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Wait, they were early?!…

Posted on: January 14, 2011

…Would you believe that not only was the glass guy on time but that he was early?!  Not by a little bit either.  The first time he was 25 hrs early.  Yep, a whole day early.  Unfortunately I wasn’t home since I was down @ the school picking up the kiddos.  Today is the day they are supposed to come & the appt was set for 2:30pm.  Guess what time they showed up?  Would you believe 1:30?  I was brushing my teeth just getting ready to shower (even had the shower warming up. ie… turned on hot) when what do my wondering ears hear?  Why Rex barking his head off.

Just in case you were wondering I waited for the company to call me & informed them that no, I couldn’t answer the door (I only answer the door that way for hubby!) & that part of the reason why the appt was set for 2:30 was so that my hubby could be here since one of the windshields to be replaced was his.  Wonder what time they’ll come back @?  Any bets?

They learned!  The company called before the guys came back out & yep, they were pretty much on time.  Bad news though.  They didn’t have the glass for my minivan because I had given them the wrong info.  I didn’t realize that the van had a heated front window.  Who knew?  So, they’ll be back mon or tues.


2 Responses to "Wait, they were early?!…"

Good grief! I hope they come back when they’re supposed to!

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