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Posted on: March 14, 2011

…what’s that?  No, really.  We had a few days of winter but for the most part I didn’t even run my heater cause my house stayed 65F all day.  Oh, well time to move forward.

Wait.  Did I say forward?  I meant get on w/ life.  While the rest of you were suffering w/ daylight savings we weren’t.  I have to admit that I certainly agree w/ Arizona on this one.  I love having everybody else change & us in the boonies stay the same.  Really.  It’s very freeing & wonderful.

Along w/ spring though comes spring break.  Guess what?  It’s Spring Break!  Ack!!!  Oh well, time to get the pool ready for summer anyway.  It’s not too bad right now.  Our pump went out during the non-winter so while the pool needs to be vacuumed (we have those really weird oaks that persist in dropping their leaves in the spring not the fall) & I need to up the chlorine levels & clean the filters, the pool is actually blue.  As in it looks pretty decent.  So tomorrow the kids & I are going to work around the pool in the am & head to the pool store in the afternoon (ok, this might all wait until tues since we can all sleep in tomorrow!) & get some more chemicals plus order a new solar blanket (plastic wrap that lays on top of the pool & helps to heat the water faster).

This really might be the year that the princess has her pool party around her birthday!


7 Responses to "Spring?…"

I see you are getting things ready for when we come. Ha, Ha! Yeah I know you were planning on doing these things anyway. But one thing I must complain about – do you really have to rub it in about day light savings? I mean the rest of us would like to get rid of it too BUT we’re stuck with it as long as there are legislators that like to golf. Aren’t that many farmers anymore. In fact, Utah is planning on taking out some of the farms (the few we have here in Layton) to put in Legacy (alternative route through the Wasatch front area). They have another route but they are afraid of the “tree huggers” will protest as it hits a tiny bit of the wet lands. Yup those with money with power and money talk!

Dad was telling me about that. There’s always someone who isn’t happy, eh?

We can’t wait for you guys to come down!

Stupid daylight savings. The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and my body just about refused to get up. I’m glad your pool’s not green, we went to the hot springs on Saturday and they were very green and full of floating algae. I remember now why we’ve only gone in the dead of winter before!

That sounds so gross. Did you guys stay? Yep, stupid daylight savings time! ha,ha

ok, so now i’m totally jealous. We had snow on the ground the other day and it’s still in the 30’s in the morning..the high today was 42..I think I might cry now..haha…Put on the coffee, I’m movin’ in..hehe

ps..now the the time has changed..I get to leave my house at 6:30 in the morning when it’s dark and cold and wahhhhhhhhh..never mind

Well, Daniela, hubby drinks decaf but otherwise you’re welcome to come on down! You can hit me later but I was sooo missing the winter. I miss snow & cold but now? Bring on the heat, baby!

I do feel for you having to leave in the cold & dark. Yuck!

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