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Yippee! Yahoo!…

Posted on: December 16, 2010

…I’m through!  Everything is bought except for things I might see & think that we really need so I’m probably going to avoid going anywhere for a while.

All of the packages are mailed out as of yesterday & the cards finished going out today.  Well, all except the ones to my mil & bils.  Does it count that I’m not counting them?  My thought is if Hubby can’t even be bothered to find out his own family’s addresses why should I be worried?  Yeah, I know, not very Christlike & especially @ this time of year.  Maybe I should rethink my “yippee & yahoo”?  Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.

I’ve been making cookies & I’ve found my very favorite one.  It’s a shortbread pecan cookie & it just melts on my tongue.  Too bad I’ll never make it again.  Sigh… it’s soooo good!

My kids are out of school as of Friday for the holidays.  We’ve already got some plans least of which include going to the desert museum & also assembling another ginger bread house.  Can’t stand the things but my kids & I are having a blast putting them together.  Of course it cracks me up that both of them can’t wait until Christmas to eat them!

On another note, I go up to see the hand surgeon on Tues.  I’m really hoping that there’s something he can do.  I am getting pretty good @ lefthanded mousing & one handed typing.  That’s a plus, right?

So back to my initial post.  Are you all ready for Santa to come down the chimney or in our case, in the back door?


6 Responses to "Yippee! Yahoo!…"

Congrats on finishing your shopping! I think we are all done also!

Hooray, hooray! I’m pretty amazed w/ myself this year. I mean one of those boxes contained a b-day present too. It was from Sept!

I haven’t mailed anything! I am sort of panicking.

I know just how you feel. Up until yesterday that is. Now I’m extremely relieved.

I am just about up with you. I went out today while your Dad went to Idaho with Don to take Rayo’s gifts up so I thought Yeah! I have a break and hopefully he won’t find out. So I ran out and spent most of the day standing in lines. Always chose the wrong line. What can I say? Congrats on finishing up.

The kids & I are still trying to figure out stuff for Hubby. I’ve got something but the kids? Not so much. Hubby threw out the Jegs catalog that had the stuff we wanted to get him. Ugh!

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