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Remember how I was like…

Posted on: February 21, 2011

… facebook is awful & there is no privacy?  I’ll never be very involved in it?  Since my cousin died I have been on fb.  A lot of my cousins are on it.  In fact most of his siblings & his parents are on it.  It’s been great because we can reconnect & talk.  I’ve been so grateful I can’t even explain.

Now to the evil part of fb.  I’ve discovered the games.  I, who thought to myself, that I would never get into those games have become an addict.  I love mahjong dimensions.  My neighbor has even got me involved in zoo world.  (thank heavens there’s no scooping of poop involved or I’d be outta there!)

This is me being properly penitent over my smug attitude.  I’m sorry fb for doubting you.  I’m sorry friends for wondering what in the world you ever saw in fb.  This doesn’t mean that I’ve forgiven fb for the security problems though.  I’m even more cautious there than I am here.  Right now I have no pix up & I’m pretty hesitant to upload any.  I’m loving my cousins families though.  I had no idea they all had so many grandchildren!

So for right now facebook is okay.  I’m reserving judgment though.  Just too many problems.  The games are fun though! (I was so totally exhausted when I wrote this.  Sorry for the major typo in the title! let alone elsewhere.  Damn that mahjong!)


10 Responses to "Remember how I was like…"

It is an addictive little devil, though you are so right, you have to be careful there security-wise!

Omgoodness, I was up till 3am last night playing. Talk about ridicules. I’ve cut myself off for the next 3 days as punishment!

My brother was the same as you. I had a conversation with him last week and he said that he realized that FB is really where people communicate now, but he doesn’t want people to find him, so he made up a name. It was so confusing.

I then pointed out that he and his wife have a completely public blog. With all their names and kid’s names.

ha,ha,ha, I do try to be pretty careful. Hubby was in the USAF & opsec was pounded into all of us. That is really funny about making up a name & all. I have my name on their but not my husband or kids. Of course it’s all a matter of public record but…

I love Facebook – for me. When I see my kids fire it up, I get a twitch in one eye and start blurting out random phrases like, “Is your room clean?” “Did you finish your homework?” or “That garage isn’t going to paint itself, you know!” Because otherwise I have to grab their feet and tug as they’re sucked into the computer for what may be hours. Yep. Definitely a mixed blessing.

too funny! My son got kicked off of fb because we let him join something like 6 months before his b-day. Fb found out & kicked him off. No worries there! The problem though is the Princess who is already eying my zoo & trying to make improvements. It’s my zoo!

I never got FB until I got on FB..lol However I never play the games or join the mafia thingie. I’m on the computer far too much as it is!

Stay as far away from the games as you can! Run! (boy, do I understand the computer time. I’ve been neglecting all of my other computer time just for fb!)

Ironically, I recently restarted my facebook account. Most of my siblings only communicate through it, so I felt like I had to do it to actually keep up with them. I’m keeping to only relatives I actually have an interest in keeping in contact with. That random person I once knew in high school, or the occasional acquaintance who rushes to friend anyone they know? Not happening.

That’s funny, Ana. It seems like most people connect if a maiden name is used for married females. I’m really glad that when I set up my account I didn’t use mine & most people from school don’t have it. It makes it wonderful because, like you, I can pick those that I felt close to. Although I did find an old elementary friend through her maiden name! Still, I think fb is a sometimes necessary evil that I’m starting to become grateful for.

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