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I must be…

Posted on: January 12, 2011

… doing something right.  Both of my kids have told me that they don’t like me as much as dad or that they hate me.  It all started when I was having a bit of a Sunday snooze on my bed.  The princess came in & wanted to put “make up” (a compact that has been completely cleaned out, an old lash/eyebrow brush & an old eye shadow compact, again, completely cleaned out) on me.  I said okay since it didn’t require me to open my eyes.  We were talking & all of a sudden completely out of the blue she tells me that she likes daddy more than me cause, well, ya know she is much more of a daddy’s girl than a mommy’s girl.  Umm, okay?  What do I say to that?  I’m the one who got up w/ you in the middle of the night?  I’m the one who changed the majority of your diapers?  I’m the one who let you nurse until you were 15 1/2 months old?  I’m the one who cleans the house, does your laundry, fixes your hair (actually she’s started to do that herself), plays games w/ you, watches Barbie movies w/ you & does crafts w/ you but you are a daddy’s girl?  What’s up w/ that???

So the next day is Monday & predictably the bus is late which means that it is doubled up.  Because it is a doubled up bus the bus has to stop @ the other school just down the road before it makes it’s final stop @ my kid’s school.  This also means very little to no before school interaction for the prince & his peeps.  Wait, do kids even say peeps?  Because I’m still a little sick I refuse to take them to school.  So what do I hear as the door slams so hard I think the pictures are going to fall off the wall?  I hate you, mom!

Fast forward to this morning when I hear those lovely words again.  I hate you, mom!  Really, I think I must be doing something right, yes?  Sigh...& I actually fight hubby to stay home for this.


8 Responses to "I must be…"

Maybe you can find someone to adopt him!

Seriously thought about since he’s only 13 which means I have how many years of this left?!

Motherhood might be the most thankless job in the universe. It’s a good thing WE love THEM.

Ain’t that the truth! What’s scary is that the princess will follow just as he’s through w/ these teen years. *shudder*

This too shall pass, I promise. They wouldn’t know what to do without you around. You give them discipline and they think they don’t need that but they do. Somehow we parents survive and come out much stronger – will most of the time. Haa. Just remember you are the one that holds that family together whether they know it or not. Case in point – Josh and his kids?

You really are loved. By all of us including your darling kids right now.

Someday I will totally laugh about this, I know. I was really glad to know that I never did that to you. And thanks, mom. I love you too!

I know how you feel! It helps me to remember that I was once an ungrateful child and I love my mother very much now!

Yep, made me ever so grateful for our parents too!

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