsi.  Bet the pharmacist who originally came up w/ the formula had no idea that his stuff would be used in such a healthy way!

The kids are coming!  The kids are coming!  I’m more than a little worried right now.  I know we’ll survive but there really is a reason why we only have two.  We can do it!  We can do it!

Two of the kids are siblings & apparently they get up @ 6am.  In my book you only get up as early as you have to.  In other words we get up around 6:45 – 7am.  NOT sooner.  Wonder if I can give the child an alarm clock & have them get up on their own?  I know, bad idea.

I have a draft due on Friday on causes & effects.  I’m seriously considering writing one on growing up to be a teenager & what it’s like living w/ one.  I’ll only do it if I can make it somewhat funny.  I’m percolating ideas on this so I’ll have to see.

Sometimes I think I would do better tweeting than writing a blog.  Oh & since my Spanish is limited to “Hola” & “si” & “hasto de Cristo, Amen”, please cross your fingers that this Mexican exchange student speaks @ least a smidgen of English!  Wait!  I can also say “no comprende Espanol; comprende English”?  I can say something along those lines in about 5 languages (it helped us get through Europe when we lived in Germany) but oddly enough I don’t think those phrases will be of too much help this time.  Oh, man, I wish I’d taken Spanish in school!

It’s official.  Hubby starts his second masters (again) in a couple of weeks.  I start my second class next week too.  Now we’re all in school.  The kids are absolutely loving this especially the Prince.  He thinks it’s hysterical.  And on that note – Guten Nacht.


2 Responses to "My computer is better!"

Wow all of you are in school. I am impressed. Not sure if I would have gone back after you kids were all in school. Of course, by then I was REALLY old. That’s what happens when you have five kids.

I’m really happy for all of you.

Love you,

Hey, you were younger than I am! I think. Wait. How old is Kristie again? just kidding!

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