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A walk w/ my son…

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Yesterday the Prince helped me take stuff to the neighbors but on the way back I stumbled & there was the Prince’s hand to catch.  Back in the day I was the one who held his hand as we crossed the street or parking lots.  I was the one who held his hand to help him walk.  It was just a simple thing & yet, my son is growing up.  He already is 5 inches taller than I am, his fingers are close to an inch longer & his shoes are well, they are off the chart in comparison w/ mine.  For the first time in my life I feel like I have little feet!

We kept walking after my stumble (I’m really not the most graceful person I know!) we kept holding hands & we talked a bit.  About him wanting to join the baseball team (go for it!), inviting a friend over on Thurs (do it!) and just little things about our own dinner.  He did keep asking me how many banana chocolate chip cookies he could have!  He was teasing me & telling me he wanted 5 or 6.  Just goes to show he’s still my little boy @ heart, dontcha know.

I enjoyed that time.  It was so short but it allowed me to take a glimpse @ the man my boy is turning into.  Yes, he’s still got a ways to go but still…  these future glimpses aren’t all bad.  I really hope that we get to do that again soon.  Real soon.


7 Responses to "A walk w/ my son…"

great story. it’s really good.

That is so sweet thank you for sharing. Those little glimpses we get into our children’s future are so special. They help us deal with the time in between. I’ve always thought you had a tender young man and I know he has a lot of growing up but these are the times he’ll remember too and they will help him become even more special as he reaches adulthood.

Love you,

I plan on remembering that walk on days when I’m ready to run away for a few hrs.

What a wonderful moment. You can tell that he definitely loves his Mom!

Sometimes! lol, he is a teenager (almost).

Oh I love it. I have two boys (and a daughter but you are talking about your son so it made me think of them) and though they are so little now, it makes me excited for this chapter. When we can really know each other as people – how neat.

Great post!

Thanks, Natalie. It is pretty fun although we’re just beginning the throes of teen-dom. And thanks for visiting.

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