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Posted on: January 30, 2011

… little note here.  I just found out that the reason I’ve been feeling so crappy is that I have shingles again.  I went online & googled shingles diet because my dad had told me about a man in their neighborhood who kept getting shingles & found a natural way to not only get rid of them quicker but to also keep them away.  So, the answer?  No sugar, lots of vit C, B12 & E to help w/ the blisters.

I immediately quit sugar & started taking the leftover pills from my last round of shingles.  I also started to take the vits mentioned in the diet.  Oh & eating lots more fruits & veg.  Guess what?  The blisters went down & didn’t pop.  I’m still having pain & tiredness but it’s not as bad as it could be.  I’m not certain what worked but I am inclined to believe that the “diet” is helping.  BUT, not out of the woods yet.  So, I’m around but taking it really easy.  Thanks, for understanding.


6 Responses to "Just a quick…"

Glad to hear you’ve found something that seems to be helping! Hope you feel better soon.

Get better quick, sis!

That’s a good thing to know – diet a way to control and maybe stop this nasty disease. Get better quickly!

Sorry to hear about the nasty return of the shingles. It is my hope you will be feeling better soon.

I have the wrong email for you. The info for the postcards can be found here:
Cards for Kaiden to Kick Cancer – Technorati Family http://bit.ly/ibyygV

Thanks. Feel free to share it with your friends

Thanks one & all. I’m doing good just getting very tired very easily. Part & parcel for all of this.

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