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Well, that was…

Posted on: January 25, 2011

… weird, odd, strange, refreshing, gratifying, unusual, crazy, peculiar, eerie, freaky… well, you get the picture.  See, here’s the thing.  I toss & turn like crazy sometimes.  It about drove Hubby nuts when we were first married.  In the nearly 20 yrs since our marriage I’ve stopped tossing so much however I still turn quite a bit.  Last night though?  I stayed in the same spot/position all night long.  I woke up this morning amazed to be in the same place.  The exact. same. place.

If I hadn’t slept so good I might be more freaked but as it was?  I slept amazing!


8 Responses to "Well, that was…"

Hurray for good sleep!

Just a little odd knowing that I hadn’t moved @ all, ya know?

Yeah for a great nights sleep!

Yep, & I’m going for a repeat tonight!

Wow! What’s your secret? I could sure use a good night’s sleep!

Um, that would be that little white pill my gp gave me. I’m only taking half a pill but still, so grateful that it works!

Yay! I bet your husband had a good night’s sleep as well! 🙂

He didn’t even notice! We have a king size bed that’s a comfort select. It helps him to not feel me moving around since it’s basically two twins that are put together. That’s okay, I felt great!

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