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Man, I can’t stop! & this is all about the show 16 & pregnant (good though)

Posted on: March 2, 2010

After watching that one episode of 16 & pregnant I find that I’m hooked.  I’ve tivo’d the show & even gone online to watch episodes from season 1.  I still hope that more teen moms will opt for adoption though.  How can I not when a 15 yr old gave her baby to my sis & bil?  How can I not hope that other couples can become parents when all other hopes are exhausted?  How can I not want these teens, who in some cases, remind me of me @ that age & also remind me that I have a near teenager who looks so much older than he is?  How can I not be frightened for him & these children who are raising children?

I’m sure that it comes across that I don’t admire teen moms for the hardships & joys of raising their babies but I do admire them.  They have pretty much given up the fun that comes from being a teen.  Yes, they still get a break every now & then but so do I.  Also I don’t know what I would have done if this happened to me.  I like to think I could have given a baby up for adoption but @ the same time I have two children.  Which one of them would I have given to someone else to raise?  So I can’t judge someone for doing what in their heart they felt was best.  (yeah, I know it doesn’t seem that way from paragraph #1 but it’s true)

I could never abort a baby but that doesn’t mean that I could condemn someone who did.  Not my place.  And that’s all I’m saying about that topic!

To anyone reading this – this is how I feel & might not reflect how you feel.  I love to have other viewpoints so long as you realize that I’m not writing to anger or hurt anyone else.  I do approve some of the comments on my sight if you are new but that’s only because  I’m not into the hate!


2 Responses to "Man, I can’t stop! & this is all about the show 16 & pregnant (good though)"

I watch this show too. I work with too many girls in similar situations. I really wish more girls would look at adoption as an option.

Yeah, I’m pretty committed to that being a teen’s course of action but again…

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