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Our Valentine’s drama…

Posted on: February 14, 2011

… is all about the Princess.  Or more to the point – her secret admirer.  This boy is showing some serious skills.  He’s managed to put 2 – 3 notes a day on her desk Wed through Fri of last week.  Little notes that say “Will you be my Valentine?” or “I thought you were cute the moment I saw you” (okay, that one made me a little concerned since they are only in the 3rd grade but then I found out that his mom had helped him write it & she didn’t quite know what to put so she came up w/ that gem – phew!).

Here’s the deal though.  No one has seen this boy putting the notes on her desk.  I suspect that the teachers (one teach + one aid) have seen but they’re going along w/ it too.  This is major drama for the 3rd grade.  We have two 3rd grade classes & I guess they’re all caught up in it.  Heck, the 8th graders know about it!  (Bet some of them are wishing they’d been smart enough to come up w/ this.)

So the good thing about all of this is that the boy she “likes” (remember this is 3rd grade so this means you chase each other & basically just run around) is the one who’s doing it.  This kid is going to make one serious poker player though.  He keeps telling her that it’s got to be this other boy cause of the hand writing (he’s disguised his) & she totally believes him!

He’s going to tell her on Monday (writing this around 10:30pm Sunday night) so I can hardly wait to hear about her reaction.  I’m sincerely hoping that he’ll wait until the Valentine party so that I can be there too.  Update tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


8 Responses to "Our Valentine’s drama…"

Wow, this is better than a soap opera!

You have no idea. It’s freaking awesome! No more telemundo for me!

oh that is just so sweet! sounds like a really nice boy!

He really is. His cousin (kinda) is the Prince’s bf. It’s even funnier!

I can’t wait to check back in for all the details:)

Me neither. I’ve been playing mahjongg on fb just to help pass the time. It’s killing me!

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