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It’s nice to have…

Posted on: February 4, 2011

… the little things like heat, running water & electricity.  1,500 people in the small town near us have no gas, so, no heat.  The latest estimate was another day before that’s going again.  I don’t know the exact numbers on the water & electricity situation but apparently several people don’t have that either.

Yesterday we woke up to no water.  Our pipes from the pressure tanks (we’re on a well & septic system) had frozen & Hubby & the Prince worked in the afternoon to fix them.  Unfortunately, it turned out the pipe from the holding tank to the pressure tanks was frozen too!  However we still had electricity & heat (we’re on propane for our heat) so we considered ourselves lucky.  Plus, if we got desperate enough (we did – the toilets really needed to be flushed) we had this lovely blue swimming pool holding tank in the back.

Our temps over the last few days got low.  Really low.  As in zero degrees low.  For us in southern Az that’s pretty bad.  The schools are all closed because the water pipes froze.  Even Hubby is off work because the water pipes all froze.

So.  You doing okay?  Power, heat & water on?  You’re not stuck somewhere unable to go due to snow/ice/freezing temps?  Just a little note.  If your car overheats during really cold weather it’s because your radiator is frozen.  Didn’t happen to me, but I learned that yesterday so you get to share in my knowledge!  ha,ha


12 Responses to "It’s nice to have…"

We’ve had temps that low or lower, but I guess Wisconsin is used to it because we’ve had no issues with heat, water or electricity this winter. Stay warm!

Wisconsin probably buries their water pipes too. We’re usually not this cold except for Flagstaff. We broke records all over the place. It was pretty wild.

We have been a bit colder than that but our area is used to low temps and our pipes and such are well into the ground but I would imagine the ones around you guys are not that deep. Thanks goodness for storage water (swimming pools)! Never know when you’re going to need them.

I guess I’m more acclimated than I had suspected. Really wild, eh? Here I’ve been going on & on about wanting winter & we get some & then everything falls apart. Guess that teaches me.

Man, what a hassle! I’m glad you’re still warm and electrified and you got the water going again! Isn’t it amazing how much we take for granted?

Me too! At least we could still flush the toilets cause of the pool water but still. Not something I want to do much of. Brings to mind why we have emergency preparedness.

And to think I was complaining because the cold air made my milk ducts hurt. Hope all is well now?

Yep, all thawed out & flushable. I’m not certain which is worse though. I read your comment & found myself protecting the “girls”. Be careful w/ those things!

I can’t even imagine. Here it’s all about overheating. I am so sorry to hear about the sudden passing of your cousin. so tragic. Your family will be in my thoughts in my prayers. I am sending you sunshine, hugs & love from FL:)

Thanks, Lissa, I appreciate that so very much. We’re all saddened but we know we’ll see each other again.

We’re back up in the balmy mid to upper 60’s F. Not too shabby for a place that should be in the 50’s. I’m anticipating an early spring. As in 80 – 90 in March/April.

It’s very rare for us to have weather so bad that we lose electricity. However, on the occasion that it does happen it’s such an eye opener. I don’t realize how much we take electronic conveniences for granted until we no longer have it.

I’m w/ ya! I’m originally from a cold winter weather climate & we all (it seemed like) had fireplaces & wood burning stoves. It’s just weird that it got so darn cold here. Next year we’ll be better prepared since we’ve decided we’re getting us a wood or pellet stove. Much better to be prepared than trying to play catch up.

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