Hello, My Name is Susan

…what’s that?  No, really.  We had a few days of winter but for the most part I didn’t even run my heater cause my house stayed 65F all day.  Oh, well time to move forward.

Wait.  Did I say forward?  I meant get on w/ life.  While the rest of you were suffering w/ daylight savings we weren’t.  I have to admit that I certainly agree w/ Arizona on this one.  I love having everybody else change & us in the boonies stay the same.  Really.  It’s very freeing & wonderful.

Along w/ spring though comes spring break.  Guess what?  It’s Spring Break!  Ack!!!  Oh well, time to get the pool ready for summer anyway.  It’s not too bad right now.  Our pump went out during the non-winter so while the pool needs to be vacuumed (we have those really weird oaks that persist in dropping their leaves in the spring not the fall) & I need to up the chlorine levels & clean the filters, the pool is actually blue.  As in it looks pretty decent.  So tomorrow the kids & I are going to work around the pool in the am & head to the pool store in the afternoon (ok, this might all wait until tues since we can all sleep in tomorrow!) & get some more chemicals plus order a new solar blanket (plastic wrap that lays on top of the pool & helps to heat the water faster).

This really might be the year that the princess has her pool party around her birthday!


… long since I posted anything about the prince.

We (& I use the term loosely) were putting in drain pipes to pull the water away from the house.  The good news is that the Prince can use this as part of his home maintenance merit badge for scouts.  Sweet.

No, his “shadow” isn’t that fully developed yet.  He’d wiped his face w/ his dirty glove.  He does need to shave every 3 – 7 days although I can only get him to do it once a week.

… sheets have a worn spot on them.  Actually it’s not even a spot, it’s a hole.  They’ve been worn clear through by someone’s feet.  I love these sheets though.  They are 500 thread count Egyptian sateen cotton.  We’ve had them for maybe 6 – 7 yrs now & everytime I wash them I put them straight back on the bed.  I splurged when I bought them even though they were on an especially good sale.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve wished that I had bought another pair.

Here’s the thing.  Hubby & I have been married nearly 20 yrs (Aug).    We also have “worn spots” on our marriage.  Things aren’t new & shiny anymore.  In fact in places they are worn smooth & comfy.  Sometimes we even find “holes” or places where we’ve worn “clear through” each other’s patience.  But.  And this is a big But.  We always come back to each other.  We know what we have to do to make things right (usually).  We know how to patch up  that hole as it were, & make things nice & sometimes, better than it was before.

You’re probably wondering why I’m going there.  Well, I have not just one couple of friends & not even two, but several friends who are all going through things right now in their marriages, relationships, you name it they are doing it.  For that matter, so are we.  Sometimes I get a little concerned about Hubby & I.  Then I remember that I promised him he was stuck w/ me.  Period.  I think he remembers the same thing.  So.  Here we are.

I think I’m going to go work on that sheet.  See if maybe I can’t patch that hole somehow.  It’s worth it.

… Chloe & Kai.

I present to you

The Kitty Litter Box cake!

… our Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Treats for the Princess’s class.  It was two apple slices, two green grapes & two cheese hearts.

Fruit & nut cups decorated for party in the Princess’s class.  (we did them together)

The Princess decorating the cake we made for daddy & the Prince.

The cake says “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  I seriously considered turning it in to Cake Wrecks.    It was very delicious though.

… facebook is awful & there is no privacy?  I’ll never be very involved in it?  Since my cousin died I have been on fb.  A lot of my cousins are on it.  In fact most of his siblings & his parents are on it.  It’s been great because we can reconnect & talk.  I’ve been so grateful I can’t even explain.

Now to the evil part of fb.  I’ve discovered the games.  I, who thought to myself, that I would never get into those games have become an addict.  I love mahjong dimensions.  My neighbor has even got me involved in zoo world.  (thank heavens there’s no scooping of poop involved or I’d be outta there!)

This is me being properly penitent over my smug attitude.  I’m sorry fb for doubting you.  I’m sorry friends for wondering what in the world you ever saw in fb.  This doesn’t mean that I’ve forgiven fb for the security problems though.  I’m even more cautious there than I am here.  Right now I have no pix up & I’m pretty hesitant to upload any.  I’m loving my cousins families though.  I had no idea they all had so many grandchildren!

So for right now facebook is okay.  I’m reserving judgment though.  Just too many problems.  The games are fun though! (I was so totally exhausted when I wrote this.  Sorry for the major typo in the title! let alone elsewhere.  Damn that mahjong!)

… did it!  The princess said he told three of the girls & one of them came & told her.  After that, he really had no choice but to come over & he did.  He admitted it was him & she thanked him.  She seemed really matter of fact about it.  Actually she almost seemed disappointed.  I asked her if she was & she smiled & told me no but…

I’m pretty impressed that he did finally tell her.  It must have been very frightening!  Ya know?

In other news.  My husband & the Prince (okay, mostly Hubby) were very frustrated w/ his old scout troop so they found another one & the Prince transferred his membership over.  The first thing he said after coming in the door from his first meeting was “Mom, they actually listened to the leaders & came & took part in the meeting.  They were respectful & I had a great time!”  This was maybe 3 wks ago.  Now he’s getting ready for his first camp out only they aren’t camping.  No, instead they are driving 7 hrs to go skiing/snowboarding & earn their snow sports merit badge.  Hot diggity!  A troop that actually tries to earn badges!  They’ll be gone all Sat, Sun & come back on Mon.  How awesome is that?  Plus, we finally found a reptile merit badge counselor so he’s got that one & his old scout leader told him that he’s found all of the records (finally) & the Prince has earned his camping merit badge which is an Eagle requirement.  Yeah, he’s really cooking now.

Since the Prince is getting to go do some fun things this weekend we thought we’d take the Princess to see a movie.  Probably Gnomeo & Juliet but I’ll let you know.  I get to be gone ALL day on Sat.  Yipee!  Plus we’re going to eat out which means no cooking.  Yep, I’m going to have a great day tomorrow.  Hope you do too.


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