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So, don’t laugh…

Posted on: January 26, 2011

… but my daughter has decided to become a teenager.  (Oh, okay.  You can laugh)  Yeah, she’s 8 going on 15.  The really sad part about all of this is that sometimes she’s worse than her 13 yr old brother.  Today I had to get after her to clean her room.  Then she comes to me & tells me she’s bored.  Did you clean your room, I ask?  The puzzled look of dawning horror crosses so quickly I wished I’d had the video camera out.  You mean you really wanted me to do that, she hesitantly asks?  Yep.  Go. Do. It. Now.  I tell her.  As the look of terror fades & the sarcasm (I told you she was acting like a teen) starts to pour out I remind her that her room is messier than the prince’s.  That stopped her although only long enough to run & check that yes, mom is right.

What happened to my sweet little girl?

The one who loved ballet & tap w/ her bff (in Md.  She’s now differentiating between the Md one, the school one & the former school one.  It’s all very confusing).  Now I get the little PRINCESS who knows more about life than I do.  Trust me, she’ll even tell you so.

( in the pix below the princess is celebrating her 3rd birthday but she was done.  She wanted everyone to go home & she wasn’t afraid of using a little bit of drama to let everyone know she wasn’t happy.  She laid down on the steps & refused to come down.  Her friends would come up & ask her to come play but nope.  Nothing doing.  In fact @ one point she had 4 of them laying down on the steps too!  I have the photographic proof.  Hmmm, maybe it’s time to start using these little goodies on her.  This bears thinking about.)

I should have seen this coming.  This is the same girl who kicked the baby doll out of her bed, climbed in it herself & then grabbed the dolly & the baby bottle & proceeded to let me know that yes, she was the baby.  The fact that she never would take a bottle didn’t seem to faze her one bit.

Or what about here where she proudly demonstrates that she is a “painted” lady?

This cute little charmer totally disarmed me w/ her big grin & silly ways.

Yes, I know.  I should have seen it coming when I snapped this pix.  Sassy pink, feathered boa & all.

Guess she is a brat teenager -in-training (sometimes) but she’s my brat teenager-in-training & I’ll love her forever.


10 Responses to "So, don’t laugh…"

Oh this sounds oddly familiar. Hummm, guess I’ve been there a few times before. Although each has their very own way of putting things across. I love hearing about how she is. She has always been such a direct little girl. It will fun seeing her become a “real” teenager. Good luck!!

Fun for who? You’re just grateful to be a state away. C’mon, fess up. No, just kidding. I know that you’re glad you’re not the one doing it though. Five of us girls was enough, eh? I think I’m just grateful there’s only one of her.

I don’t envy you. Girls are hard!

Yes, they are. I didn’t want a girl. I convinced myself I wanted all boys but now? I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s my princess & usually only in a good way.

Love this little walk down memory lane. I love the picture of her with her baby doll – so cute!

I have a whole series of them where she’s climbing into that Moses basket. It’s pretty funny because her hair was long & she’d stop & push her hair out of her face & then look @ me like c’mon & help me!

You’re trying to terrify me, aren’t you? This is just your little way of saying, “You aint seen nothin’ yet,” right?

Yep. Absolutely. I’ve been reading about you & Junie & yes, you should be very afraid. She sounds a lot like the princess in oh-so-many ways. I’m kidding! Yeah, they are quite the handful but they just are so wonderful & amazing too. My mom keeps telling me that this generation is so much stronger willed for a reason & I’m afraid she’s right.

Love the pictures and my adorable niece! But I do feel your pain!

It helps knowing that you & Nan are going through it first. Now we’ll all be able to be grateful when it’s Kristie’s turn!

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