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Tonight I spent…

Posted on: March 23, 2011

… some time w/ my daughter.  Just the two of us.  Every third Tues of the month, the Prince has a teen mtg called young men/young women @ church for the youth ages 12 – 18.  Since we live so far out of town it’s better for whoever takes him to just wait the 1 1/2 hrs until it’s over rather than waist the gas.  Usually Hubby does the honors while I get to have quiet time w/ the princess.

Tonight we painted birdhouses (I’ll have to take pix) but didn’t finish.  This works out great because tomorrow is boy scouts (different place further in town) so we’ll have the house to ourselves.

Tonight I listened & hummed along w/ my daughter while she sang.  Mostly I just listened.  I love knowing that she was happy & content enough to sing for me.  She sang Taylor Swift mostly!  Gotta love that girl (mine & Taylor).  Nice to have someone sing things I don’t feel I need to sensor for either of us.

I loved this night & I’m looking forward to tomorrow night too.  Maybe we’ll sing Primary songs (church songs for children) tomorrow.

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6 Responses to "Tonight I spent…"

That sounds like a great Mommy/Daughter date.

Sounds like a perfect night! I love Taylor Swift, such a great role model for young girls!

That sounds great! I love spending alone time with my girl.

Sounds like you two had a great night. A good time to make memories that last forever. She’ll tell her daughter about her time spent with her Mom.

Sometimes I really miss when my kids were younger. I’m so glad you had a good night with your girl..you deserve it. xoxo

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