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See? We went…

Posted on: June 12, 2010

to the Grand Canyon!  And we did it on a train.  Talk about F. U. N.!  We started out from Williams, Az to the Grand Canyon & then came back.  If you’re planning a trip there I highly recommend the train.  It was great!  (we in no way were compensated for the train ride although because Hubby is a Vet, his ride was free)

This picture turned out only through sheer luck.  I was staring into the sun as these four Condors flew towards us so I just pointed my camera @ the sky & clicked.  Amazingly enough, it worked!

I have some more photos but I think I’ll leave it @ this for now.  We had an amazing time & can’t hardly wait to go back.  We felt like it was one of those places that we could go over & over again.  Even the kids loved it.  The Princess kept telling us over the next few days that she’d loved it & it was so amazing.  The Prince grunted his enthusiasm & told us that he’d be willing to go back too.  All in all it was a truly wonderful time.

Next up?  The Princess’s day.


8 Responses to "See? We went…"

I think that sounds fun! I’ve always wanted to take a train, and I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon in many years.

Kristina, we’ve done several different train rides in several different places & this one was the best so far. Different scenery, entertainment on the train & an amazing destination. Absolutely wonderful!

I loved seeing your pictures! I know you guys had a great time and that sounds so fun.

I sooo need to send you some of the others. Actually we just need you guys to join us there. It was wonderful & this is from the fraidy cat of heights!

Your trip looked like so much fun, I have a dream of one day taking a trip on a train but up here they are so darn expensive! I did enjoy reading about yours.

Well hello, Kimberley! Thanks for visiting & commenting.

I’ll admit that none of our train rides have been cheap w/ this one being the most expensive but well worth the ride. We were in coach & had a blast!

Great pictures – I’d love to go there someday!

Wait for your kiddos to be a little bit older & then go, go, go! There are not a lot of railings so that’s why I say wait until the kids are older. @ Williams (& the Grand Canyon) they even have camping places. OH & @ Williams if you stay in their campground you get a discount on the train.

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